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Apr 5, 2007 (Updated Nov 2, 2008)
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Pros:Good sound (for the price, better than good). Good ear buds. Small

Cons:None for the price.

The Bottom Line: Great all round medium class in ear speaker. You have to pay a lot more to get a better pair.

These earplugs are good at delivering a nice and balanced sound image. No distortion, no cutoff of high frequencies, no exaggerated high bass region. All of the mentioned problems are common with earphones under, say 80-90$. Listening to music with the ep630 is enjoyable and refreshing. Most kinds of music seem to work very well. The bass is rich and well defined and the medium range is musical. They might not be as detailed as my monitor plugs, but those cost 10 times more.

I am going to pick up 2 more Creative EP630 and replace the children's MP3 plugs. If you are shopping around and comparing different brands, the EP630 play in an entirely different league than e.g. the Koss Sparkpluggs. The Koss plugs are pure junk, while the Creative EP630 is an under priced medium good earphone with good audio properties.

If you have never used an in ear speaker before, the experience might be surprising. Most in ear speakers have a problem with picking up mechanical sound from the cord. So does the EP630. I found that if you wear them upside down, i.e. with the cord upwards and behind your ear, this problem is completely eliminated since the vibrations are dampened before they reach the housing of the earphone.
Another sensation is that the ambient sound is cut out and that you can enjoy music at much lower levels and do not have to crank up the volume. This might save your hearing in the long run.

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