Confessions of a Confused And Sad Ex-Music Top Reviewer

Aug 15, 2003

The Bottom Line I finally get the hint.

263 Music Reviews that are rated Very Helpful.

Listed as #2 - Most Popular Author in Music.

Almost four years of being a Music Expert/Top Reviewer.

And it all came to an end yesterday with this one email:

Dear kristinafh,

Thank you for your contributions to Epinions as a Top Reviewer. The most recent selection process for Top Reviewer roles on Epinions has been completed. Unfortunately, you did not meet the criteria required to
hold a Top Reviewer title in Music.

Although you did not qualify this round, you will continue to be considered in the future based on your activity on the site. If you are interested in becoming either a Top Reviewer or Advisor in the future, the selection
criteria for each are below.


- Quality of reviews written. An overall rating of "Very Helpful" for the vast majority of reviews in your category.
- Review frequency. Regular contribution of high-quality reviews in your category.
- Review minimum. Meeting the minimum number of reviews required in your category.
- Number of first reviews written. Regularly contributing one of the first few reviews on a product rather than the hundredth review.
- Quality of Web of Trust. A Web of Trust that only includes other strong members.
- Compliance with the Epinions User Agreement.

Thank you for your valuable contributions to Epinions. We encourage you to continue participating in the Epinions community and welcome any feedback you have.


The Team

Am I hurt that I lost a form of recognition that I had for almost four years? Of course! How silly to think otherwise :).

The real issue though, is that I was not thought enough of in - what I considered to be, my "core" category on this site - for two epinions liaisons to contact me prior to the bot email. This is the saddest thing of all.

Epinions claims to have put a layer of humans in place (my interpretation of course) to eliminate the random and coldness of the past. Unfortunately, that didn't happen in the music category this past review period.

And I thought I had held up my end of the bargain by constantly worrying and stressing about the music hats since the beginning of time. All of the time, especially since the beginning of 2003, I have reached out and asked the question - is my TR hat okay? Am I writing enough? Each time, I was reassured that it was. Don't worry...

A decision I made most recently was to start trusting in the process. I stopped asking the question because I thought - fer sure - that if something which I have held for almost four years was in jeopardy - that I would be given a heads up. Also, the fact that I'm constantly told that there are no hard and fast numbers for how many TR's you can have in a category helped (now I realize FALSELY) reassure me that any writer's block I had in the music area, would be okay for the time being. Ironically, on Tuesday, I found myself readdressing the ten music reviews I had in draft. I finally found some inspiration :). Of course, my motivation to post any of these first reviews has disappeared. I'm sure one day, though I'll get around to posting them...

To Epinions: My specific feedback for you is that the process you put in place to grow the community has failed. Instead of nurturing the relationship, it's been alienated. And maybe (yesterday), it was just one person you failed and alienated. And maybe, that's insignificant in your book. And maybe, I'll just leave it at that.

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