Major News Channel goes to Epinions member for the scoop!!

Dec 5, 2003 (Updated Dec 15, 2003)

The Bottom Line You never know who is reading your work and why.

UPDATE: 10:30AM Monday 12/15/03

I just received an Email from the reporter. It does not seem the piece will air tonight do to the extended air time of the capture of Saddam.

She has told me it will air next Monday, December 22nd at 11:PM on New Yorks, channel two, CBS news. I'll update if needed.

UPDATE: 8:30AM Monday 12/15/03

This piece was to be aired tonight Monday, December 15th at 11PM, CBS, Channel 2, New York. I was told it would be shown unless some kind of BIG NEWS bumped it. It may be that the capture of Saddam may be that big news. As of now I have not heard confirmation of 'air or not to air" from the reporter who said she would inform me. If I do find out, I will post the information as soon as I am aware.

A team of a reporter and cameraman from a major news channel just left my home after finishing up an interview that will be aired in about ten days.

I won't give too much information in reference to the particulars of the interview because the piece will be an 'outing' of sorts. I don't believe the station would want the info spread around before hand. Please don't think it's a major story or something that many of you did not necessarily know. Many of you do. It's just some information the reporter feels the everyday consumer is not aware of, yet should be.

What I do want to share here is the fact that we, as epinionators, are looked up to as quasi-experts in what we do.

In this case the reporter was planning a piece and went to Epinions to find that 'expert'. They were looking for a semi-seasoned traveler, who in this case, wrote a review that pertained to what she is doing her story on.

They spent about an hour and a half in my home. I have to say it was a fun experience. They did an interview with me in my dining room. That room is always a favorite of mine. Afterward they took shots of me as the 'everyday guy". Some shots and angles working at my computer were done. Hey, now you may see the monitor I just rated five stars in a review written late last week.

I suppose I'm a complete Epinions nerd. I wore my Epinions hat in the interview and even have one of the Epinions dolls sitting next to my printer.

The piece they filmed has nothing to do with Epinions and the company was not even mentioned.

After the computer shots they had me sit down in my den looking over a vacation photo album. They finished the piece with my brushing of snow from my car as if getting ready to go out for the day.

I will update you as to air time for anyone in the New York area that may be interested in seeing the interview and another Epinions "expert" just like you!!

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