Tony Hawk Pro Skater In One Word: Cool

Aug 4, 2001
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Pros:Excellent graphics, many players and decks to choose from, and unique courses.

Cons:Not my favorite type of music is played during the game.

The Bottom Line: I am very impressed with this game and looking forward to getting the 2nd one.

Ok so I cracked open the box and found the cartridge and the manual. I briefly read the manual to see what it had to say about the game, then put it aside. I then summoned the cartridge into my N64 and pushed power.........

After pushing power the game tells you that either an expansion card was or was not found (play it with one its better). Soon after you get to the main menu you are greeted with a career mode, single session, two player, options, extra, and free style.

Career mode lets you play as one of 9 characters in about 10 different courses around the USA. In each course you must find the SKATE letters, get hidden tapes, and perform a number of tricks to beat the level. Once beaten, you progress to the next. There are two levels where you are timed 2:00. In these two minutes you must perform as many tricks as you can to get either a gold, silver, or bronze medal. You need to get the gold or silver to progress.

Single session lets you choose any of the courses you already completed in career mode and play them. Once you have chosen your course you have 2:00 to get the highest score possible.

Two player lets you and a friend go head to head in a trick competition, where both of you have 2:00 to see who can perform the most tricks and win.

Options let you change the varying settings of the game.

Extra shows you a list of all the skaters. You then choose one and view all the tricks he/she can do before you bust'em out on the course.

Free Style lets you choose any course you already have completed in career mode. Once you have chosen your course you can play on for as long as you want and do whatever you want!

The graphics in this game are excellent for N64 standards. If you have the expansion pak, they will even be better. The music is one thing in I donít particularly mind in the game but dislike in the real world. The music is made of ska and punk rock tunes. While songs sound superb for a cartridge game and for the genera of game, these are not songs I would normally listen to.

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