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Apr 9, 2007 (Updated Apr 10, 2007)
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Pros:Makes one heck of a cup of cappuchino!

Cons:no timer. cant run cappuchino and coffee at same time Bulky.

The Bottom Line: Its a good starter espresso/cappuchino/coffee maker

Headed down to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a new coffee maker. Gave my other one away.
While there my hubby recommends we get a cappuchino maker. I said ok. Lets go look.

Found this one. We both liked that it made cappuchino and coffee. Got it home. Used it a couple times. The 3rd time using it, nothing happened. Nothing was working. So I took it down to the store and exchanged it for another one.(same brand and model)
Got it home and it worked like a charm. Along with Illys espresso makes the best cappuchino ever. 10000 times better than starbucks. Considering they use the worse of the worse beans anyhow.

Frothing the milk is a total pain though. having to stand there and wait til there is enough steam. We could have paid over $300 for one that did it on its own. But you get what you pay for these days.
Have had this coffee maker for about 5 months now and no complaints. This one is working just fine. The one thing I would have liked to see on it was a timer. Or maybe it would have come in handy to be able to make the cappuchino and coffee at the same time. If we have company over. Its time consuming to make cappuchino...and making coffee ties up the machine as well. So someone is either getting cold flat frothy cappuchino..or a cold burnt cup of coffee. I guess we cant have our cake and eat it too.

UPDATE: Man I am suckin at this epinion thing. Everyone keeps telling me to update my reviews. LOL Ok well this is how it works.
Espresso/Cappuchino: Unscrew cap on to of machine, then you add water. Make sure you use the small espresso pot to measure. Then screw cap back on tightly. Put your grounds in the strainer, then tighten it back in. Ok this is the tricky part. If you are making plain espresso...then this part doesnt apply to you. However if you are making cappuchino. This is where it gets complicated. At least in writting it does.
Let the espresso run til the coffee gets to "steam" line on the small espresso pot. As soon as that happens, have your milk ready to go under the steam arm. (BTW, this machine does not come with a frothing cup, have to buy your own. $5 or so)
So put your frothing cup under the steam arm, then on the left side of the machine there is a knob. It determines if you want to run espresso (a little cup sign) or if you need steam ( a little poof of steam sign). Turn it all the way to the steam sign. The frothing isnt the best. We have it down to a science where we have messed with it to get it just right. My 1st few times using it was a disaster.
Anyhow, when you have enough froth then turn the knob back to the cup sign. The small pot will then complete the coffee. And you are done. OK small personal safety note. (I learned the hard way) Wait til the machine is 100% cooled down before trying to remove the coffee strainer! Or you will end up with coffee grounds all over you, the floor and the machine. It makes a loud pop noise then grounds go everywhere. My husband thought that was funny.
Ok now the coffee maker side. Its a typical coffee maker. Fill it with grounds..and turn the power lever over to Cafe. You will however need the cone shape coffee filters. Coffee makers are easy. The complicated part is the espresso/cappuchino side.
I highly recommend using illy espresso beans though. We have gone through so many kinds and illy's is the best. You can find them at Cost Plus World Market. Dont do Starbucks, or Kona or World Market Brand. blech! I hope this helps!

Ok one more update!!!
When you are done using the steam arm, make sure you clean it afterwards. Use a wet rag to get the steamed milk off the arm, you have to remove the plastic sleeve to do this. Also, after you wiped off the steam, its handy to have a straight pin or something of that nature to stick into the hole on the steam arm to make sure it isnt clogged. If it gets clogged, you may have to unscrew the small end of the steam arm and clean it then.

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