The Top Ten Slumber Party Horror Movies

Oct 19, 2003

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Okay, so it's a slumber party. Wether it be your birthday, a friend get-together, whatever. You have to rent horror movies, because it just seems to be tradition. I mean, I always rent at least one scary flick for my sleepovers. So here it goes : The Top Ten Slumber Party Horror Movies (for girls)

10) Friday the 13 (the first one)

This is the cheesiest scary movie of all time! Next to Cheerleader Camp, anyway. It's totally not scary (except for the ending) and really funny to make fun of. It's predictable and easily non-scary movie. Plus, Kevin Bacon in a speedo - and other dudes in dorky clothes. It's the story of a camp getting set up, the counselors showing up. But the teens are hormonal and ending up doing bad stuff, so Jason is supposed to take care of them...

9) The Craft

Not scary, but a great movie. Everyone loves the would be Wiccan movie, and it's always been a success at my parties. It's great. You get the whole, learning spells, having fun, getting the guy you want with magic. But then the whole, 'It's bigger than us' thing comes in to the picture, and you get your 'lesson learned.' It's pretty cool.

8) Ghost Ship

The first scene is grizzly, but the plot is wonderful. Many a time have I gathered in my friend's basement and watched horror movies while she freaked out, and this one was almost a polar oppositte. She had already seen it though... But the first scene sets you up for what would be a horrifying thriller, but it's sort of anti-climatic for me. I liked it overall. It's a story of a ship that is haunted by the ghosts of people that were once on it, and these rescure people get on it... Ooh...

7) Final Destination

Ooh, soo good. I loved it. A kid has a prophecy about this plane crashing. His senior class is aboard it, as well as him, going to France. But when he wakes up on the plane, and the events take place, he freaks out and gets him and fellow students kicked off the plane... Which explodes soon after.. Not scary, but suspensful. A satisfying movie with a great plot.

6) The Shining

Not an obvious choice for a sleepover. I first saw it in the sixth grade, and we ended up watching it on mute. But it's really spine tingling, and if you want to freak eachother out, then this is definately a good idea for your party. A family moves into a hotel to watch it during the harsh winter season. The son has a sixth sense called The Shining, which is sort of like seeing things before they are going to happen. Also, the Dad is being persuaded to kill his family by the ghosts of the hotel.

5) Halloween (the first one)

Such a great movie! I'm never going to babysit again, I tell you! Michael Meyers killed his sister when he was young and went to a mental institution, but then escapes and begins murdering the people of his hometown. It further proves my theory that if you are going to wear a mens white, button down shirt with nothing else on, you will most likely die.

4) The Exorcist

This was the scariest movie of all time for me. It was up until yesterday. Okay, it's about a young girl who is posessed by the devil, and how her mother is helpless in curing her. It just freaks me out - seriously. I have no idea why posession makes me squirm. Maybe it was the fact that I'm Catholic, and the first time I saw it I was 12...

3) The Ring

Okay, I saw this one in theaters. I'm pretty sure that it is one of the greatest movies of all time, and the only scary movie I own on DVD. This girl views a tape that will kill her, and does. Now her aunt is trying to find out how to stop the tape after viewing it herself. When her son views it, things come to a climatic point. The filming of it is dark and makes me squirm.

2) A Nightmare on Elm Street

A girl in a white button down shirt and nothing else gets slaughtered in her sleep by a children's serial killer, and everyone thinks it's her boyfriend. But ever since the name Freddie Kruger was mumbled, Nancy, the main character, starts having dreams about him, and escaping. She is trying to find a way to kill him, when all of her friends are murdered as well... Will she figure it out? Well, I saw this about a year ago on my 13 birthday, and it became my favorite movie.

1) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (new)

It's about a group of teens heading to a concert after buying and consuming drugs in Mexico. They nearly hit a hitchhiker and end up picking her up. She ends up nearly blowing her head off (but does blow a hole in her head) leaving them with her dead body. They head into town to report the suicide, but that's when things get messed up. They have to meet the sheriff at this Crawford Mill. So when he doesn't show up, they split up, and Erin and Kemper (the main characters) go to this old house to use a phone. Kemper ventures into the house after being told to stay out... And he's the first to meet Leatherface (whose face is not leather, but pieces of skin sewn together). It's number one because of the flinch factor, which made me flinch more than a lot and I ended up watching half through my fingers. I love it.

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