Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller 6K00FNR3 in French Roast

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller 6K00FNR3 in French Roast

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Best on market.

May 13, 2007 (Updated Jun 28, 2007)
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Pros:Good looks, functional.

Cons:Only accepts graco seats, big & heavy. (aren't they all though?)

The Bottom Line: Unless you're looking to spend double, I think this is the best option out there. I can't give more than 3 stars due to the weight.

I don't think I know anyone who is happy with their stroller purchase. It's impossible to buy a single stroller that meets all of your needs ( I too was once naive enough to think I'd only need 1 stroller ) so shopping for a double is even tougher.

There's lots of neat double strollers out there. Some I considered were:
Jane' power twin or twin two -- no us/can approved car seat.
graco duoglider - dime a dozen in any local classified
valco rebel / runabout & Phil & ted E3 - can't snap a carseat in with toddler seat.
Any side by side stroller -- Won't fit through doors & aisles of the places I go most often.
transit tandem - doesn't hold newborn.

The Graco quattro tour duo stroller is supposed to be better than the duoglider in a couple ways: Sturdier construction, and a 20% more compact fold.

It definitely has a much sturdier construction. When testing the 2 side by side at the store, the duoglider was very difficult to unlock and open. The trays and canopies kept falling off when folding, and it just seemed really flimsy.
As for the more compact fold - I'm not sure about this one. I don't know how they are measuring this. The duoglider folds quite flat, but long. This stroller folds up into a ball - not flat. So I think the duoglider leaves you with more useable cargo space because you can set things on top of it. There is NO WAY the quattro duo would fit into a car trunk. The trunk opening would not accomodate the thickness of the fold. It does fit into our midsize SUV with room for groceries.

Opening the stroller:

There is a red latch at the front that is super easy to unlock compared to the duoglider! Unlatch it, and lift up on the handle and it magically unfolds. No messing with trays or canopies that fall off.

Closing the stroller:

Push a button on the handle, turn the grip, and lean forward. You have to push a bit to get it to lock in place. There's no handles to help lift this thing. Oh, and it weighs 35lbs. It's heavier than the duoglider.
The canopies need to be closed. The rear seat goes back into its upright position when folded.


Each seat has a 5pt harness that can convert to a 3pt. I've found that the 5pt part keeps coming off and is a bit annoying that way. I believe the rear seat has a means of folding up some fabric to make an infant carriage, but the straps are for a taller child so you wouldn't be able to use them. I think they'd be a strangulation hazard if you put an infant back there without using the car seat.
The harness that goes between their legs doesn't have any kind of cloth padding on it.

Front seat:

Holds up to 50lbs. I doubt you could go for a stroll with this much weight in it, but it would be acceptable at the mall. Our hour trip at the zoo with our newborn and 27 pounder was tiring for my husband. No way could I have pushed it around there.

It has 2 positions. Upright -- very upright. or reclined partway. In the recline position, a child over 2 would hit their head on the infant carrier in the back.

It has a padded bar attachment that can be used to attach a car seat on the front. Or you can attach the cup holder and snack holder on each side instead. I use the bar because I have a toy wrapped around it for my guy.

There is a non-adjustable footrest on the front and rear seats. And each seat has a separate canopy.

Rear seat:

The weight limit for the rear is 40lbs. It too accepts a carseat. (graco only!! trust me, I tried my evenflo and ended up having to buy a new carseat)
The rear seat has to be reclined flat for the carseat to fit in. It snaps onto the childtray, which is removable if you don't want it later on.
The seats recline by pulling on a lever - just like the duoglider.
The canopy on the rear seat has side and top viewing windows. It provides more coverage than the front canopy. Combined with the carseat canopy, your infant will have full sun coverage.

Parent tray & baskets:

There is no shortage of storage on this stroller.
There is a small basket underneath the front seat that can be accessed from the front. It can hold about 3 water bottles.
There's the big basket that is accessible from the rear. It has a drop down feature for when the rear seat is reclined.
There is a fabric zippered compartment for keys, phone, wallet between the handle bars.
The front seat has 2 mesh pockets on the back for the rear child to store some toys -- but they're not wide enough for a full size book. They were handy for bottles the other day.
The parent also has 2 good sized cup holders.

What I like about this stroller:

-It looks WAY better than the duoglider.
-Turns corners fairly easily, but when you turn it's hard to get it to stop turning.
-Tons of storage
-reasonably priced compared to others I mentioned earlier

What I don't like:

-The child cup option (versus the front bar) looks silly
-It's super heavy (35lbs)
-no where specific to hold it for lifting it.
-I wish it folded flatter
-The upright handles have sharp edges where the plastic meets the rubber -- we have to wrap some hockey tape around ours.
-front seat might be a bit shallow for a bigger child.
- a bit hard to get over a sidewalk edge -- I have to put my foot on the back axle for leverage.

We went out for a walk yesterday, and thus didn't need to use the carseat. We easily figured out how to use the rear seat as an infant bed. Just flip the seat cushion up, pull out the strap, and unfold the flap underneath. It worked quite well. By baby's head though there is a mesh section and there wasn't any cover for it. So the sun was shining in on her head. We stuffed a blanket inside there to block it out. If it was really cold or windy, that may not work so well.

Going to the mall the other day, I opted to push a single and use a bjorn carrier for my baby. I wouldn't be able to make the turns with this stroller like my husband can in the little stores like Gymboree. I tried my 2 month old in the transit tandem and in another month she'll be ready for it. It steers much better with the 2 of them than this stroller, but 0 storage.

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Amount Paid (US$): 270
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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