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May 18, 2007
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I've owned this dryer and it's companion washer for about nine months and I have to say that it is convenient to use, has performed pretty well and has not needed service.

Of course, it's "GENTLE BREEZE" drying system makes for long drying times as it never gets as hot as other dryers. (Hopefully for energy efficiency) I've found that cleaning the lint filter half way through the cycle helps keep the air flowing at maximum. Since the drum is small, clothes cannot tumble as freely which adds to the overall drying time (and wrinkles) too.

Drying sheets is difficult because they ball up very quickly so every few minutes I have to stop the machine and pull them apart. (I'm sure all compact dryers have this problem.) This confuses the auto-timer so I just check on the sheets frequently until they are dry.

Other than these issues I'm pretty satisfied and it SEEMS TO BE a good quality machine. Knock on wood and I have my fingers crossed!

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