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Apr 23, 2007
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Pros:Durable, Bright, Reliable, Spare Bulb, Adjustable Light Beam

Cons:Somewhat Heavy

The Bottom Line: It is an excellent flashlight. If its good enough for the cops it's good enough for you.

I am in the outdoors a lot. Therefore, I need a reliable flashlight to light my way at nights. Most of the flash lights that I have used in the past were those cheap Wal-mart plastic ones that break if you drop them once. I had heard good reviews on the Maglites so I decided to see what the all the hype was about, after all that's what cops carry around; therefore, they must be the best. So I went out and bought one for about $20. The one that I had purchased was a Maglite Flashlight 2 D-Cell. It did not come with batteries so I had to buy them separately.

The Maglite is made out of metal and it is extremely strong. It is somewhat heavy for a flash light but it is very durable you can drop it and it won't even leave a mark. Carved into the metal on the handle it has grooves so that you can keep a better hold to it.

One night while I was out checking a stream of water, I accidentally dropped the Maglite in the ditch because of my clumsiness. I thought to myself, Oh no you ruined it. I could see the light in the bottom lying on the mud. So, I reached down into the bottom of the ditch and pulled it out and it was fine! The water did not even phase it; the beam was just as strong as it had been to start with. Luckily the flash light has o-rings that help seal out water.

If you buy a good quality battery, such as Duracell of Energizer, the life of the flashlight will last a long time. But if you go and buy the really cheap batteries, the life of it won't last long at all. One of the best things about the light is that it comes with an extra bulb in case the one in it burns out or gets broken.

The beam of light that comes out of the Maglite is amazing. It is like a mini spotlight in your hand. I can see why cops use them, because they are the best. It has the capability to make a more direct beam or a broader beam of light by just turning the top clockwise or counterclockwise. All you have to do to turn it on is press the little rubber button on the side, and you will have light. It is easy to put new batteries in and take old ones out by just simply unscrewing the bottom of the light.

Now that I have used this amazing flashlight, I don't think I will ever buy another one of those cheap plastic lights that only work half of the time. It is all Maglites for me.

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