Jun 30, 2003

The Bottom Line JAMES BROWN was born on 3 May 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina and he was raised in Augusta, GA and he later formed “The Famous Flames”.

James was raised by his Aunt “Handsome Honey Washington” in Augusta, GA from age 4 because he was abandoned by his mother. It is said that several sites and some books have him being born on many different dates one as far back as 1928 because his later in life use of fake ID’s. He quit school during the 7th grade to devote himself full time to his music. He had formed a small group with 2 friends called the “Cremona Trio”. At the age of 16 he was sent to a state correctional facility in Augusta for petty theft and was transferred to the “Alto Reform School” in Alto, GA. He was originally to serve an 8 to 16 year sentence but it ended up being reduced to only 4 years. He in fact only served 3 years and one day and after his release he became a pitcher for a nearby local baseball team in Toccoa, GA. He met a local pianist named “Bobby Byrd” where he lived temporarily with Bobby and his Grandmother. He then meets “Clint Brantley” who is the current manager for “Little Richard”. Clint gives him a room on the second floor above his nightclub called the “Two Spot” in Macon, GA. He becomes a member of the house band there during the night and during the day works at the “Lawson Motor Company”. He learns how to play the drums as well as the organ and would play for “The Four Steps Of Rhythm” and “The Gospel Starlighters”. He next joins Bobby’s gospel group called the “Swanee Quintet”. Other members of the group include “Sylvester Keels” and “Nafloyd Scott”. They are based in Macon, GA and they begin playing live all around the entire state of Georgia in 1955. They combined the old rhythm and blues style with a new raucous jump blues boogie type style. Clint convinces Jim to rename the group and to cut a demo tape. They now become “The Famous Flames” and record “Please. Please, Please” written by “Johnny Terry”. The demo is cut at nearby Macon radio station WIBB and immediately begins to get airplay by the DJ that was supervising the recording that day by the name of “Hamp Swain”. He also sends copies to “Duke” records and to “Chess” records inn Chicago.

On 23 January 1956 the president and executive of “King” records who had heard the song playing on an Atlanta, GA radio station signs the group to his “Federal” records label for only $200.00. They decide to rename themselves to “James Brown & The Famous Flames” and on 4 February re-record “Please, Please, Please”. The lineup of the group now consists of Bobby on piano and backing vocals, Nafloyd on guitar and Sylvester on backing vocals, “Johnny Terry” and “Hashpendle Knox” also both on backing vocals. They also add “Wilbert Lee Diamond Smith” and “Ray Felder” both on tenor sax, “Clarence Mack” on bass and “Edison Gore” on drums. They are all sent to the main “King” records studio in Cincinnati, OH to re-record the song in their professional surroundings. In April the single peaks at #6 on Billboards’ Rhythm & Blues charts. Over the next two years even though it never makes the Pop charts it would end up selli9ng over a million copies. They record and release 8 different singles from April 1957 up to August 1958 and not one of them would make any charts. “King” records decided to let them record one final single in September 1957 titled “Try Me”. On 15 December it peaks at #48 on the US Pop singles charts. In January 1958 it hits #1 on the US rhythm and blues charts and would eventually sell over a million copies. They add a tenor saxophonist by the name of “J. C. Davis” to the backing band “The Famous Flames” in 1958.

His next Pop-charting success is “Think” that peaks at #33 on the US singles charts on 2 May 1960. It was previously released by the R& B group “The 5 Royales” and only peaked for them at #66 on 5 August 1957. The flip side of “Think” by James charts separately titled “You’ve Got The Power” that stalls at #86 on 27 June. His final charting single on “Federal” records is “This Old Heart” that only makes it to #79 on 29 August. In October he signs a new contract with “King” records and his first release on this new label is “The Bells” that peaks at #68 on 14 November. It was previously a #3 hit on the R&B singles charts for “Billy Ward & The Dominoes” in 1953. His very first album released in 1959 titled “Try Me!” fails to make the US album charts. In 1961 he releases 4 singles the highest peaking single was “Bewildered” that stops at #40 on 27 February. It had previously been a #1 R&B hit for “Amos Milburn” in 1948. In 1962 he releases 4 more singles that make the Pop singles charts with the highest peaking song being “Night Train” that peaked at #35 on 14 April. This was another remake of a #1 R&B hit by “Jimmy Forrest” in 1952. In 1963 he once again release 4 Top 100 charting singles and this time has his first Top 20 hit in “Prisoner Of Love” that peaked at #18 on 20 April. This was previously a #1 US Pop hit by “Perry Como” on 30 March 1946. In September 1963 he tours with “Marvin Gaye”, “The Drifters”, “Jimmy Reed”, “Martha & The Vandellas”, “Inez Foxx”, “Ruby & The Romantics”, “The Crystals”, “Doris Troy” and “Major Lance” with “The Biggest Show Of Stars For 1963”. In November he appears on a show in Harlem, New York called “Saturday Night At The Apollo” with “Ben E. King”, “The Coasters”, “The Falcons” and “Otis Redding”. His first Top 40 Pop charting album would be “Live At The Apollo” that peaked at #2 for 2 weeks on 6 July and would be his highest charting album of his career.

In 1964 he has 6 Top 100 singles during the year including the re-release of “Please, Please, Please” on “King” records this time but it stalls at #95 on 15 February. The highest peaking single of the year was “Oh Baby Don’t You Weep (Part 1)” that peaks at #23 on 25 January. It would become his first of many singles over the years where he would record a Part 1 on the “A” side and the flip side would be Part 2. On 20 June he appears at the Donnelly Theater in Boston, MA with “Solomon Burke”, “Garnett Mims”, “Joe Tex” and “Otis Redding” to kick off “The Summer Shower Of Stars” tour. On the 28th and 29th of October he appears at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, CA on the “Teen Age Music International Show” with “The Barbarians”, “The Beach Boys”, “Chuck Berry”, “Marvin Gaye”, “Gerry & The Pacemakers”, “Lesley Gore”, “Jan & Dean”, “Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas”, “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles”, “The Rolling Stones” and “The Supremes”. He also appears in the Movie “Ski Party” playing himself and also starring “Frankie Avalon”, “Dwayne Hickman”, “Deborah Walley”, “Yvonne Craig” and “Annette Funicello”. In 1965 he has only 3 Top 100 singles one of which is his highest peaking single to date in “I Got You (I Feel Good)” that peaked at #3 on 13 November. It would peak at #1 on the R&B singles charts where it stayed for 6 weeks and eventually would sell enough copies to be his second million selling record. On 15 March 1966 he wins “Best R&B Recording of 1965” for his hit “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag Part 1” that had peaked at #8 on 17 July 1965.

He has 8 Top 100 hits in 1966 the biggest selling one of them being “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” that peaked at #8 on 30 April on the Pop charts and peaked at #1 on the R&B charts for 2 weeks in April. It would be his highest charting single to date in the UK where it peaks at #13 on 10 July. He releases his first Christmas singles in albums in December with 2 singles making the Top 20 in “Sweet Little Baby Boy” that peaks at #8 on 10 December and “The Christmas Song (Version One) that peaks at #12 the following week. His album titled “James Brown Sings Christmas Songs” fails to make the album charts. In 1967 he once again has another 8 Top 100 hits on the US singles charts the biggest being “Cold Sweat – Part 1” that peaks at #7 on 15 July. In November 1967 he purchases WJBE Radio in Knoxville, TN. He would also purchase in December WEBB Radio in Baltimore, MD and WRDW Radio in Augusta, GA. In 1968 he has 9 Top 100 singles with the best being “I Got The Feelin’” that peaks at #6 on 16 March. On 5 April due to the assassination of “Martin Luther King Jr.” and the race riots in over 30 US cities he appears on National TV from the Boston Gardens in Boston. MA to make an appeal of restraint, which seems too possibly cause or help with a calming effect. On 27 July the last single to credit “James Brown & The Famous Flames” titled “I Guess I’ll Have To Cry, Cry, Cry” peaks at #55 on the US singles charts. On 14 December he has which would be his biggest selling Christmas hit when “Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto” peaks at #4 on the US singles charts.

In January 1969 he begins a US tour that ends on February 10th and he would eventually perform at the inaugural celebration in Washington, DC for President “Richard Milhous Nixon”. On 3 July he appears at the “Newport Jazz Festival” in Newport, RI along with “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and “Johnny Winter”. On 23 July in California he is honored with “James Brown Day” day in Los Angeles during a sellout concert at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood by the Mayor Sam Yorty. He apparently is late in presenting Jim with his official award and he gets upsets and walks off the stage and leaves but the concert would continue without him. He has another 9 Top 100 singles this year the biggest being “Mother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1” that peaks at #11 on 14 June. Also in June “The Famous Flames” decide to breakup and Jim forms a new backup band he dubs “The JB’s”. The only remaining member is Bobby and they add the entire group that was then called “The Pacesetters” including brothers “William Bootsy Collins” and “Phelps Catfish Collins” as well as “Fred Wesley” and “Alfred Ellis”. In 1970 he has 6 Top 100 singles on the Pop charts with the biggest of the year being his Christmas release titled “Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay” that peaks at #7 on 19 December. On 1 July 1971 he signs a new contract with “Polydor” records. He has a total of 9 Top 100 singles where 4 are on “King” records, 2 are on “People” records and the final 3 are on “Polydor” records. The biggest selling hit of the year is on “People” titled “Hot Pants Pt. 1 (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants)” that peaked at #15 on 3 July. His first single on “Polydor” titled “Make It Funky (Part 1) that peaked at #22 on 28 August.

In 1972 he has 7 Top 100 US Pop singles the biggest selling one of these was “Get On The Good Foot – Part 1” that peaks at #18 on 5 August and becomes his first “Polydor” million selling single. In 1973 he has 6 Top 100 singles but only one makes the Top 40 titled “I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance) Part 1” that peaked at #27 on 20 January. On 4 August the JB’s have a new lineup of Fred on trombone, brothers “Nolan Martin” and “Hearlon Cheese Martin” on guitar, “Fred Thomas” on bass, “John Jabo Starks” on drums and “John Morgan” on tambourine. They first record a song to be the title track to a Movie titled “Payback” that is never released. The single however is released and peaks at #26 on 23 March 1974. The following week he has his very first million selling album titled “The Payback” that peaks at #34 on the album charts. On 7 September he has his final Top 40 charting album when “Hell” peaks at #35. In October he performs at a concert in Zaire, Africa with “The Spinners”. “Lloyd Price” and “B.B. King” for the upcoming Heavyweight Title Boxing Match between “Muhammad Ali” and “George Foreman” called “The Rumble In The Jungle”. In 1974 he has only 5 hits in the Top 100 the biggest selling of these was the previously mentioned “Payback”. In 1975 he only has 2 Top 100 singles and neither makes the Top 40. The biggest selling of these 2 songs is “Sex Machine Part 1” that only peaks at #61 on 17 May.

In 1976 he has only 1 Top 100 single on the Pop charts when “Get Up Offa That Thing” peaks at #45 on 14 August. In 1977 he also has only 1 Top 100 hit on the US singles charts, which is “Bodyheat (Part 1)” that peaks at #88 on 26 February. On 18 August he attends the funeral of the King “Elvis Presley” at Graceland in Memphis, TN. Because of financial problems he has to sell WJBE Radio in Knoxville, TN in January 1978. In December he begins a European Tour performing in Amsterdam, Holland, Hamburg, West Germany and in Dusseldorf, West Germany. On 10 March 1979 he makes his very first appearance at the “Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville, TN. On 1 September his only charting record of the year titled “The Original Disco Man” stalls at #152 on the US album charts. In April 1980 his second Radio Station WRDW in Augusta, GA is sold at auction. In June he appears in the Movie “The Blues Brothers” starring “John Belushi”, “Dan Aykroyd”, “John Candy”, “Cab Calloway”, “Ray Charles”, “Aretha Franklin”, “Henry Gibson”, “Steve Cropper”, “Stephen Bishop”, “Twiggy”, “Joe Walsh”, “Paul Reubens”, “Steve Lawrence”, “John Lee Hooker” and many others. On 17 January 1981 he has a hit in the UK only with a new updated version of “Payback” titled “Rapp Payback” that peaks at #39 there. In March 1982 he signs a new contract with “Island” records. In July his next UK hit only titled “Bring It On…Bring It On” peaks at #45 there on the singles charts. On 18 December “Jimmy Nolan” one of his former lead guitarists’ dies in Atlanta, GA from an apparent Heart Attack.

In September 1984 his only charting success would be a duo with “Afrika Bambaataa” with “Unity (The Third Coming” that peaks at #49 in the UK and does not make the US charts. In May 1985 he releases “Froggy Me” that only makes it to #50 on the UK singles charts. On 7 December his first US Pop charting single in 8 years is “Living In America” that peaks at #4. It is from THE Movie “Rocky IV” starring “Sylvester Stallone”, “Talia Shire”, “Burt Young”, “Carl Weathers”, “Bridgitte Nielson” and “Dolph Lundgren”. The song would peak at #5 on the UK singles charts on 15 February 1986. It would eventually sell over a million copies and be his final million selling record. He is inducted into the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame” on 23 January 1986 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, NY. On 18 October he would see his final US Top 100 charting single titled “Gravity” that stopped at #93. He wins Best R&B Performance for 1986 for “Living In America” at the 29th annual Grammy Awards Ceremony on 24 February. On 31 October a UK TV advertised album titled “The Best Of James Brown – Godfather Of Soul” peaks at #17 in the UK on the album charts there. In January 1988 he had a hit previously recorded in the 70’s that was never released until now titled “She’s The One” that peaks at #45 in the UK and fails to make any of the charts in the US. On 7 April he surrenders to the authorities in Aiken County, SC where he is charged with aggravated assault and battery against his wife Adrienne. He is released on a $15,000 bond and soon after his wife files for a legal separation. On 9 April she is arrested at Bush Field Airport in Augusta, GA after allegedly receiving bottles of nasal spray that in fact contained the depressant drug PCP. She is released on $1,550 bond. On 28 April she drops her assault charges against her husband and files to have her legal separation be withdrawn.

In May “The Payback Mix” which is a medley of old hits by James peaks at #12 in the UK on the singles charts there. On 18 May he is arrested and spends the night in the Aiken County, SC Jail. He is released the next morning after posting $24,000 in bond money. He was arrested for assault, possession of PCP, possessing illegal weapons and resisting arrest. On 30 May James announces publicly that despite his deep love for his wife Adrienne that he is divorcing her. In June he has another UK only hit in “I’m Real” that peaks at #31 there on the singles charts. On 21 July upon his return from the UK he pleads guilty to his previous charges and receives a two-year suspended sentence and a $1,200 fine. “I Got You (I Feel Good) is re-issued with the flip side being “Nowhere To Run” by “Martha Reeves & The Vandellas” because of the recent hit Movie they were both featured in titled “Good Morning Vietnam” starring “Robin Williams” and “Forest Whittaker”. It would peak at #52 in the UK on the singles charts in July there but would not chart in the US. In August his duet with “Aretha Franklin” titled “Gimme Your love” peaks at #41 on the US R*B singles charts. On 15 December he is given a six-year Jail sentence due to his recent car chase through two states to try and avoid arrest. On 19 July 1989 he is transferred from the minimum security State Park Correctional Facility in Columbia, SC to the medium security Stevenson Correctional Institution after it was discovered he had $40,000 in checks and cash in his cell. On 12 April 1990 after having only served 15 months of his sentence he is transferred to the lower Savannah Work Center in Aiken County, SC where he earns $3.80 an hour counseling youths about the dangers of drug abuse.

On 25 December while on a 72-hour release he performs for the troops at Fort Jackson, in Columbia, SC. On 27 February 1991 he is finally released with his parole scheduled to officially end on 23 October 1993, at which time he must begin a 5-year probation and submit to drug testing and attend a substance-abuse program. On 10 June he appears on a live pay-per-view cable TV telecast special in the US called “James Brown – Living In America” with “M.C. Hammer”, “C&C Music Factory”, “Bell Biv Devoe” and “En Vogue”. On the 4th of July he performs at Wembley Arena in Wembley, London, England at the beginning of a new UK tour. On 16 November “Sex Machine – The Very Best of James Brown” peaks at #19 on the UK album charts. He received the Award Of Merit on 27 January 1992 at the 19th annual America Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA. He next receives the NARAS Lifetime Achievement Award on 25 February at the 34th annual Grammy Awards banquet held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, NY. In August he starts his own Music Company with “Harry Stone” called “Brown Stone” records. In December he decides to open a new branch in Hollywood California called “James Brown West Inc.” that is operated by “Vonny Hill Sweeney”. On 25 February 1993 he is present with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 4th annual Rhythm & Blues Foundation Pioneer Awards at the Hollywood Palace in Los Angeles, CA. On 15 April 1994 he performs on the opening day of “House Of Blues” on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles with “Bruce Springsteen”, “Magic Johnson”, “Woody Harrelson”, “Jeffrey Osborne”, “Jim Belushi”, “Dan Aykroyd” and “Steve Cropper”.

On 10 January 1997 he receives his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On 25 February during a taped interview with talk show host “Rolonda Watts” he proposes to her saying “You know I’m crazy for you, so how about tying the knot?” Her response is “We’re going to continue this discussion on the phone later, James”. On 27 August 2002 he released his most recent album of new material titled “The Next Step” that peaked on the R&B album charts at #72 in January 2003. My favorite Album/CD by James Brown is 20 ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS that was originally released on “Polydor” records on 22 October 1991. The songs on this CD are listed below in the order as they appear, followed by the length of each song then by my rating of each and finally by my overall rating of this CD:

1. I Got You (I Feel Good) – 2:46 – 5
2. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine – 5:16 – 5
3. I Got The Feelin’ – 2:38 – 5
4. Mother Popcorn (Part 1) – 3:16 – 5
5. Give It Up Or Turnit Loose – 3:11 – 5
6. Make It Funky, Pt. 1 – 3:15 – 5
7. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, Pt. 1 – 5
8. Think – 2:45 – 3
9. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – 2:47 – 5
10. Try Me – 2:29 – 3
11. Night Train – 3:31 – 4
12. Cold Sweat, Pt. 1 – 2:51 – 5
13. Get On The Good Foot – 3:35 – 4
14. Papa Don’t take No Mess, Pt. 1 – 4:23 – 4
15. The Payback – 7:39 – 4
16. Say It Loud (I’m Black And I’m Proud), Pt. 1 – 2:47 – 5
17. Super Bad (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) – 5:00 – 5
18. Hot Pants, Pt. 1 – 3:07 – 5
19. Get Up Offa That Thing – 4:11 – 4
20. Please, Please, Please – 2:43 – 4


3 – GOOD
2 – FAIR
1 – POOR

BILLBOARD US Top 50 Pop Singles for “JAMES BROWN”

1. Try Me – Peaked at #48 on 12/15/58 (GOLD)
2. Think – Peaked at #33 on 05/20/60
3. Bewildered – Peaked at #40 on 02/27/61
4. I Don’t Mind – Peaked at #47 on 05/15/61
5. Baby, You’re Right – Peaked at #49 on 08/21/61
6. Lost Someone – Peaked at #48 on 12/18/61
7. Night Train – Peaked at #35 on 04/14/62
8. Prisoner of Love – Peaked at #18 on 04/20/63
9. Oh baby Don’t You Weep (Part 1) – Peaked at #23 on 01/25/64
10. Out of Sight – Peaked at #24 on 08/15/64
11. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag Part 1 – Peaked at #8 on 07/17/65
12. I Got You (I Feel Good) – peaked at #3 on 11/13/65 (GOLD)
13. Ain’t that A Groove Part 1 – peaked at #42 on 03/05/66
14. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – Peaked at #8 on 04/30/66
15. Don’t Be A Drop Out – Peaked at #50 on 10/08/66
16. Sweet Little Baby Boy (Part 1) – Peaked at #8 on 12/10/66
17. The Christmas Song (Version 1) – peaked at #12 on 12/17/66
18. Bring it Up – Peaked at #29 on 01/07/67
19. Let Yourself Go – Peaked at #46 on 05/06/67
20. Cold Sweat – Part 1 – Peaked at #7 on 07/15/67
21. Get it Together (Part 1) – Peaked at #40 on 10/28/67
22. Let’s Make This Christmas Mean Something This Year (Part 1) – Peaked at #13 on 12/09/67
23. I Can’t Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) – Peaked at #28 on 12/09/67
24. There Was A Time – Peaked at #36 on 01/20/68
25. I Got The Feelin’ – Peaked at #6 on 03/16/68
26. Licking Stick – Licking Stick (Part 1) – Peaked at #14 on 05/25/68
27. Say It Loud – I’m Black And I’m Proud (Part 1) – Peaked at #10 on 09/07/68
28. Goodbye My Love – Peaked at #31 on 11/09/68
29. Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto – Peaked at #4 on 12/14/68
30. Give it Up Or Turnit A Loose – Peaked at #15 on 01/25/69
31. I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door, I’ll Get It Myself) – Peaked at #20 on 04/05/69
32. The Popcorn – Peaked at #30 on 05/31/69
33. Mother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1 – Peaked at #11 on 06/14/69
34. Lowdown Popcorn – Peaked at #41 on 08/23/69
35. World (Part 1) – peaked at #37 on 09/13/69
36. Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn Part One – Peaked at #21 on 10/11/69
37. Ain’t it Funky Now (Part 1) – Peaked at #24 on 11/22/69
38. Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn Part Two – Peaked at #40 on 12/20/69
39. It’s A New Day (Part 1 & Part 2)/Georgia On My Mind – Peaked at #32 on 02/14/70
40. Brother Rapp (Part 1 & Part 2)/Bewildered – Peaked at #32 on 05/02/70
41. Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine (Part 1) – Peaked at #15 on 07/18/70
42. Super Bad (Part 1 & Part 2) – Peaked at #13 on 10/03/70
43. Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay – Peaked at #7 on 12/19/70
44. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved Pt. 1 – Peaked at #34 on 01/02/71
45. Soul Power Pt. 1 – Peaked at #29 on 02/27/71
46. I Cried/World Pt. 2 – Peaked at #50 on 05/08/71
47. Escape-ism (Part 1) – Peaked at #35 on 06/12/71
48. Hot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got To Get When She Wants) Pt. 1 – Peaked at #15 on 07/03/71
49. Make It Funky (Part 1) – Peaked at #22 on 08/28/71
50. I’m A Greedy Man – Peaked at #35 on 11/13/71
51. Talking Loud And Saying Nothing – Part 1 – Peaked at #27 on 02/12/72
52. King Heroin – Peaked at #40 on 03/04/72
53. There It Is Part 1 – Peaked at #43 on 05/06/72
54. Honky Tonk – Part 1 – Peaked at #44 on 06/24/72
55. Get On The Good Food – Part 1 – Peaked at #18 on 08/05/72 (GOLD)
56. I Got A Bag Of My Own – Peaked at #44 on 11/18/72
57. I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance) – Part 1 – Peaked at #27 on 01/20/73
58. Down And Out In New York City – Peaked at #50 on 03/10/73
59. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy/Slaughter Theme – Peaked at #50 on 08/18/73
60. The Payback – Part 1 – Peaked at #26 on 03/23/74 (GOLD)
61. My Thang – Peaked at #29 on 06/22/74
62. Papa Don’t Take No Mess Part 1 – Peaked at #31 on 08/24/74
63. Funky President (People It’s Bad)/Coldblooded – Peaked at #44 on 11/09/74
64. Get Up Offa That Thing – Peaked at #45 on 08/14/76
65. Living In America – Peaked at #4 on 12/07/85 (GOLD)

BILLBOARD US Top 40 Pop Albums for “JAMES BROWN”

1. Live At The Apollo – Peaked at #2 for 2 weeks on 07/06/63
2. Pure Dynamite! Live At The Royal – Peaked at #10 on 03/28/64
3. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag – Peaked at #26 on 12/04/65
4. I Got You (I Feel Good) – peaked at #36 on 02/26/66
5. Cold Sweat – Peaked at #35 on 10/28/67
6. I Can’t Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) – Peaked at #17 on 04/13/68
7. Live At the Apollo, Volume II – Peaked at #32 on 12/14/68
8. It’s A Mother – Peaked at #26 on 09/13/69
9. James Brown Plays & Directs The Popcorn – Peaked at #40 on 09/27/69
10. Sex Machine – Peaked at #29 on 10/24/70
11. Hot Pants – Peaked at #22 on 09/18/71
12. Revolution Of The Mind – Live At the Apollo, Volume III – Peaked at #39 on 01/29/72
13. Black Caesar – Peaked at #31 on 04/07/73
14. The Payback – Peaked at #34 on 03/30/74 (GOLD)
15. Hell – Peaked at #35 on 09/07/74


One-two One-Two-Three uh!
Hot pants- hey hot pants uh! smokin´
Hot pants- smokin´ that-hot pants
That´s where it´s at a-that´s where it´s at
Take your fine self home
It looks much better than time
My fever keeps growin´

Girl you´re blowin´ my mind
Thinkin´ of loosin that funky feelin´ don´t uh!
Cause you got to use just what you got
To get just what you want-a
Hey hu! Hot pants! hey! hot pants smokin´!
Hot pants make ya sure of yourself -good
Lord you walk like you got the only lovin´ left hey
So brother- if you´re thinkin´ of loosin´ that feelin´
Then don´t- ha Cause a woman got to use what she got
To get just what she wants hey!

Hey hotpants A-look a-hot pants won´t make ya dance
But as slick as you are-ah!
YOU make the pants Uh! hey brother- do ya like it?
The girl over there with the funky pants on ha!
She can ah! do the chicken all night long
The girl over there with the hot pants on uh!
She can do the Funky Broadway all night long
The girl over there with the hot pants on Filthy MacNasty all night long

Get down hu! the one over there
With the mini dress ha!
I ain´t got time- I still dig that mess
Get down! but I like the hot pants
Hey! I like a hot pants

Ooooh! Bring it home!
One more! Hit me!
Aaay! Bring it home!
Bring it home! Oh uh!
Bring it on home
Bring it on home

Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good, I got you

Whoa! I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you

When I hold you in my arms
I know that I can't do no wrong
and when I hold you in my arms
My love won't do you no harm

and I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you

When I hold you in my arms
I know that I can't do no wrong
and when I hold you in my arms
My love can't do me no harm

and I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, well I got you

Whoa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would
So good, so good, 'cause I got you
So good, so good, 'cause I got you
So good, so good, 'cause I got you


Yeah, uh! Get up, now! Ow! Knock out this!
Super highways, coast to coast, easy to get anywhere
On the transcontinental overload, just slide behind the wheel
How does it feel

When there's no destination - that's too far
And somewhere on the way, you might find out who you are

Living in America - eye to eye, station to station
Living in America - hand to hand, across the nation
Living in America - got to have a celebration

Rock my soul
Smokestack, fatback, many miles of railroad track
All night radio, keep on runnin' through your rock 'n' roll soul
All night diners keep you awake, hey, on black coffee and a hard roll
You might have to walk the fine line, you might take the hard line
But everybody's working overtime

Living in America - eye to eye, station to station
Living in America - hand to hand, across the nation
Living in America - got to have a celebration

I live in America, help me out, but I live in America, wait a minute
You might not be looking for the Promised Land, but you might find it anyway
Under one of those old familiar names
Like New Orleans, Detroit City, Dallas, Pittsburgh PA, New York City,
Kansas City, Atlanta , Chicago and LA

Living in America - hit me Living in America - yeah,
I walk in and out living in America
I live in America - state lines, gonna make the prime, that I live in America
Hey, I know what it means, I’m Living in America

Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out
Living in America - hit me,
I said now, eye to eye,
Station to station
Living in America
So nice, with your bare self
Living in America - I feel good!

Come here sister, Papa's in the swing
He ain't too hip about that new breed babe
He ain't no drag
Papa's got a brand new bag

Come here mama and dig this crazy scene
He's not too fancy but his line is pretty clean
He ain't no drag.
Papa's got a brand new bag

He's doing the Jerk....
He's doing the Fly
Don't play him cheap 'cause you know he ain't shy
He's doing the Monkey, the Mashed Potatoes, Jump back Jack,
See you later alligator.

Come here sister
Papa's in the swing
He ain't too hip now
but I can dig that new breed babe;
He ain't no drag
He's got a brand new bag

Oh papa! He's doing the Jerk
Papa he's doing the Jerk
He's doing the twist ... just like this,
He's doing the Fly every day and every night
The thing's like the Boomerang.
Hey, come on
Hey! Hey, come on
Hey! Hey, he's uptight, out of sight
Come on.
Hey! Hey!


James Brown has had many nicknames over the years some of which were “The Godfather Of Soul”, “Soul Brother Number 1”, “Mr. Dynamite” and “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business”. The last nickname was given to him because at the heart of his success he would perform an average of 300 times a year. In 1969 “Look” Magazine was quoted as saying that he was “The Most Important Black Man in America”. Over a 40 year Music span he had 99 hits on the US Top 100 singles charts and not one #1 Pop hit. He also had 116 singles make the R&B charts and 17 made it to #1 on those charts. Only 2 other artists ever had more #1 hits on the R&B charts and they were “Louis Jordan” and “Stevie Wonder”. His music was boisterous, celebratory, confident, energetic, exuberant, fiery, intense, passionate, rambunctious, rousing, rowdy, sensual, sexy and volatile sometimes almost to the verge of violent. He seemed to constantly stay in trouble with the law, as did “Chuck Berry”. Both artists seem to have had a lot of the same parallels as far as loud boisterous music style, always being in trouble with the authorities, being a major player in “Rock ‘N’ Roll” history and having many Pop and R&B hits over a 20 year or more period. Some of his songs I did not care for as they seemed to be a little too rude, vulgar or violent but all in all I enjoyed a majority of his music. My favorites by him are “Hot Pants”, “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, Living In America”, “Cold Sweat” and “I Got The Feelin’”. Well that ends this part of my music history lesson for today Ladies and Gentlemen and I hope your learned something today and maybe were entertained a little? I hope everyone has a great day, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read and maybe leave a comment and as always God Bless You All, Ron.

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