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Who Needs a Leave-on Spray That Drips?

Mar 19, 2007
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Pros:smells less noxious, natural ingredients, non-toxic, biodegradable

Cons:drips, weird ylang-ylang scent, doesn't completely clean mildew

The Bottom Line: It doesn't mist, it smells weird, but it does do a decent job of preventing mildew. I've found better.

After being disappointed by my supposedly earth-friendly Mist & Go, I decided to give this stuff a try. I had already been happy with a few Method items and liked their “people against dirty” motto and the non-toxic, naturally derived ingredients used in their products. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a cleaning product with “ylang-ylang” scent, but I imagined it was something floral and less noxious than the usual shower sprays.

The basics
I bought a 28 oz. spray bottle of Method Daily Shower Spray Cleaner at Target for about $3 or $4 several months back. As with other products from this manufacturer, the label touts that it’s non-toxic, biodegradable, naturally derived, and never been tested on animals. It’s a leave-on shower cleaner spray so the idea is to “spray a fine mist” on tiles and shower door/curtain after every shower. If your shower is dirty, the plastic bottle says to expect results in 3-4 weeks.

My experience
Though I was happy that this stuff didn’t reek of alcohol like my previous leave-on shower cleaner, it certainly didn’t have an attractive scent. It’s sort of like a powdery cheap fragrance and I wasn’t thrilled about my shower smelling like it. I have no idea if it’s an authentic ylang-ylang scent since I had no idea what that was supposed to smell like or even how to correctly pronounce it. I’ve since discovered on Wikipedia that, “the fragrance of ylang-ylang is rich and deep with notes of rubber and custard, and bright with hints of jasmine and neroli.” Not in this spray.

The second thing I noticed and didn’t like about this cleaner is that it doesn’t mist. Though the directions say to “spray a fine mist,” that is impossible with the nozzle design. The spray bottle sprays it out in a stream that drips down the tiles. So none of it sits on the dirt and grime long enough for it to break the crud down. It just drips. If that’s all I wanted in a shower cleaner, I would’ve stuck with my Method Tub and Tile Spray. But I was hoping for something that I could just spray on and not have to scrub.

Despite my concerns about the dripping, this stuff did do an adequate job of maintaining a mildew-free shower. I still noticed a little buildup, but not a lot. The grout still developed some dark spots that needed scrubbing and my shower curtain still had some edges that got brown. But I tried directly spraying onto those spots and noticed improvement in about a week. Still, it seemed like I needed to use a lot of this spray to see any results.

I used this spray on my white tiles and on my shower curtain as directed, or at least as closely as I could considering that this bottle doesn’t mist, and the bottle lasted me about a month. I’ve since found a leave-on shower cleaner that I like better. It smells better, it works better, and it’s just as earth-friendly. It’s a little more expensive but makes me realize that this Method spray is just average. Three stars.

Purified water, scale removers, soap scum dissolver (plant derived), naturally-derived surfactant (corn), performance enhancer (natural minerals), fragrance oils, preservative (less than 0.1%)

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