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My Twinn Doll...Is that my daughter sitting on that chair??

Aug 12, 2001 (Updated Aug 13, 2001)
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Pros:Nicely made, beautiful clothing, realistic looks, a keepsake


The Bottom Line: I would recommend My Twinn for any little girl (or boy) who loves dolls, or for a grandparent who lives far away!

I received a My Twinn catalog quite a while back and was amazed at the likeness of the dolls to the little girls they were modeled after!

The price tag for a doll and the clothing was a bit steep, so I put the catalog away and vowed to check it out at a future date. When I wanted to look at it again last year before the Christmas season, I couldn't find it, so I went online looking for a web site. I found the site easily through a Google search. The site is

I requested a catalog and shortly after, I received it. My daughter (8 at the time), got her hands on it and instantly begged for a doll that looked like her. At $129.95 for the poseable doll (and $109.95 for the non-poseable) I thought this might make a nice Christmas gift for her, from Grandma, since my mother-in-law was asking me what to get her.

I got the ok from Grandma and began filling out the long order form. There are so many choices: hair color, eye color, skin color, eyebrow color and shape, shape of the face, length and style of hair. It is also suggested that you send a picture and a hair sample so a closer resemblance can be accomplished. (Although, somewhere in the catalog I remember reading that the My Twinn doll is not supposed to be an exact replica of the child, just a likeness.)

I finished filling out the form and picked out a matching outfit for my daughter (one outfit of your choice is included with the doll, but any child sized outfits or accessories are additional, and not cheap I might add).
I was hesitant about ordering clothing without knowing if they ran true to size, or if I could return or exchange them, so I called their toll free number ((800) 469-8946) . The representative was extremely helpful and friendly. I explained how I was unsure what sizes to order for my daughter's outfit. My daughter wear larger shirts (she likes them big) and smaller sized pants (she is skinny), and the rep was helpful in picking out the right sizes.She also assured me that even though it was quite a few weeks before Christmas, I could return or exchange any clothing that didn't fit after the holidays. We also shared a giggle when I explained that since this doll was going to be a Christmas gift, it was going to be difficult to get a snippet of her hair without her knowing what it was for.
We both agreed I would have to sneak in my daughter's room while she was sleeping and snip off a small locket! Now, after the fact, my daughter marvels at how I could have cut off her hair without her knowing! A particular episode of The Partridge Family came to mind...LOL

I finished up the ordering process with her, giving her my credit card information, which enabled her to begin the process. It would be completed when I sent in the form. The credit card payments could be spread out over 3 payments, interest-free, which was nice.

Their website has a tracking feature, which I liked, but was unable to use for a while. It seemed to be down every time I tried to access it. Finally it worked and the delivery date was estimated. The doll arrived right on time, about 3 weeks before Christmas.The clothing came faster, in separate packaging.

I was glad my daughter was at school when the doll arrived, because she is very nosy when it comes to packages and the cardboard shipping box was marked My Twinn. There was no outer packaging. I hurried it inside and proceeded to carefully open it. Inside the box was tissue paper with a pink ribbon tied around it. I was astonished when I unwrapped the tissue. It was kind of eerie actually. This doll was a pretty close match to my daughter. The fact was that it was so lifelike, it was almost like there was a little girl under that paper. To be honest, it creeped me out for a second having to wrap it back up.But I couldn't wait for my daughter to see it on Christmas morning.


Fast forward to the big day. I saved that box for last. My daughter was hoping to get the doll, but didn't see any box that big under the tree. I could see her looking around in high hopes. Finally I pulled it out from it's hiding place and her eyes lit up. She knew at that moment.
The expression on her face was priceless. She immediately named her doll Jamie. (Don't believe the 8 or 9 year old girl that says she isn't into dolls anymore. Unless she never was, in most cases, she doesn't want to admit it because her friends don't think it's cool! After all, there are plenty of adults who still play with, I mean collect!)

They looked so cute in their matching outfits! The funny thing is, every once in a while, the doll would be sitting in a chair and someone would start talking to the doll, thinking from the back, it was my daughter. It was pretty amusing seeing someone talking to the doll. Even though the doll is much smaller than an 8 year old, the hair was all you could see from the back of the chair, so it was not hard to make the mistake. I know...I did it once too, LOL
We also draw quite a bit of attention if we bring her out in public anywhere!

I am very pleased with the My Twinn doll, and so is my daughter. My 5 year old son knows this is one doll he absolutely cannot decorate with markers or use for wrestling practice! Even now, about 8 months later, Jamie is still a favorite doll. She has her own place for her clothes in my daughter's room and quite a few outfits as well (NOT from the My Twinn site though, the clothes are just too much money to have an extensive wardrobe). I have gotten a few things in baby sizes, on sale, that fit the doll. 0-3 months, or 3-6 months size fit well if you can get something that isn't too babyish. Plus baby shoes, size 0 or 1 fit the doll well. I got 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers on Ebay for the doll for $3.00.


Some worthy things to note...

*The My Twinn doll is made of vinyl, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.The body of the poseable doll is cloth.

*The prices tend to be a little higher right before Christmas, but vary from time to time.

*The poseable dolls are a bit more money than the non-poseable, but I would recommend getting a poseable one, since your daughter will want to pose the doll in various ways. If you order non-poseable and decide you wanted a poseable one after all, you can send the doll back. For $29.99 plus shipping, they will change it.

*The My Twinn doll is 23" high.

*There are other dolls available as well...The My Twinn babies are about $80.00 and there is a beanie doll (14" high) as well (Cuddly Sister and Cuddly Brother - not customizable though, but a good variety) that is currently $34.95.

*Many other things are available, from poseable puppies to doll shoes to jewelry. They also have beds and dressers for the dolls. Not cheap though.

*If your doll gets messed up from too much lovin' (is that possible?), there is a doll hospital at My Twinn, where you can send your doll back for restoration (up to heirloom quality). Prices are anywhere from $10 for a new "wig" to $50 for a complete makeover.The doll is returned to you in a hospital gown, which I think is a cute idea.


The website offers all the information you could possibly want regarding these dolls, so I won't go into anymore detail here. I will say that I am very pleased with the doll my daughter has and I am thinking of ordering a My Twinn Baby doll for myself :o)

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