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Fractured Prune, That's the Name of a Donut Shop?!

Apr 19, 2007 (Updated Oct 9, 2007)
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Pros:The freshest hot dipped donuts you'll get anywhere!

Cons:To sticky to be placed in a bag

The Bottom Line: The Fractured Prune was a fun experience our first time in. The donuts couldn't be more fresh and the offerings are many and different.

While down in Ocean City we learned of a small chain of small donut shops by the name of Fractured Prune. After asking a person at the desk of our hotel if there was a Dunkin' Donuts or such nearby, they sent us to the Fractured Prune. Be sure this hard-of-hearing guy asked for a repeat of the name several times. I thought I had to be hearing something wrong.

Our Fractured Prune Experience Starts

We followed directions and drove up to the place that was in a strip mall. We walked in and started to read some of the words posted on the walls. I also watched the upbeat antics of the guy at the counter who was "on" that morning, talking with each customer and making it a one of a kind experience for each person that walked up to the counter.

Two boys walked up, he took out a couple of small boxes, asked their names and wrote them on the top of each box. I couldn't see everything the guy did because the kids bodies blocked the counter top. He then asked what kind of donuts, these kids didn't hesitate, they knew exactly what they wanted. I watched some movement out of the corner of my eye but didn't pay attention. The next thing I noticed was a gal putting fresh dipped donuts into the boxes.

It was about then that I absorbed the words over a display of a couple of donuts and a drink.

Two Hot Hand-Dipped Donuts, 8 oz. milk (chocolate
or white) served on a logoed frisbee

I wonder how those components fit on the new food pyramids?

Anyways, I had to laugh and the kids left shortly thereafter with their parents and big smiles on their faces.

It's then I saw a Krispy Kreme T-shirt hanging on a wall with the international red circle with a slash that means NO! around the words Krispy Kreme. I was starting to get the feel and mood of the upbeat place. I liked it but!...

Bagels, Please? No, You are Going To Get Donuts

My wife and I went in for bagels and we were told they had them from our hotel desk manager. The sign on the wall also had a couple of cooked egg sandwich suggestions too. We walked up and my wife first said hello, this is our first time in here and then started asking about the bagels or something and the guy tells her something like, "Hey, we have great donuts here. That's what we are all about!"

As we were about to open our mouths again onto the counter in front of us is a piping hot donut that was just then dipped in some kind of sugary glaze with a high cinnamon content. It was cut into four pieces and the guy says taste it. It's free for all our first timers. Oh man!! That sold us. We both ordered a donut and a cup of coffee, picked up our bag, poured our own coffee from a choice of perhaps six blends and headed for the car. We wanted to hit the road on the fly. We had a long busy day ahead.

We never did get a bagel or a breakfast sandwich.

Some Basics

If you go to their web site you will find out the story of how they got the name. It's worth a look. The story noted 1976 as the date the name of this family-owned business came to be.

Their "thing" is to give you very fresh donuts that are dipped in the topping you want just before its put into the box. It's dripping fresh but will harden to a glaze if you have the patience to wait for them to cool down.

They have a about two dozen standard offerings that are freshly dipped. You can see the production line process in the shop and on their web site. Here are a few of the choices of donuts as per the site.

Baby Girl: strawberry glaze, rainbow sprinkles
Banana Pudding: banana glaze, vanilla wafers
Banana Nut Bread: banana glaze, cinnamon sugar, peanuts
Black Forest: raspberry glaze, coconut, mini chocolate chips
Blueberry Hill: blueberry glaze, powder sugar (Find Your Thrill)
Creamsicle: orange glaze, powdered sugar
Chocolate Covered Cherry: cherry glaze, mini chocolate chips
French Toast: maple glaze, cinnamon sugar
Lemonade: lemon glaze, granulated sugar
K.C. Sunshine: chocolate glaze, OreoŠ cookie, mini chocolate chips, chocolate jimmies
Morning Buzz: mocha glaze, Oreo cookie crumbs
Myrna Medley: chocolate glaze, chocolate jimmies, peanuts
Ms. Prunella: mixed berry glaze, cinnamon sugar
O.C. Sand: honey glaze, cinnamon sugar

That's just the start order one of those Specialty Donuts

from the following:
honey, banana, chocolate, maple, strawberry, raspberry, peanut butter, mocha, mint, cherry, lemon, orange, blueberry, mixed berry, caramel
rainbow sprinkles, chocolate jimmies, coconut, peanuts, Oreo cookie, mini chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, vanilla wafers
powdered, granulated, cinnamon/sugar

The prices at this location were HOT HAND-DIPPED DONUTS
$1.25 ea / $5.50 half dozen
$9.35 dozen

They have about 17-18 open locations with another 4-5 getting ready to do so. They are mostly in the Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, DC area and expanding. They are offering franchises.

Ha, though the site mentions

The Prunewich
Hot cake donut served with your choice of egg, cheese, or meat
$2.85 Egg ..., $3.50 Egg & Cheese...
$3.90 Egg & Meat..., $4.10 Egg, Cheese, & Meat

I don't know if you will ever get them with the fast talkin' fun guy behind the counter steerin' toward the donuts. I did notice that because there was just one gal at the dippin' station the process took a bit of time. I don't know how long I would wait for donuts on another day. I suppose they have more workers when needed but that was a morning and that is the time for coffee and donuts.

Our Fractured Prune Experience Ends

As I said my wife and I wanted a quick stop and then hit the road and eat while driving. We wanted a full day visiting the nearby Assateague Island National Seashore, home of the ponies that run free and wild.

We did have a problem though. They guy gave us the donuts in a bag. He and we should have known better. On the bottom of the bag was a sticky mess that was tough to get out and eat. Somehow we managed and the donuts were excellent. The coffee was good too. Seattle's Best brand.

Will we go back? Probably, but we'll never accept the order in a paper bag.

I'm still licking the glazes from the sides of my mouth and fingers. Mmm, good!

Ocean City
Assateague Island National Seashore Head there from Ocean City with some fresh Fractured Prune Donuts and a cup of coffee.

Fager Island Restaurant and Bar

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