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May 1, 2007
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Pros:AM/FM, base boost, headphones, good reception

Cons:AM doesn't come in from every location

The Bottom Line: A great small radio for the price. Very versatile with good reception. The DBBS base boost adds a nice touch.

I am a hockey fanatic, specifically college hockey. On game night, we always get to the arena early to watch the team warm up, and always miss the pre game radio coverage. I decided to purchase a small, pocket sized radio so I wouldn't miss any vital information. I also use this radio to listen to the games when my team is on the road.


Built-in belt clip
5 1/2 " hand strap
Weighs just a few ounces
Dynamic Bass Boost System (DBBS)
Earphones for stereo sound
3.5mm Headphone jack
Uses two "AA" batteries
Ribbon slip in battery compartment for easy battery removal
AM/FM Tuner
Display: LED
LED On/Off Indicator
Dimensions: 2.0 x 3.34 x 0.9 inches

90 day warranty


When I saw this radio at WalMart for $10.00, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for, but I had my doubts about it's quality due to the low price. It was packaged in a clear plastic blister pack.

Still, I needed a radio with a very compact design that would fit in my purse, and this was the smallest one I could find in any of my local stores. It would also be great for stowing away in luggage.

This radio comes in a large assortment of colors, mine is cobalt blue and silver. (It is also available in solid silver, orange, black, red and green). The tuning lever is located at the very top, and the earphones fit into the left top corner. Along the right edge are several other buttons, such as the DBBS "on & off" button, the "AM & FM" selector, and the volume control.

The channel selector is very sensitive, and I have to be very careful and deliberate when finding the station of my choice.

In my home, I am able to get all of the FM stations, and they come in very clear. Not all of the AM stations work as well. Outside all of the AM selections come in just fine. In certain areas of my home, fewer AM stations can be found, while in others I can get virtually every one. Since reception works the least in my living room, I am assuming that some or all of our electronic equipment (TV, stereo, VCR, cable box, etc) are interfering with my reception. In the hockey arena, reception is good for both AM and FM.

The DBBS feature, which amps up the bass quality, works surprisingly good from such a tiny, inexpensive radio! It's not near as good as the Bose system in my automobile, but for the size and price it is impressive. Sounds are much less tinny when the DBBS is switched on.

According to information provided by the Coby Corporation, DBBS is a sophisticated electronic circuitry that calculates the available amount of bass boost at the selected volume level, to provide maximum bass with no distortion at high volume settings. From a whisper to a scream, Digital Dynamic Bass Boost delivers the maximum bass punch.

The cord for the earphones is substantial, measuring 3 feet 10 inches long. The earphones themselves are made of a lightweight plastic. There are no rubber or foam covers for them, but nonetheless they are still comfortable. There is a "L" on one and a "R" on the other, to distinguish left from right. (Not that I have found it makes any difference.)

The round dial sits in the upper top of the radio, and is quite small, only 3/4 of an inch in diameter. There is a red LED "on" light that illuminates when the radio is turned on, and the AM/FM stations are shown as I turn the tuner button. The frequencies are MHz (megahertz) and KHz (kilohertz). Coverage is 873-1081 MHz and 520-1720 KNz.

All in all, this radio does the job nicely. It can be extremely loud for such a small piece of equipment, so if you buy this for your kids, I would be aware of this so that they don't damage their hearing.

Radio's have come a long way since the transistor radio's I had as a child! Having paid less than $10 for this Coby radio, I am quite pleased with it, and it does exactly what I need it to do.

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