Braveheart Will Win Your Heart!

Jul 30, 2001
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Pros:Good acting in battle scenes, good direction

Cons:A few editing errors and script weak in a few parts

The Bottom Line: A movie that is powerful and shows you what revolutions are all about.

I have noticed Hollywood loves making time period movies. Gladiator was one such film made last year. I do believe many of these types of film are overrated but this one is pretty good. It won best picture in 96 and continues to be a well watched film by many.

It tells of a true story of one of the best warriors ever for peace among his people. Braveheart is a very brave man as is shown by the title of the film. Most of the film occurs during battle scenes taking place between the powerful king and braveheart's army fighting for a revolution. At the beginning of the film, a beautiful love story takes place, one that makes your own heart feel for it. Braveheart is fighting for many things that keep building up in the movie. As these ideas build up, so does the viewers suspense and love for the character of Braveheart (Mel Gibson). I love it when films can build upon a character so much, that the viewers actually feel for the protagonist character and are happy when things go well for him. During the battle scenes I found myself cheering on Braveheart's character and being happy when something went well for him. These days, heros like William Wallace are rare in movies and I was happy to see one. It reminded me of the revolutions that I had read about in my history books growing up and gave me a sense of feeling towards all those that fought for our country. Mel Gibson's movie isn't only about revolution in Ireland, but about every young man or woman that fought hard and won freedom for themselves and their own country.

There are many battle scenes in the movie, some of which are very violent. They are although all exciting to watch and it is fascinating to see how they were choreographed so well. I give the movie alot of credit for that. Its a wonder how they got so many hundreds of people to act in unison and make the battle scenes so realistic. The acting between characters was great and this was probably one of Mel Gibson's best performances. Also to note is that Mel GIbson directed this film as well. He did a good job with that too. You can tell that Gibson really had his heart in the film

I did notice some errors in the movie and just for fun I'd like to point them out so you can look for them.... The young Wallace throws with his left hand and the older with his right... The boulder that Hamish throws at William goes to pass him by the left shoulder, but ends up passing his right.... blood gets splattered onto a camera lens in one of the earlier battles... and also I still dont see how mel gibson's wounds can go away so easy and still keep his eyes as blue as that through all those battles hehe. This did take away from the movie a bit since its trying to be an accurate portrayal but ever once in a while you remember that you are watching the film and not living it so it takes a little bit of the emotion away.

This movie was terrific, some may complain it is too long, but it is perfect in the way it tells the true story. Your emotions run high as you cheer on Braveheart and his revolution.

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