Animal Cruelty with Major Corporations: It will be an Eye Opening Experience for you!

Jul 3, 2003 (Updated Jul 6, 2003)

The Bottom Line Everyone out there has a passion and this is mine and I want to share with all of you and open up your minds to what I have seen.

Disclaimer: Some of the language that is used in this piece is graphic and I would just like to warn readers who have a weak stomach

I am not exactly sure where to start off this article except to say that this is all coming from the bottom of my heart and it is my opinion and I am not trying to preach. I can’t say it enough that this is from MY HEART to yours and that I just wanted to make you a more aware consumer. Maybe someone already has done an article similar to this but I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight unless I was able to get this out in the open.

I was going about my day and everything was actually pretty perfect. I had written a few reviews that I thought had come out well and put them in draft status. I had played with my dog and cat and was just feeling stable inside. I had already agreed to go to Target to get a few beauty items and get out of the house again and I wasn’t even having any anxiety about it. I was just ready to go when my fiancé got home.

There we were in Target picking up this Suave product and that Neutrogena cleanser that I needed for my face and even getting a couple of bottles of Diet Coke. It was an extraordinary day for me as I was out and about and feeling normal again. I didn’t have that usual edginess that I feel when riding in a car or when I step out of my apartment.

I got home and was quite eager to start doing some more research on companies like Neutrogena for future reviews. If you haven’t noticed in my previous articles, I absolutely LOVE to do the research and learn so many new things about this corporation or that business. It brings sanity back to me somehow and keeps me grounded when I feel trapped in my own home. I am learning something and not having to leave my house to do it. It is my own little world.

This is where my day went from beautiful to absolute horror and dismay. There are very few things that I get passionate in the extreme view of others but one happens to be cruelty to animals. I hate to see any animal suffer, even if it is the scorpion that bit my toes. I have never felt the need to hurt an animal in any way shape or form. As many of you know I will from time to time even foster kittens or cats when need be for the humane society. I love animals and I try as much as I can to advocate for them since they don’t have a voice out there.

While I was researching Neutrogena and I was getting ready to do a piece on their Oil Free Cream Cleanser. I was reading into the history of the company and how great it was as far as its reliability with dermatologists. I even enjoyed playing around on their website. As I did all of this I had a thought to just double check that such a credible company as this one is that it did not test its’ products on animals.

Here is where I became absolutely horrified. Not only did I find out that Neutrogena had NOT DIRECTLY contributed to cruelty to animals on testing their products but their PARENT Company Johnson and Johnson DID and still DOES. I found many companies that did, ones that I didn’t even imagine. It seemed as if everywhere I looked around my house I had contributed to animal cruelty in order for me to have that product and it wasn’t worth it in my eyes. There was barely anything that was animal cruelty free, including my post it notes.

So I started reading more on the internet about what type of cruelty is meant and how cruel it truly is and here is what I found…

In 1933, the cosmetics began testing on animals because a woman who had tried a certain mascara had burned, blinded her eyes, and eventually killed her. It was then that the Food and Drug Administration passed the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938 to protect the public from unsafe cosmetics.

There are two tests that are the most commonly used in this day: #1) The Draize Test where the person will drop a substance into an animal’s eye, which is usually an albino rabbit and seeing the results; #2) The Lethal Dose 50 Test involves forcing a substance to be eaten by a group of animals until 50 percent of the animals have died. Up until now major corporations continue to test their products on animals where there have been other alternatives found making animal testing completely unnecessary.

The first two cosmetic companies to say “no” against animal testing were Avon and Revlon. It is said that the major reasons that businesses still use animals is to avoid possible lawsuits or dangers to human health. Revlon in 1979 gave a $750,000 contribution to the Rockefeller University to start their own programs to “validate other alternatives. While companies are searching for these alternatives, animals are used even more to do the old test and compare it without an animal to the alternative way, “ensuring consistent results.” There have been in-vitro tests, database tests, human tests, and computer tests. Unfortunately, there are still some tests that involve animal sacrifice in order for the use of their parts. An example would be:

Produced by the National Testing Corp. in Palm Springs, California, Eytex is an in-vitro (test-tube) procedure that measures eye irritancy via a protein alteration system. A vegetable protein from the jack bean mimics the reaction of the cornea to an alien substance. This alternative is used by Avon instead of the cruel Draize eye irritancy test.”
Taken from
Just so that you are aware there is not one law which states that any company has to use animals to test their products before humans are sold the merchandise. It is this that infuriates me even further to know that it is so unnecessary and there are other more refined alternatives out there that could be used instead that are even more cost effective, “better predictors of human injury,” and will give much quicker results that do not have to engage any animal cruelty.

I look around my home tonight and I have tears are in my eyes to know that I contributed to such cruelty. I have now seen the pictures on the websites that although they are graphic are also very eye opening. Then I think to myself that beauty is only “skin deep” and is it that important that this particular nail polish works the best if bunny’s are deteriorating from it? The road signs that you see every single day (like the STOP sign). Well the Department of Transportation has used a “hideously cruel skin-corrosivity experiment to test the chemicals on rabbits despite the fact these tests are completely unnecessary since there is a Federally approved non-animal test called Corrositex available.” (from PETA) So some of mine and your tax money is being used to abuse rabbits that is completely unneeded.

This isn’t just about mice or bunnies either, there are chickens and cats being mutated along with monkeys being prodded in their brains. The reason why cats are currently being mutated is to find the gene that makes people allergic to them but still want to have a cat. So in order to have that cat and make that pill, other cats are born without legs, without ears, or an inflated lung. Is it really worth it just to have a cat? There are other things that can be done instead of this mutation research in order for people to have cats as is shown on the website.

I guess I am getting preachy here about everything, but I just am so saddened in my heart about this cruelty that it actually sickens me. Whether it is a mouse, a cat, a dog, a monkey, it is just so unnecessary in this day and age of the technology that we live in. I cannot begin to comprehend this at all. It makes my stomach ache. I think many of you will be shocked about some of the companies that I have attached to this article. I felt like someone had punched me in the gut tonight as I learned more and more about every corporation involved in this. I certainly didn’t notice that Suave was using animals to test their products when I was researching them but maybe I had my eyes shut as I love their products so much. Now I don’t care about being that acne free or my nails being perfect or my hair conditioner working as well if it is due to the mutation and cruelty of an animal. It isn’t worth it for me. I would rather not be able to write as many reviews on items and write essays in the “Writer’s Corner” than put my fiance’s hard earned money towards a company that treats animals with the amount of cruelty that they do. The pictures are absolutely horrifying to look at.

I wish I didn’t come off as if I am preaching to you because I am not trying to in the least bit. I don’t get very passionate about many things, but I was outraged to learn all of this. I will continue to review the products that I have already purchased or used in the past as I cannot take them back, but I will add a disclaimer to every one of them that the product made by such and such company was tested on animals. I think it is important for as many people as possible to read and know about what they are contributing to. Now I could care less whether the company gives millions and millions of dollars away to charities if they are also killing and mutating thousands upon thousands of bunnies for their products.

I just don’t understand. It is that simple for me. I have tears in my eyes again and I think I will just end this piece for the night before I sound like a mother. I just wanted to make all of you aware of what the Huge Corporations out there are doing with some of their profits and whether it was truly worth it or not for you or I to have that product anymore.


The Morning After Leaving Lingering Questions

I read some of the comments left for me and all points were made valid. Perhaps there is cruelty in everything that we own or touch or drive or use. I don't know for sure. I think I was so shocked because I thought that the household cleaners and cosmetic industry had changed and I never realized how many companies out there still use animals when it is unnecessary through other tests. I don't claim to have all the answers but I think I would rather see on a bottle "We test on animals" than "We Don't Test on Animals." Maybe more people would be more aware and it could possibly make an impact and maybe it wouldn't change anything. All I know is I had to speak from my heart and have my voice heard. After all this is only my opinion whether you agree or not, it is just mine and I am not asking you to own it. I just wish the world we live in today didn't have so much cruelty I guess.

Thanks for listening,
Until Next Time,
K Parsons

Here is a list of the companies that Still Use Animals for their Research:

Arm & Hammer (Church & Dwight)
469 N. Harrison St., Princeton, NJ 08543, 609-683-5900, 800-524-1328

Bausch & Lomb (Curél, Soft Sense, Clear Choice)
1 Bausch & Lomb Place, Rochester, NY 14604-2701, 716-338-6000, 800-344-8815


Block Drug Co., Inc. (Polident, Sensodyne, Tegrin, Lava, Carpet Fresh)
257 Cornelison Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07302, 201-434-3000, 800-365-6500

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (Clairol, Ban Roll-On, Keri, Final Net)
345 Park Ave., New York, NY 10154-0037, 212-546-4000

Calvin Klein Cosmetics (A division of Unilever), Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10022-2519, (973) 347-8889

Carter-Wallace (Arrid, Lady's Choice, Nair, Pearl Drops)
1345 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10105-0021, 212-339-5000

Chesebrough-Ponds (Fabergé, Cutex, Vaseline)
800 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, 201-512-0094

Clairol, Inc.(Bristol-Myers Squibb)
345 Park Ave., New York, NY 10154, 212-546-5000, 800-223-5800

Clorox (Pine-Sol, S.O.S., Tilex, ArmorAll)
1221 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612, 510-271-7000, 800-227-1860

Colgate – Palmolive, 300 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022-7499, (800) 338-8333

Cover Girl (Procter & Gamble)
One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-983-1100, 800-543-1745

Del Laboratories (Flame Glow, Commerce Drug, Sally Hansen)
565 Broad Hollow Rd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, 516-293-7070, 800-645-9888

Dial Corporation (Purex, Renuzit), 1850 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004, 602-207-1800, 800-528-0849

Dow Brands (Glass Plus, Fantastik, Vivid)
P.O. Box 68511, Indianapolis, IN 46268, 317-873-7000

Elizabeth Arden, Inc. (A division of Unilever), 1345 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10105, (212) 261-1000


Helene Curtis Industries (Finesse, Unilever, Suave)
325 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL 60610-4713, 312-661-0222

Jhirmack (Playtex)
300 Nyala Farms Rd., Westport, CT 06880, 203-341-4000

Johnson & Johnson (owns Neutrogena but Neutrogena does NOT test on animals however J & J their parent company DOES)
1 Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08933, 908-524-0400

Kimberly – Clark Corp. (Kleenex, Scott Paper, Huggies)
P.O. Box 619100, Dallas, TX 75261-9100, 800-544-1847

Lever Bros. (Unilever)
390 Park Ave., New York, NY 10022, 212-888-1260, 800-745-9696


Max Factor (Procter & Gamble)
One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-983-1100, 800-543-1745

Mennen Co. (Colgate-Palmolive)
E. Hanover Ave., Morristown, NJ 07962, 201-631-9000

Olay Co/Oil of Olay (Procter & Gamble)
P.O. Box 599, Cincinnati, OH 45201, 800-543-1745

Pantene (Procter & Gamble)
Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 800-945-7768

Pfizer, Inc.. (Bain de Soleil, Plax, Visine, Desitin, BenGay)
235 E. 42nd St., New York, NY 10017-5755, 212-573-2323

Playtex Products, Inc. (Banana Boat, Woolite, Jhirmack)
300 Nyala Farms Rd., Westport, CT 06880, 203-341-4000

Proctor & Gamble Co. (Crest, Tide, Cover Girl, Max Factor, Giorgio)
One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-983-1100, 800-543-1745

Richardson – Vicks (Procter & Gamble)
One Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-983-1100, 800-543-1745

Sally Hansen (Del Laboratories)
565 Broad Hollow Rd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, 516-293-7070, 800-645-9888

Sanofi (Yves Saint Laurent)
90 Park Ave., 24th Fl., New York, NY 10016, 212-907-2000

Schering – Plough (Coppertone)
1 Giralda Farms, Madison, NJ 07940-1000, 201-822-7000, 800-842-4090

201 Tabor Rd., Morris Plains, NJ 07950, 201-540-2000, 800-492-1555

S.C. Johnson Wax (Pledge, Drano, Windex, Glade)
1525 Howe St., Racine, WI 53403, 414-260-2000, 800-558-5252

Softsoap Enterprises (Colgate-Palmolive)
1107 Hazeltine Blvd., Suite 370, Chaska, MN 55318, 612-448-1118

3M (Scotch, Post-It)
Center Bldg., 220-2E-02, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000, 612-733-1110, 800-364-3577

Unilever (Lever Bros., Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, Helene Curtis, Diversey, Suave, Lipton Tea, Dove Soap, ) - Will Be merging a multi-million advertising campaign with AOL Time Warner
390 Park Ave., New York, NY 10022, 212-888-1260, 800-745-9696

Vidal Sassoon (Procter & Gamble)
P.O. Box 599, Cincinnati, OH 45201, 800-543-7270

Warner Lambert (Lubriderm, Listerine, Schick)
201 Tabor Rd., Morris Plains, NJ 07950-2693, 201-540-2000, 800-323-5379

Some of these companies have been repeated due to the way they are listed as separate entities but they are still owned by the BIG/PARENT corporation. I found this list to be very eye opening and for more see and they also have a few hundred companies listed that do NOT test on animals as well. This is where I found my list to begin with and much of my research as well as PETA and some other websites. Please just remember that I am not trying to preach, just making you a more aware consumer. Thank you again for allowing me to express this opinion.

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