What Happened To America? - Gross Misinformation, Lies, & Tens Of Thousands Of Casualties

Dec 3, 2003

The Bottom Line What Happened To America?

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Bush Lying
Troops Dying

No, I'm not some fanatical left-wing liberal. I'm an average, politically active, moderate American who is very, very concerned about the state of affairs in our country. Never before have we had an Administration in Washington be so unaccountable for their actions, with new and amazingly broad powers, a very secretive Administration.

I love America, despite her flaws.

But that does not mean we should ignore them. Now days though, that's the status quo. Speak out against the government and their actions and you're labeled a "domestic terrorist" or "unpatriotic." I guess no one respects the Constitution or the Bill of Rights anymore. How can we support a man, an administration, and policies that exact so many injustices world wide?

To not speak up would be unpatriotic.

Because we love our country we should be all the more critical. We need to strive toward the goals of justice and equality that our Constitution has been founded on. We also need to be more peaceful and less war-mongering.

I agree with the saying, "Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes!"

So, since this is the season of giving, I decided to give you some food for thought. I'm not trying to change anyones mind or start any arguments. Just consider the issues with an open mind. And remember that, media is inevitably swayed by government. For example, consider the term "insurgent" used for Iraqi resistance fighters (or at the least rebels), a government mandated term. "Free" press...naw, but it sounds good!
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In any case, enjoy...

The Man Who Calls Himself president

Mr. Bush, why is it we are fighting wars over, condeming nations for developing, and discussing the evils of weapons of mass destruction when we have the largest (and growing) arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in the world? Why have you signed legislation that repeals a decade old ban on the study of low-yield nuclear weapons? Why does this legislation provide multi-millions to fund this type of research for a new nuclear bomb?
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Why are we using weapons of mass destruction as I type this? Don't even try to kid anyone into thinking that depleted-uranium rounds don't have any effect on humans.
A depleted uranium projectile is made of radioactive nuclear waste from the manufacture of nuclear fuel and nuclear bombs. The chemical and radiological dust created on impact have a severe and negative effect on all forms of life. It contaminates the immediate area, and like atomic bombs, the material can be spread by wind. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi children have died from diseases caused by contamination from the use of depleted uranium projectiles.

And, Mr. Bush, while you're attempting to motivate the soldiers you've sent to die in pursuit of your personal agenda, patting them on the backs, shaking hands, donning their uniforms (first president since George Washington to wear a military uniform)...have you told them about the Veteran's benefits you're taking away?

Mr. Bush, have our troops - America's sons and daughters, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters - been told about the hazards of the Anthrax "vaccine?" Or how about the dangers of the Gulf War Syndrome? Has anything been done to help America's soldiers overcome these obstacles? How about the effects of depleted-uranium rounds, has that been addressed?

Musicians, actors/actresses, the Pope, and the majority of American voters have their say:

"The America we believe in can't survive another four years of George Bush," says Moby.

Lou Reed, "We must all unite and work for whomever opposes Bush, regardless of whatever differences we may have. Our motto: Anything but Bush."

Bruce Springsteen, "shout a little louder if you want the president impeached."

John Mellencamp, "We have been lied to and terrorized by our own government, and it is time to take action."

Jay-Z, "We have a voice and a responsibility to speak out."

Read the whole article at: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/rockers_unite_against_bush.html

Read The Uncompassionate Conservative: http://truthout.org/docs_03/120203D.shtml

-- You don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying in the water. --


So many people told Mr. Bush, "No!" on the issue of war with Iraq.
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Even the Pope said there was no moral or legal ground for attacking Iraq. The Pope also warned Blair against joining us on our path to war. Other members of the clergy also spoke out against it.
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Isn't it heart warming to know that President Bush, the brave man he is (AWOL during Vietnam), laughed at death and traveled to Iraq to speak with our troops and enjoy Thanksgiving? Aaawww...

In that recent "victory" over the Iraqi resistance fighters, what happened to the 54+ Iraqis that the military claimed to have killed?
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Washington wants Iraq to be democratic right? Then why is it a problem for Iraqis to elect their own President instead of us appointing one? Check out the New York Times article:

There have been far more than a few hundred casualties in fact, according to this article there have been about 10,000:
Of course, the military has suppressed the news media from showing how many dead are returning home, 'cause that would anger Americans. I guess it's easier to just keep us all in the dark. Don't forget that the government and media reported only 147 (or so) casualties in Gulf War I. But that neglects the more than 9,600 that died in the years following the war, deaths that were the effect of the war.

Why did we invade a sovereign nation based upon shady information from the CIA? Others are wondering the same thing, read this ABC News story for more:
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But didn't they say Saddam was close to building a nuclear bomb? Well, according to Iraqi physicists Iraq's dream of building a nuclear bomb was more like, "building sand castles." Especially after Gulf War I in 1991.
This is a good article too...

How will America be repaid for its efforts to bring democracy to Iraq? Probably not with oil. We've already spent or allocated over 3.7 Billion dollars to repairing Iraq's oil infrastructure. But experts say that there are serious problems with Iraq's oil fields. But that's ok, this wasn't a war about oil anyway, right? Hmm...
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There were "major gaps and serious intelligence problems," according to a new study. http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/11/30/1070127272100.html


Of course you don't hear about it much but don't think the situation is rosier here than in Iraq! "The Taliban is resurgent; al-Qaeda is there too, but not as relevant as it was. Attacks on aid workers are soaring; many are refusing to leave the urban areas. The warlords are back in control of the countryside, where opium production is already above pre-invasion levels. "Afghanistan is a narco-economy once more," said one intelligence analyst."
Read the whole article at:

-- "The very belief that violence is unavoidable is a root cause of violence." - Dalai Lama --


The White House asked British citizens not to protest Bush during his visit recently. Anyone that is critical of Bush is vilified:

Everybody wants to poke fun at the French and Germans and others who are reluctant to take part in our actions. Actions that we took unilaterally. We're even losing popularity when compared face-to-face with the leader of the largest communist nation in the world - China's President Hu Jintao.

Domestic Policies

Economy - Yeah! Everyone's so excited that the economy has picked up 8.5%! According to the New York Times it isn't all it's cracked up to be..."The government's announcement on Tuesday that the economy grew even faster than expected makes the current "jobless recovery" even more puzzling. To give some perspective, unemployment normally falls significantly in such economic boom times. The last time growth was this good, in 1983, unemployment fell 2.5 percentage points and another full percentage point the next year. That's what happens in a typical recovery. So why not this time? Because we have more to recover from than we've been told." - www.nytimes.com (The Unemployment Myth, November 30, 2003)

Education - Ah, yes - Education. Bush's much applauded "Leave No Child Behind" campaign. Sadly, this was no more than an unfunded government mandate ordering states to meet requirements they had no way of accomplishing.

Increased Spending - So much for paying off our national debt and freeing up BILLIONS of dollars in our annual budget. See what Senator John McCain has to say:
Over $87 Billion dollars for Iraq? This is more than the combined total of our states budget deficits, which were partially caused by the Bush administration tax cuts. Suprising, when Republicans are supposed to be all about helping states. Find out what else $87 Billion could buy at:
Why are we spending so much on our military? Harpers Magazine reports that the Bush Administration projects it will spend approximately $3,200,000,000,000 [Office of Management and Budget (Washington)] by the end of 2008. This is more than enough to pay off our national debt. It's even more disturbing considering that total U.S. military spending between 1941 and 1948 totaled $3,100,000,000,000 [Office of Management and Budget (Washington)]. www.harpers.org

Increased Government Power - U.S. Patriot Act, ha! More like U.S. Anti-Privacy Act. Or U.S. Persecute-Me-For-Disagreeing-With-The-Government Act.
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Lack Of Respect For The Constitution - Since this Administration doesn't respect the 1st Amendment, the FBI and Attorney General John Ashcroft have decided to target nonviolent, anti-war demonstrators.

Final Comments

Will Election 2000 repeat in Florida in 2004? http://www.tallahassee.com/mld/democrat/7376572.htm

You're probably wondering what my point is with this post. My point is that things are not as great as they seem. America is not in good shape. The we call our president is a joke and a liar, and our fellow countrymen are dying for no good reason. It is time to stand up and speak out. Election 2004 is coming up and America needs to make and important change...

-- Sometimes we make the right decision, sometimes we make the decision right. --

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I love America, despite her flaws.

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