Got Lice? Get the Robi Comb - IT WORKS!!!

Nov 7, 2003

The Bottom Line Don't believe that because a product is more expensive that it works better! Nothing cures lice with one shampoo! The Robi Comb works when everything else fails!

When my daughter started scratching her head I shrugged it off as nothing and even told her that she wasn't shampooing correctly and even showed her that night how to correctly lather and rinse her hair. Well... the next day she was still scratching her head. My husband looked at her and said "piojos" which means bugs in spanish. I looked at him as if he had lost his mind. This was a term I had heard but never before even thought of. I told him he was crazy and went to look at her hair.

The first thing I saw was white specks...and was what I first thought to be shampoo residue (stupid me). I even told her that she still had shampoo residue in her hair - until I saw something move. Yes, I saw something move very fast out of my sight and I recoiled in horror. My daughter had LICE! The very word made me feel dirty and made me feel like a bad mother.

I have come to learn by exhaustive research that there are a lot of myths. They fly, certain people don't get them, cats have them and etc... just to name a few. So after I went to the pharmacy and spent $30 on special shampoos and combs I was ready to battle the bugs!

To make a LONG and expensive story short. The expensive combs and shampoos really don't get it. You will spend a fortune on shampoos and such but if you leave ONE nit they can and will come back. I will say that spending 4 hours in my daughters thick one length hair was not the kind of mother daughter bond I was looking for and she hated it!

After this weekend event of washing, shampooing, vacuuming, combing and looking I just knew I had stopped this bug dead in its tracks. I even did the follow up shampoo (just to be safe).. move ahead two more weeks. I looked one more time and low and behold I saw some nits. I couldn't believe it. I once again bought more shampoo. I did everything by the letter and as I was going through her hair I saw an adult louse. Strange - I thought the pesticides were supposed to kill everything. It made me realize what they were saying about the resistance of pesticides was true.

Again, I started vacuuming, cleaning and brushing. I researched until I thought I was going to write a thesis on lice. I found a product called Robi Comb. It is a comb that kills lice. It runs on a single AA battery. You simply run it through your childs hair everyday and it shocks the little suckers to death. It is used by the schools here and it works! I was amazed because I thought my daughters hair was lice free and when I put it in her hair it immediately would stop buzzing and start again. Everytime it stops buzzing it has killed a louse. Some are so small that you can't see them. You see if I had not of bought this I would have thought my daughter was once again lice free and the whole thing would have started over again.

To use the comb you use it everyday for two weeks and then 2 or 3 days a week for a month after that. It kills any lice - even ones that have just hatched. That way they don't become adults and lay more eggs. As nits you have missed hatch the Robi comb kills them. Eventually you will be nit and lice free! I would also like to add that the shampoos don't kill the nits either ( I don't care what they say).

I can not express the joy of combing through my daughters hair and not hearing the tiny buzzing sound stop. Every time she would hear it stop she would say "yeah!" because she knew it was killing a bug! Also I would like to add that the comb never hurt her as it killed the bugs. You also don't have to comb it all the way through the hair because the lice live on the scalp.

For me this was a life saver. I had spent close to $100 in two months to try to get rid of these bugs to no avail! Yes the comb cost $29 but it is well worth it to me. You can use it over and over and on other children or adults! It is great! It has finally solved our problem!

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