Does the job, but could be improved.

Apr 18, 2007
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Pros:Easy to keep clean, heats up fast.

Cons:Could be much better designed and engineered.

The Bottom Line: I find the inability to quickly decrease the temperature of the heating surface to be the biggest drawback of this cooktop and would consider an induction range the next time.

The Kenmore 4273 series cooktops use radiant heating elements beneath a continuous flat glass surface. The big selling point for me was that the glass top makes wiping up most spills easier than with coil element ranges. However, if a large pot boils over, the spills will spread further since there's no place for the spill to go. Spills that burn onto the surface may require a special cleaner to remove, but I've been able to remove some pretty tough stains this way. The glass top also retains more heat, so although the radiant elements heat up very quickly, the glass top remains hot longer so that the heat applied to a piece of cookware cannot be reduced quickly. The radiant elements continuously cycle on and off, remaining on longer for higher temperatures. This can sometimes result in overheating at lower settings since the element still gets very hot when it is "on." The 4273 has two 6" heating elements, one 9" high-power element, and one dual 6"/9" element. Both 9" elements are towards the front, which is opposite to what I would have preferred. The control for the dual element puts the Hi settings next to the Off setting, which seems odd. An indicator light for each heating element stays on whenever that element is warm. However, there is no indicator light to tell you if any of the elements are actually on, so it can be easy to accidentally leave an element on accidentally. The control knobs seem flimsy; one of mine broke off and cost $25 to replace.

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