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Double the price
by lzielen
I received an email announcing a sale on tickets to see Daughtry at the local arena for $14.99. I checked at the arena box office but they said the sale price was only good thru Ticketmaster. When I later purchased one ticket thru Ticketmaster for the event, the $14.99 sale ticket cost $29.04 - nearly double the sale price.

Ticket $14.99
Facility Charge $2.50
Convenience Charge $6.15
Order Handling Charge $5.40

I was already at the box office and now I need to return to pick up the ticket at Will Call. Where is the "Convenience" in this scenario?
Nov 13, 2009
10:17 am PST

TicketMaster Commiseration
by crazycamel09
So after reading a couple of your reviews and hearing others talk of the absolutely exorbitant fees that TicketMaster finds itself able to charge, I thought I would commiserate with you all by sharing my story of tonight's ticket purchase

I thought it would be nice to take my girlfriend out to a nice evening show to the Oct29, 2009 show of Disney on Ice, she is into anything Disney, so off to I go. AAA Carolinas is running special to get lower level seating tickets for $9/Each, not bad right? So I am excited, an affordable, enjoyable evening, just relax and catch a show. At any rate, by the time check out was complete I went from $18.00 for two tickets to just shy of $35.00 after fees.

Tickets: 2 @ $9.00
Facility Fee: 2 @ $2.25
"Convenience Fee": 2 @ $3.75
"Order Processing Fee" 1 @ $4.75
Total = $34.75

I choose the "Free Shipping" to get the tickets and moved on with my night. I'm still looking forward to seeing her smile when I surprise her with them, but it was just disheartening to me to know that TicketMaster is able to quintessentially rob its customers by charging almost as much for its fees as it does for the tickets.

It is a shame, that there is not a viable alternative to this method. Sites like Tickethub, Stubhub and Ebay may have some tickets available, but usually are just for those seeking last minute tickets or for those seeking front row seats. If I could find a site/company/resource that sold tickets, with even a 20% fee I would have gladly chosen that over the 93.1% fee(s) that TicketMaster charges.

Thanks for reading, and lets all hope for a more reasonable alternative to make its way down the path soon.

Oct 19, 2009
9:44 pm PDT

Re: Ticketmaster Never Had Tickets
by rancar
I realize this post (and thread) is old, but I want to answer this for anyone, like me, who comes upon this subject later.

The reason there were no tickets available on the opening date of the sale is that Ticketmaster has many, many promotional deals with companies, agencies, etc. where special tickets (i.e., special seating, special prices, or simply presale tickets) are sold before the official on-sale date. The last two times I purchased tickets, which I rarely do, due to the extremely high costs and ridiculous fees, I took advantage of presale offerings. In fact, I just purchased tickets for an event - presale price was $187, and can be bought right now, for good seats. However, I got a special price of $11 per seat, plus fees, so my $44 turned into $78 with the ridiculous fees. If I had to pay $187, we simply wouldn't go. They are pricing themselves out of the budgets of most....yet, people will go broke trying to see an act. We really need to just say no.
Feb 13, 2009
10:41 pm PST

Don't put up with ticketmaster's exploitation
by strengthofmany
If you are sick of Ticketmaster's ridiculous charges, then visit and let's do something about it!
Oct 29, 2008
9:22 am PDT

by xleifx
I paid Ticketmaster $43.20 for a $29.50 event... and I had to print my own ticket! The event was subsequently postponed and I called Ticketmaster to get a refund.

After over 40 minutes on hold, I was told they would refund my ticket, but not the "email fee" of $2.50 that they charged so that they would not have to print the ticket for me.

First they rip you off with miscellaneous charges, then they charge you to print your own ticket, then I have to wait on hold for ages, then they decide they will not reimburse the cost of an email, which in my mind, should be free.

I am never using Ticketbastard again, even if it means missing an event.

LM in Vancouver
Nov 20, 2006
12:51 pm PST

Ticketmaster Never Had Tickets?
by katrinkakat
Tickets for Van Morrison were posted to go on sale
to the public at 10am PST. The only place they were for sale was through Ticketmaster, either online or by phone. At exactly the time when it changed from "More Info" to "Find Tickets" I entered my info as fast as my fingers could fly.
The results? No tickets available. How could the concert sell out in 3 seconds? My friend was on the phone at the same time and was told "there is only one seat left." How could that be when they had just gone on sale 30 seconds earlier? No one I know could get a ticket. Interestingly enough ticket brokers online had tickets available a week sooner than the published sale date, for all areas of the Wiltern theater, even up to the top of the mezzanine. The cheapest I could find were 200$ + seats for the top section. So what is happening here? All the tickets are being sold to the brokers and the public doesn't even have a chance? Not to mention the high % service charges Ticketmaster charges. I guess it's a loosing battle unless we all stop buying through this agency. ~~
Jan 29, 2006
7:22 am PST

Your review is right on!
by botosoft
I called a service rep inquiring about tickets the other day. All I got was a rude lady and incorrect information. But I guess if you're a monopoly, you can treat your customers any way you want.
Oct 22, 2002
4:11 pm PDT

by kiko_cat
Yes, the fees sometimes can be high but they are also very convenient, as you know since you read my review of ticketmaster also I use them for everything because the actual outlets we have (one in May Company and one at Wherehouse) always mess up my tickets so for me this is a great option.

Aug 15, 2001
9:31 pm PDT

Re: the+fees+are+EVIL........
by dunceisme
When I finally get out of school I am going to find a way to sue this company ... and LSDAS (some place you must register for when you apply to law school but it is ridiculously expensive and worthless). Instead of a "People to Kill" list I have one featuring the people I will someday sue when I have the brains.
Thanks for the comment!
Aug 13, 2001
11:41 am PDT