Super Glue Pacer Super Glue, 2 Grams

Super Glue Pacer Super Glue, 2 Grams

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Super Glue Original And A Copper Penny...For The Audiophile's Thoughts???

Mar 20, 2007 (Updated Mar 20, 2007)
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Pros:Works well! Bonds fast! Cheap!

Cons:Keep out of reach of lil' tykes. Small tip may seal up if left unused.

The Bottom Line: There are various companies offering quick drying super strength adhesives. If you want the best, easiest and most cost effective product of its the Original Super Glue!

There are many reasons to rave about a two gram tube of Super Glue Original adhesive. In our humble household of eight...those reasons manifest themselves almost weekly if not monthly. In our world of plastic parts and pieces...this little bonder becomes an important instrument in mending such items as all are not cheap and one needs to economize by not experiencing repeated purchases of the same item!

Even my old blue wide-eyed Cookie Monster jar given as a gift to me by my brother years ago warranted a serious session with this stuff. friends...was well over twenty years ago and is still serving us well today. I should also mention the fact that more than several important pieces of china, plastic rulers, various projects, turntables...TURNTABLES!!!??? Did I really say that?

Yes...indeed I did! Aside from fully repairing a broken glass microwave turntable...I find myself using the wonderful substance for my spare universal standard mount tonearm headshells. I bought a few of these $10 audio-technica style black headshells so I could tinker and test various phono cartridges in my beloved Pioneer PL-518 direct drive turntable with s-shaped tonearm.

These aftermarket non-Pioneer headshells are quite available over the internet for under ten bucks a piece but I found that the lower mass and weight of most modern day cartridges coupled with this low mass headshell prove to be inadequate by themselves for the PL-518's tonearm causing the rear counter balance weight to be moved too far forward on the arm's threads causing the weight to slip rendering it useless.

By gluing a nice shiny copper penny to the top of the headshell...I am then able to provide the tonearm with proper mass. The counter balance is now able to turn properly as the modified headshell is within the Pioneer's weight range.

But why a shiny copper ask? Well...because it looks pretty cool and is more economical than a nickel or dime. I suppose you'd be fine with any old penny and you could even paint it black as the Rolling Stones might say!

In all honesty...this little idea is nothing new to the well-versed audiophile of old and even was suggested by Acoustic Research back in the day when Edgar Vilchur's original AR turntable was marketed. Yes...I indeed stole this little trick from him. Thank you, sir!

But that is not the full extent of my audiophile side usage of Super Glue! Oh no! Indeed I found the glue to be most handy when three of my old phono cartridges became separated from their plastic mounting shells. The metal bodies that were bonded originally to the plastic shells with epoxy at the factory had indeed separated due to many years of laying dormant in a hostile environment {humidity not being the least of the problems}. Not everything improves with age...myself as an example!

With the small but effective tip of the Super Glue tubes I am able to get just the right amount of dab necessary to re-bond the carts so they may continue to offer service. I was able to repair an ADC QLM-32 and a couple of old Shure Hi-Tracks. But then I discovered perhaps the most important victim of them all!

One day while rummaging through my old rusty brown metal toolbox purchased for me by my Brother-In-Law {before he even became that!} somewhere around 1977...I found the grandaddy of improbable finds! There...separated from its plastic mounting wings was a most oxidized Realistic/Shure V-15RS magnetic phono cartridge.

Now, over the many years I have enjoyed this hobby I had owned several of the prestigious Shure V-15 series carts including the Type V but simply don't remember how they and I managed to part ways. After some minor light sanding cloth cleaning of the slightly rusted component...I then proceeded to glue the metal body back to its shell managing to keep the cart perfectly aligned. All that was needed a few minutes later was a new stylus and this cart was rockin' again!

The funny thing is that I recall the same condition happening a couple of years after the original purchase from West Caldwell, New Jersey's Radio Shack back in 1987 where I worked part-time as a sales person. I remember thinking how the new Mexican Shure plant may have skimmed over the epoxy part of the manufacturing process. I used Krazy Glue back then...I guess it just didn't hold up like my favorite Super Glue.

Krazy Glue is ok but I believe my good old fashioned Super Glue to be better. Oh by the way...that V-15 repair was about a year ago and I cannot separate the metal body from its plastic mount no matter how hard I try! Good job, Super Glue!

Today I managed a trip to the local Home Depot and purchased two four-packs of this Super Glue product in its original yellow and red tube {it's also available in red and white} and that's eight two gram tubes {a two-year supply around here...I hope!} for the grand sum of four bucks and some change! It's easy to use while being precise but the small tip may seal up even with its distinguishable cone-headed cap fully in place if left unused for several months.

It is also very quick. The fast-acting formula gives you just enough time to align the pieces properly as it begins to set. It fully cures within a matter of minutes as opposed to hours like other products of its nature.

The self-piercing design of the product is most welcome and seems to be superior to others of its type. A bargain you say?...You betcha!...PJSII

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