Good lightweight stroller, but know what you require!

Apr 11, 2007 (Updated Apr 12, 2007)
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Pros:Lightweight (12 or so lbs.), stylish, easy to maneuver. Good quality for the money.

Cons:Almost useless basket, very narrow stroller, not good for tall parents. Straps hard to adjust.

The Bottom Line: Buy it if you need a lightweight stroller with easy maneuverability and style.

I bought this stroller, knowing that I wanted a lightweight, easy to maneuver, inexpensive stroller. I had purchased a Combi years ago, which lasted for my two boys before being passed to a relative. Then I had a third child 6 months ago, and wanted my stroller back. No such luck, the relatives didn't take care of it and it was trashed. I am not a "stroller-person". I don't have need for an all-purpose stroller. I basically need a stroller for the occasional walk, for trips to the mall, etc. I like to move fast and light, and this stroller looks good doing that. There are other colors available for this model, but I really liked the green and grey combination; very stylish. If you need a stroller that you literally use every day to go for walks to the park, and expect that you can store things in the stroller basket (basket is small and anything weighing more than 3 lbs. makes the basket hit the stroller wheels) , then this stroller is not for you. The Cosmo DX has a five-point harness that is a serious pain to adjust. It literally took me half an hour to adjust to fit my baby. The seat reclines for naps, which is good, but it does not allow the baby to sit all the way erect; there is a permanent slight recline. The stroller is a dream to maneuver, and is easy to open, even with one hand. Closing it with one hand is not possible, but it is easy to close. You can even fold the stroller inward (vertically) after its closed if you want it to take up even less space in your car. There is a detachable cup holder but I can't yet judge its worth as I chose not to attach it at this time. There is not a cupholder for mom or dad, though, or even a place to hang a diaper bag or tote. Also, be aware that this stroller is very narrow and not very tall, either. If you are taller than me (I am 5'5"), then you will not be happy with this stroller. All in all, this stroller works for me, and I do like it, but its important to know what exactly you expect your stroller to do for you.

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