temp setting failed after 7 mo

Apr 17, 2007 (Updated Nov 9, 2012)
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Pros:easy to clean,east to store,simple operation,ergonomic

Cons:face lettering comes off with cooking oil (not cleaners!) product failed after 7 months use

The Bottom Line: failure after 5 months or 40 uses I would expect better Previous cheaper units lasted longer but didn't have cleaning features which is the only thing selling point

This is my 3rd unit in 10 years. With 3 kids in the house it is used at least 2 to 3 times a week.I paid $169.00 Canadian ($145.00 US) for mine about 7 months ago. As of 2 months ago, the fryer will not shut off once the temperature of the oil is set and sometimes the reset button in back needs to be pressed without reason. Obviously a safety issue. TFAL Canada have asked to have the unit inspected by a local service outlet for repairs under warranty.Being all stainless steel and cleaning in the dish washer is a plus. Only the control panel and element cannot be placed in the dish washer,which is on the minus side.Considering the price I paid and short period of time prior to its failure, I'm not sure I would recommend this unit. It has many qualities, but the print on the face comes off easily without using industrial grade cleaners.
And cleaning a fryer is obviously something to be expected!!
Therefore, I'm disappointed that TFAL haven't used a better way of marking the temp setting on the control face.
The unit is in for repairs as of this writing (April 17 2007), an update will be written once it is back from the shop.

This is my update (Nov. 2012),,,
After having the complete heater control replace (under warranty),...the frier has seen little use,...a couple of weeks ago I put a cooking thermometer in the oil (full temp)...and read 250 degrees...

This is my second T-fal frier,...and Walmart now sell other models (similar) for less,...I"d opt for a different make this time.

FYI,. the replacement control was an upgraded unit (mfg snafu).
So much for improvements...

I fry plenty,....and very disappointed with this fryer.

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