Ghost Rider - A Journey of Rebirth

Jul 11, 2003

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The Bottom Line From death, a new life will eventually spawn...

Imagine having the world at your fingertips one moment, and then losing it all the next.
Imagine losing your only child, a 20 year old daughter to a senseless traffic accident.
Imagine losing your wife less than a year later to a broken heart (called cancer by the 'doctors')
Imagine losing it all.
Imagine not being able to find a reason to live, to go on.
Imagine leaving your life of fame and riches behind, to set out on a 50,000 mile journey on a motorcycle.
Imagine trying to find something of your old self as you ride alone.
Imagine being a ghost rider - reminded at every turn, at every crossroad, of what you've lost.

Hard to imagine, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the brilliant percussionist and lyricist of Rush, Neil Peart, didn't have to imagine it. He suffered through it, but prevailed somehow to write the following song, which appeared on Rush's last album 'Vapor Trails'.


"Ghost Rider"
by Neil Peart

Pack up all those phantoms
Shoulder that invisible load
Keep on riding north and west
Haunting that wilderness road
Like a ghost rider

Carry all those phantoms
Through bitter wind and stormy skies
From the desert to the mountain
From the lowest low to the highest high
Like a ghost rider

Keep on riding North and West
Then circle South and East
Show me beauty, but there is no peace
For the ghost rider

Shadows on the road behind
Shadows on the road ahead
Nothing can stop you now

There's a shadow on the road behind
There's a shadow on the road ahead
Nothing can stop you now

Sunrise in the mirror
Lightens that invisible load
Riding on a nameless quest
Haunting that wilderness road
Like a ghost rider

Just an escape artist
Racing against the night
A wandering hermit
Racing toward the light

From the White Sands
To the Canyonlands
To the redwood stands
To the Barren Lands

Sunrise on the road behind
Sunset on the road ahead
There's nothing to stop you now
Nothing can stop you now

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