Sears DieHard Portable Power 1150 with Air Compressor, DC to AC Inverter, Outlets and Light 71488 Sears DieHard Portable Power 1150 with Air Compressor, DC to AC Inverter, Outlets and Light 71488

Sears DieHard Portable Power 1150 with Air Compressor, DC to AC Inverter, Outlets and Light 71488

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DieHard Portable Power for jump-starting, flat tires and even lighting your home.

May 20, 2007 (Updated May 20, 2007)
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Pros:Multi-tasking unit that never fails. Pumps tires, starts vehicles and even provides light.

Cons:Long charging time. Built-in light could be brighter.

The Bottom Line: Sears has these units on sale often, go and pick one up. You will not be sorry.

I remember when I first started driving about 30 years ago. My Father bought me a very good pair of jumper cables that lasted until just this year and a starter set of tools. He said “If you are going to drive you should be prepared for problems”. Well, I am no mechanic but I can dabble a bit with things to try to make them work and I used both of these things many times get my car running or someone else’s. Another problem is flat tires on the road so when portable Air Compressors for cars came on the market, I bought two and still have one in each of our cars. The ability to pump up a low tire enough to get you to a garage is a heaven-sent in some situations. Recently as I mentioned before, I need to look for a new set of jumper cables, but then I remembered how a friend had a portable car jump-start unit. I was very impressed with the starting power and easy of use of this product and also the added safety of not having to hook up to a car battery. Hooking up to a live car battery is risky in this day and age with all of the electronic parts on a car. My mind was made up to look for a portable power jump-starting unit. It wasn’t long before I found Sears’ DieHard Portable Power 1150 with Air Compressor, DC to AC Inverter, Outlets and Light 71488. This unit did it all and a few other things, but the question was how well?

Portable Power, Air Compressor and Lighting
The Diehard Portable Power 1150 is about as large as a car battery and weighs about 27 pounds. It stands about 11” to the top of the handle and is about 11” wide and 9” deep. Starting at the top and front of this power unit, the handle is covered with foam for more comfort on your hands. Below the handle is a self contained light to help light the area in an emergency. Next on the left hand side are two switches. One controls the light and display for percentage of power and the other controls the power inverter and compressor. To the right of these switches is the display which lets you know how much charge is left and also helps let you know when to try to start the vehicle in jump-starting situations. Directly right of that are two outlets for 12 volt power or DC and two outlets for AC power. The two jump-start cables run from the bottom of the front side up over the top of the unit and hook on two posts on the back of the unit. These cables are red for positive and black for negative and are about two feet long. They have an end almost exactly like a jumper cable for hooking to battery terminals. Also on the back of the unit is the Air Compressor gauge and storage where the air hose is kept. The air hose is about two feet long and comes with a tire filling end and a few accessories. Also on the back is the place where you plug an extension cord in for recharging the power pack.

Features and Specs from the box.

1150 Peak Amps for Jump-starting
Two 12 volt DC power outlets give 50 Hours of DC power
400 Watt of 110 volt AC power
150 PSI Air Compressor
Contains a 22 Amp-Hour Diehard Battery
4-Gauge 24” Cables
Built-in Charger that will not overcharge

How does it work?

This task is where the DieHard Portable Power 1150 with Air Compressor, DC to AC Inverter, Outlets and Light 71488 really shines. Taking this unit to my shed or garage is a breeze. The starting power is amazing and this product has never failed me in 6 months. I recently had problems with my garden tractor battery and used this power unit to start the tractor until I could get another one. Also I jump-started a co-workers car for him and it worked beautifully. The great thing about it is that this unit tells you went the charge produces is at full power. Watching the display, the unit will blink when it is at the best time to try to start the vehicle and count down between tries. It is pretty much an easy process. Also hooking up the cables is never a big problem since the unit is so small and can be taken anywhere and the ends stay firmly in place. Grade A+ for this task.

AC and DC Power
We have power outages in our area almost on a monthly schedule. Something is always knocking out our power whether it is an accident, tree falling or just an animal in a transformer. The ability to light our home with this portable power unit made it even more attractive. We decided to test its power giving ability one night and I must say I was very surprised to see our table lamp on for more than 15 hours straight with a 60 watt bulb in it before the unit ran out of charge. Also the display lets you know how much power is left at all times while something is plugged in to it. I have not used this power unit for DC power yet. Grade A for this task.

Air Compressor
I have owned a portable air compressor for many years. There are two facts about them that people should know. One is that they are not like a home style air compressor that can pump up a tire quickly. Secondly no one should own a car with out one of these in your trunk or emergency kit. This type of air compressor may be slow but after using mine more than 10 times to help myself and other people, I will never do with out one. The portable air compressor on this product works as good as the other two that I own and can fill a car tire from flat with a little patience as long as the tire can hold air. And is really nice for pumping up small tractor tires or even a wheelbarrow or the tires on my pressure washer, this feature is very handy. Grade B+ for this task.

The built-in light.
The built-in light is a great feature to help light the work area, but I keep wishing that it would have been a bit brighter. It is bright enough to light the area to do the tasks that the unit is made for, so its still pretty functional. Grade B- for lighting.

Likes and Dislikes
This is a wonderful emergency product to have in any vehicle. One compact unit that starts a car, can pump up tires, and give enough power to light at least one room is well worth the $90 that I paid for it. The fact that this product does not leave my truck toolbox for anything other than use should say something. Truly the only bad thing that I can say is that it takes a few days to get a full charge after running it completely dead. I really don’t like being with out it for that long.

All in all:I very highly recommend the DieHard Portable Power 1150 with Air Compressor, DC to AC Inverter, Outlets and Light 71488 for anyone that owns a car. I know that $90 is a lot of money, but who can put a price on something that can help you or a loved one from being stranded. At the very least every family should have one. I know I’ll never do without mine.

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