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Aug 6, 2001 (Updated Aug 7, 2001)
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Pros:Nora Roberts book

Cons:Out of print and very hard to find.

The Bottom Line: This is a good entertaining book. Anyone who likes Nora Roberts books should enjoy this one.

Once More With Feeling is one of Nora Roberts early books, published in 1983 by Silhouette Intimate Moments. So of course it is out of print now and I have a feeling it is almost impossible to find. Then how did I get my hands on a copy? Just by luck. Several years ago - at least 10, maybe more - I went to a book sale the local library had. All the books you could fit in a paper grocery bag for $1. My mom and I each had a bag, and I started looking. At first I couldn't find anything I wanted, but eventually I found some here and there. I just grabbed anything that looked interesting. I ended up with about 60 books for $2. Anyway, one of the books I got was Once More With Feeling. But for some reason I didn't read it until just recently. It got put away and I forgot about it. Then just about a year ago, I got hooked on Nora Roberts books - her J D Robb books first - and I started reading everything of hers I could get my hands on. Then I remembered I had this book. Only I forgot where I put it. I have scads of books and they are scattered all over. I looked and looked with no luck. Then one day when I was looking for a different book, I found this one. I really don't know how easy this one would be to find, but since it is so old, and it hasn't been reissued, it is probably very hard to find. And it may be rather expensive - I have checked on a few of her other older books at a few online used bookstores, and they were very expensive. Hopefully someday all the books she has written for Silhouette over the years will be reissued so her newer fans can read them.

This is a rather short book, only 250 pages, so it is a fast read. It is a good book, showing some of Roberts' trademarks, like the descriptive way she writes. This book doesn't have any mystery or suspense in it like many of her new books, it is just a romance.


When the book begins, Raven Williams, a very popular singer, is recording her new album. Brandon Carstairs was watching her. She wasn't happy to see him. They have a history together. Five years before they had been dating, and then Brandon broke it off. Raven was very hurt. Now he is back and wants to talk to her about something. She is determined to keep her distance from him because she doesn't want to get hurt again.

Next we learn a little about Raven's past and her rise to fame. She basically became a star over night. We also find out that Raven's mother is an alcoholic and has been ever since she was a little girl. Raven doesn't have a real good relationship with her mother now, but she feels like it is her responsibility to take care of her. Her mother recently disappeared again.

Brandon gets a cool reception from Julie, Raven's friend and business manager. She is still upset with him for hurting Raven before. Raven is trying to keep her distance from him, but he brings up things from their past. He does finally get to the reason for his visit. He is writing the score for Fantasy. Fantasy was a best selling book that is being made into a movie musical. Two big stars will be playing the leads. Everyone has been talking about the movie for months, wondering who will do the score. Raven herself just heard a little about the movie, and said she would love to work on the score. Brandon says he needs her to work with him on the score, that they work well together. When they were involved before, they also wrote a song together that was very popular and won a Grammy. Brandon says he has a house in Cornwall England where they can work on the score and not be bothered by the press. Raves agrees to do it.

That is pretty much the basic plot. Of course other things happen. Brandon wants Raven back. In fact he is determined. Raven was just as determined to not become involved again, but once they are working together, they do become involved again. During the book, Raven has to deal with her mother who was found and taken to a sanitarium for rehab again. Raven refuses to talk to anyone about the problems with her mother. She keeps it all bottled up inside. One night after she has a nightmare, she does break down and tell Brandon about her childhood and some of the problems with her mother, but not everything. They spend their days working on the score, disagreeing at times, but overall working well together. They do have a few misunderstandings, and frankly I think Raven over reacted a bit to one thing and she said some horrible things to Brandon. Something concerning her mother causes another misunderstanding - that and the fact that the housekeeper didn't tell Brandon about the note Raven left him. To find out how everything works out, read the book, if you can find it that is.

This is a good book. It isn't as good, or as complex as many of her new books, but it is still good. There also is no mystery in this book like is in so many of her newer books. This is just a romance. Both characters do have to deal with some stuff during the book though. It is a bit predictable at times - it is a romance after all - but it is a good book that is worth reading. It isn't trashy in any way at all. The book is very descriptive in places. The characters are well developed for how short the book is, and we do get background information on them too. Most is about Raven, but it is there.


Raven Williams - One of the main characters. She is a very successful singer. She has a history with Brandon. While working on the score of a movie, she become involved with him again. She can be emotional at times. She has to work through some emotional baggage she has dealing with her mother and childhood. She also has to face how she shuts people out.

Brandon Carstairs - The other main character. He is also a very successful singer. He was the one that ended their relationship five years before - he eventually explains to Raven why in the book - and now he wants her back. He gets Raven to agree to work on the score of a movie with him.

Julie - Raven's best friend and business manager. She is very loyal to and protective of Raven. Though she does get upset over the way Raven shuts her out of some things.

Wayne Metcalf - One of Raven's friends. He designs the costumes she wears on stage during concerts. He is now very famous.

Mrs. Pengalley - The housekeeper at Brandon's house in Cornwall.

This is a good, early, Nora Roberts book. You can pick up on her writing style, and see hints of character personalities that show up again in some of her later books. Anyone who likes her books should like this one. It is worth reading, if you can track down a copy.

Here is a little information about the book in case anyone wants to try to find a copy.
Once More With Feeling
Nora Roberts
Silhouette Intimate Moments # 2 - yes I actually have one of the original copies
Published in 1983
Original Price = $1.75 - boy I wish we could still get new books for that price
ISBN # - 0-671-47206-2

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