WWE The Music, Vol. 7 - Jim Johnston

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WWE The Music, Vol. 7: The Good, The Bad, The Celmatic Part VIII

Apr 13, 2007
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Pros:A few theme songs worth putting out.

Cons:About 75% of this isn't worth even listening to, even for wrestling fans.

The Bottom Line: Do not buy WWE The Music Vol. 7. Not like you'll be able to find it in stores anyway.

Yet another rendition of my favorite reviews series, in honor of former Epinions great, Celmatic.

This is the newest WWE music release but the difference in this one is that it is an iTunes exclusive. And it wasn't promoted at all on WWE television. I don't understand selling an album digitally and not promoting it, but my name isn't Vincent Kennedy McMahon. It might also mean it's not good. At all.

The release has 16 songs with an extra 5 tracks which come only if you buy the full album. It's very long and has some interesting choices of wrestler theme music.

Jim Johnston has been the composer for WWE music since the 90's. Before him was Jimmy Hart, who might still do something for them in some capacity. But Johnston is in charge of putting all of the themes together and is responsible for most of the great theme songs of the past like Stone Cold Steve Austin's, The Rock's, and all faces of Mick Foley.

I doubt this will be that big of a seller because if they had any confidence in it, they'd have released it to stores. It's really a list of a bunch of songs they haven't released yet on CD. And there are no real superstar themes; more so just a bunch of random wrestling songs.

The Good

Dave "Fit" Finlay's theme song, Lambeg is definitely a different kind of theme song. Usually, WWE theme music is either very hard rock or rap based. This song is befitting of the man who loves to fight as it's a throwback to his Irish upbringing and other than his spoken intro in the beginning (I'm Finlay, and I love to fight), it's all instrumental. I'm not even sure what kind of instruments are played other than some sort of drum, but it's very unconventional and that's why it works. Just Look At Me which is Rob Conway's theme is probably the corniest theme song ever created, but that's what makes it great. It has a vaudeville sound to it and much like Finlay's is far different than what you'd expect. His music actually is far more popular than he is as a wrestler with fans giving him the nickname, Rob Conway's Music. The Great Khali stands at over 7 feet tall and is of Indian descent. His theme song, da.ngar (I'm not sure what that means) is simply an instrumental version of what you'd think an Indian giant would walk out too. It's not as menacing as it is theme-atic. Jimmy Wang Yang is a Korean wrestler whose gimmick is that he's a redneck cowboy. Thus, his theme song Gonna Punch Someone Tonight stands out more because it furthers his silly gimmick with it's twangy sound and cowboy boot scootin' singing.

It's Time, which is Gregory Helms' theme song is good mostly because it's what you'd expect out of a WWE theme song. It has a hard edge to it and the vocals are actually very insignificant. It's also the kind of song that WWE gives to people who they are about to push as HHH's theme song was My Time and while musically not that similar, had the same premise. Obsession which is the music for Mickie James' Jeans, sounds like Hey Mickey and is just a fun song for the WWE's best diva going. She was given this song based on a feud with Trish Stratus where she was simply obsessed with Trish and it's stuck as her music.

The Bad

Light A Fire is Ashley's theme and it's like every other diva theme song out there. The music is ok, but the vocals are awful and other than a cool intro, the song is just there. Bringin' Da Hood To You is the theme song for Cryme Tyme and features some horrendous rapping. The beat is plodding and uninspiring. Unglued which is the theme for Snitsky is reminiscent of Psycho Sid's old theme with chaotic bass guitar playing that just stops randomly. It's definitely an odd theme, but isn't memorable as Sid's old music.

Former MTV Real World star, Mike Mizannin in WWE is known as simply "The Miz". On the Real World/Road Rules challenge, Miz is a superstar, winning nearly every competition. On WWE, he's just a dork. He's really one of the smaller wrestlers and his theme song actually tries to give him somewhat of an edge. It's fast paced guitar work becomes a bit boring after awhile, as does Matt Striker's Teacher. I think Johnston kind of phoned in Striker's song.

Muy Loco is Super Crazy's theme and it's every Latin based song that WWE music has ever created. Throw in a Latin beat, someone speaking Spanish, and there you have Muy Loco. Crazy reminds us that he's super and he's crazy in the intro. The Highlanders' Gorse is nearly a duplicate Rowdy Roddy Piper's bag pipes theme. Johnston didn't even really try getting original with that one. Not Enough For Me is actually not bad, but the vocals kill it. Too bad it's for Michelle McCool who is rarely on TV. Had Lillian Garcia done the vocals for this song, it'd actually be pretty good. The Gwen Stefani singing rap style simply doesn't work, almost ever in music. She found lightning in a bottle and now everyone tries to copy it. Unstoppable is Bobby Lashley's theme and it's supposed to be the new version of a Brock Lesnar/Goldberg type song that just alerts everyone that someone special is coming into the ring. It's ok, but doesn't give you that same feeling. The pounding on the guitar gets old after a while.

The Celmatic

Elijah Burke is a newcomer in WWE and his theme music is a rap/rock song that simply doesn't suit him at all. The way he wrestles, he needs something more uptempo and just cooler. The rap/rock sound doesn't work for him at all. Vladimir Koslov has not wrestled one match in WWE. Why is his All For The Motherland theme in here? No clue. And it's the most generic of any of the songs on this CD. I'm All About The Cool is for Deuce and Domino who are a greaser tag team in the WWE. Their music is a throwback to the Happy Days era and is far more corny than what was on Happy Days. I kind of yearned for Potsie to bust out in song here. Marcus Corvan is the former Monty Brown in TNA. Lashley's theme would've worked better here for Corvan, but instead he's given a jazzy R&B theme which doesn't say superstar at all. If Flash Funk ever returned to the WWE, this would be perfect for him. But not Corvan. Damn which is Ron Simmons' new theme song is just a remix of the old APA song from back in the day, only it features Simmons saying, "Damn". That's all.

This is the worst WWE The Music release ever. They didn't even try to do anything special with it. Thankfully, it was released only to iTunes and not too many people will actually buy it. This is very skip worthy; the Brooklyn Brawler of WWE The Music releases.

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