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Aug 27, 2003

The Bottom Line Watching fifteen girls arranging their own floral arrangements and having fun made this one of my daughter's best birthday parties ever!

Have you ever felt as if you have gone to the same child’s birthday establishment time after time, perhaps even year after year? Has it ever felt like every birthday party is basically the same, except for the establishment and perhaps a different choice with the cake and paper necessities?

This is how I was feeling a few months prior to my daughters seventh birthday. We (as in my husband and I) refuse to hold birthday parties in our own home since my daughters fifth birthday. Yes, I have a horror story that mainly deals with two sets of parents who didn’t feel the need to watch their children who actually caused some property damage (minor, but annoying) to our home. So I was on a quest to try and find something different. Lucky for me about two months prior to my daughter’s birthday one of her fellow classmates had her birthday party. But wait! This wasn’t the usual birthday spot for girls… this place was different. After spending the hour and a half at the party, a conversation with this other girl’s mother, and my daughter’s approval, I decided to book the same spot for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.

~ It is time to party! Where are we going? ~

So, are you curious yet as to where my daughter’s birthday party was held? The big birthday bash was held at Field of Flowers, an incredible store that sells the most amazing flowers! Are you intrigued yet?

While I know that Field of Flowers only has stores located in the state of Florida, I am willing to bet that if you contacted a local florist in your area… they might be willing to do the same party for you. Have you ever had the opportunity to make a fresh floral arrangement with the guidance of a floral expert? All I can tell you is that fifteen girls had a blast making their own floral arrangement! And as for us Moms, we still talk about getting together sometime for our own floral arranging class.

~ Time for the nitty gritty details… ~

After confirming a week in advance with Field of Flowers with the number of girls who would be in attendance for my daughters upcoming party, and selected the floral arrangement for the party, it was time to work on the other details.

First off, let me share with you what Field of Flowers provided for us…

Behind the scenes at Field of Flowers is an area that has been cleared for parties. This area was in no means glamorous. In fact, you are given a couple of tables, chairs and that is about it. They were kind enough to provide a few helium balloons, and the bathrooms and trashcans are nearby. As well as a workstation to use if you are providing food/beverages at your party. While at the birthday party a few months before my daughters I had already made a mental note that I wanted to add some color to the table so that it didn’t just blend in with the rest of the room.

Once all the girls had arrived the first thing to happen was that a staff member with Field of Flowers gave a tour of the store. This included a trip into the freezer, so make sure to bring along a sweater for your child (and yourself).

When the tour was completed the girls were lead back to the workstation area. This is where I was really impressed. Field of Flowers had everything already in place for each girl to make their own arrangement. We had chosen a white basket that was to have a vine handle in the shape of a heart and had a beautiful selection of flowers and leaves. All of these items were lying out in front of each girl, along with a pair of clippers so that the girls could cut their flowers to length. Now, I happen to have been around this group of girls many times before and they must have been excited about what they were doing because they were… quiet. Yes, all fifteen of them were listening to our floral arranger give instructions and demonstrate how to do each step with their floral arrangement. When their arrangements were completed each girl was given a box to set their arrangement inside and a marker to write their name on their box. While most would use this floral arrangement as the goodie bag I, of course, had to be different and include a few more goodies!

After the arrangement was completed, the party was in my hands now…

I will be completely honest and say that one of the other things I enjoyed about having a party at Field of Flowers was that I could choose the food I wanted. Yes, I am one of those people who don’t like having to choose from a menu of three items. This did mean though that I would be responsible for bringing in all the food, drinks and cake. This may bother some but I preferred being able to take control of this.

Prior to the party beginning…

My daughter and I arrived to Field of Flowers 30 minutes prior to her party time. Where were my husband and son? They were on food pickup duty! Field of Flowers already had the tables and chairs set into place. Now it was time for my daughter to decorate those tables and add some color to that empty space.

Now that the arrangements were made, what did we do next…

While the normal time for a party at Field of Flowers is an hour and a half, I had requested a slot of two hours. Once the arrangements were completed and the girls had settled into their chairs, it was time to do a couple of crafts.

I had gone to Michael’s Craft Store not quite sure what I had in mind, but knew that I needed to find something fun for fifteen girls to do. I ended up finding plastic sun visors in bright colors and then some stickers that were ABC’s (so they could put their names on them) and some other flower type stickers. You don’t want to use anything with glue, as you won’t have enough time for it to dry before the girls leave the party. I also found some great beads on sale and decided that it would be fun to let each girl make their own necklace. So, in two big plastic bowls I opened up many, many packages of beads, gave each girl their own chain and let them create their own necklace design. I have found that most girls age seven love to do any type of craft item so I felt that I was safe with the above two choices. In the end, all fifteen girls had a blast making their sun visors and necklaces, and… this gave me another great photo opportunity. Note: We took several group photographs and enclosed a few in my daughter’s thank you notes.

While we were wrapping up with the art projects my husband and son arrived with the food. We have a great little Italian restaurant in the area so I had ordered pizza, baked ziti, salad and garlic rolls for them to pick up at a certain time. Mind you, the salad and garlic rolls weren’t a huge hit with the kids but us adults sure did enjoy it! I also had a selection of beverages for the girls to choose from.

With not much time to spare, we were on to singing Happy Birthday and cutting the cake. If you have read some of my reviews before you will know that I enjoy baking and decorating my daughter’s own cakes. I had found the cutest Wilton flower cake pan at Michael’s and made two flower cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate, because I wanted to make sure I had plenty to go around. I have to admit… this cake was a huge hit and was so “in theme” with my daughter’s party.

~ Need a checklist? ~

Some may think that I was crazy to throw a birthday party where I had to provide the food, drinks, cake, etc. Personally, I enjoyed being able to choose and pick what we wanted to have at the party. I also feel that since this a one time a year occasion, my daughter is so worth it!

Here is a checklist that I used for items needed for the big flower party day:

~ Book party

~ Have the guest of honor make up the guest list.
~ Purchase invitations. If they have matching thank you notes, you may want to pick these up at the same time as well.
~ Send out invitations one month in advance. (Where we live, this seems to be the common thing to do. You man not need to send out so far in advance in your neck of the woods.) Need to have all RSVP’s received 5 days prior to the party to give Field of Flowers confirmation of number of girls attending the party.

~ Purchase party supplies such as: Napkins (lunch size and cake size) plates (lunch size and cake size), cups, silverware (don’t forget extra forks for the cake), tablecloth(s), decorations for the table, goodie bags (if needed), candles.
~ If you want helium balloons for the party this is a good time to order them for pick up one hour prior to the party.
~ Stop by Michael’s craft store and purchase craft supplies for party. Keep these items (and all party supplies) in one general area as not to misplace any bags. Note ~ Need matches for the birthday candles. Place them in bag right now along with the knives to cut the birthday cakes.

~ Call Field of Flowers to confirm number of girls attending the party five days in advance.

~ Call an order the food for the party. Need, pizza, baked ziti, salad and garlic rolls.

~ Purchase drinks for the party and ingredients needed to make the birthday cakes. Also make sure that I have film on hand and an extra battery for camera if needed. Place these items will all the party supply items so that I don’t forget them.

~ The day before the party I need to bake and decorate the cake. Do not wait to finish decorating the cakes the morning of the party.

~ What a great party! ~

I have to say that I think that this was my daughter’s best birthday party yet! All fifteen girls had a blast making their very own flower arrangement, which… I might add, lasted for quite a while. The addition of a few crafts for them to do and food to be eaten, was an added plus to just being able to all hang out together.

I would highly encourage all of you wondering just what type of party to have for your daughter, whether she is five or ten to consider a flower-arranging theme. We found it to be original and a whole lot of fun!

Field of Flowers

While they only have stores available in the state of Florida, they do have an Online Superstore that is definitely worth taking a look at!


Links to Wilton products to help with the flower cake theme:

Wilton Flower Power Lollipop Mold (I didn’t find these until the year after this party, but these would be so cute to make!)

Wilton Cake Sparkles (I also discovered these the following year and used them with this same cake pan with awesome results!)

Wilton Flower Cake Pan (A very cute cake pan!)

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