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Dec 23, 2003

The Bottom Line Delve into the mind of an evil man!

I・m participating in a write off of sarahlovesadam. She is fairly new to epinions. Here is the link for her・s: http://www.epinions.com/content_3654459524

I'm doing a write off as if you can tell. I am a sad, sad, sad person and bored to the highest extreme. There is nothing else to do right now while I am on Christmas Break, so I thought I would participate. Have fun anyways learning what a creepy and evil person I am!


-Birth date: March 5, 1978

-Height: 6 feet-exactly

-Eye color: Hazel Green

-Hair color: Light brown to a dark blonde

-What does your name mean: Gift of God, I believe. But I am really a spawn of the Devil, so that name Matthew is not really an appropriate name for me.

-High school graduation year: 1997

-Favorite relatives: My uncle and cousin Jessica

-Summer memory: Many, only a few were really cool!

-Favorite TV shows: South Park, Daily Show, and anything else that mocks Political Correctness

-What's on your mousepad: A mouse. Duh!

-In the car- ac or windows: I use the AC, unless I have my puppy with me, then I will roll down the windows for her.

-Do you believe in yourself: More as I get older.

-Favorite game: Solitaire.

-Favorite drink: Diet Mountain Dew and Plain Iced Tea

-Favorite food: Pizza, burgers, fries, and Reuben Sandwiches

-Favorite colors: Blue and Black.

-Favorite cigarettes: I hate smoking!

-Favorite sounds: Rain

-Favorite smell: tropical scents

-Favorite thing to do on a weekend: relax, watch movies and use the internet

-Favorite soundtrack: Do not really have one. Maybe "Streets of Fire"

-Where do you see yourself in 10 years: A court reporter, I will be married with kids.

-First thought in the morning: "Ah, Christ, I don't wanna go anywhere today"

-Do you get motion sickness: No. I do get sick sitting inside too long.

-Rollercoasters- Exciting, but they scare me to death.

-How many rings before you answer the phone: About two.

-Are you a good friend: I think so.

-Chocolate or Vanilla cake: Chocolate.

-What do you drive: 1994 Full Sized Chevy Blazer. That was the last year they called them "Blazers" and now call them "Tahoe" They switched the names with the Big Trucks and the little ones. Why would they call the smaller truck a "Blazer"? You hear the word "Blaze" you think big and powerful, right?

-Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No, never did.

-Thunderstorms cool or scary: I think they are cool, but they scare my dog to death. She barks her head off at them

-If you could meet one person in the World, who would it
be: Probably someone that could give me a magic wand

-What is your zodiac sign: How the hell do I find that out?

-What do you wear to bed: Underwear and maybe a sweater if it is really cold. I live by myself so I can sleep anyway I want! .

-Do you eat stems of broccoli: Oh yeah. Sometimes I even eat banana peels.

-Guys- If a girl ever asked you for the shirt on your back, would you give it to her? Sure, but let me loose about 15 pounds before I do that. If she's really hot I may give her more than just my shirt!

-Girls- N/A...unless I get a sex change

-If you could have any occupation when you get older, what
would it be: be the husband of a really rich supermodel.

-If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be:
Maybe a little darker brown

-If you could have a tattoo, what and where would it be: I
don't want one

-Favorite brand of gum: Winterfresh & Bubble Yum

-What is your favorite quote: "If you think you can, you can. If you think you cant, you can't Either way you・re right." HENRY FORD. I have more, but that's one I always remembered the most.

-Have you ever been in love: Not really. I fantasize about it often!

-What's on your walls in your room: Nothing. Just a piece of paper with my password and username to get into my MSN account.

-Is the glass half-empty or half-full: Half Full

-Which do you prefer- Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos: Cheese Doritos.

-Favorite flavor Snapple: Lemonade.

-Which one, Coke or Pepsi: Coke. Pepsi is a rip off of Coke!

-Which kind of milk is your favorite: Skim Milk, and if I'm really in the mood, I'll add some Hershey's Syrup.

-If you were to kill someone, which method would you use? I'm too afraid I・d get caught. I might take a baseball bat to their face.

-Are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: A darn right hander. I always wanted to be ambidextrous, though.

-Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: Pretty much...I use to have to look at my hands a lot when I first started.

-When you meet a person of the opposite sex, you notice
their: Eyes, hair, rack, butt, what kind of clothing they got on. How many did you want for that one?

-What's under your bed: Nothing.

-What's the best number in the World: There are none, unless it's a bunch of numbers on a check and written out to me

-What is your dream car: I don't have one.

-Who is your biggest crush right now: I get a crush on every hot chick I see!

-Nickname: Matt the Todd

-School: Fort Hays State University

-Bacon Bits Or croutons: Both.

-Favorite Salad Dressing: Italian

-Do you Drink: Very rarely. I will only get a drink at a restaurant if there is a non-drinking member with me. Seriously, I am ultra-paranoid about those things.

-What type of Shampoo/Conditioner: Suave

-Have you ever been skinny dipping: nope

-Do you make fun of people: Sometimes, if I think they are deserving of it.

-Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Yes, 20 counts of armed robbery and 40 counts of murder. I'm writing to you right now from Oz Prison. You do believe me, right?

-One pillow or two: Two

-Pets: No, but my parents do.

-Favorite Movies: The Believer, Men Of Honor, Easy Rider, Devil・s Advocate, Lean On Me

-Favorite type of music: I don't really have a favorite...just about everything except rap. I really, REALLY, cant stand that crap! It's so low and wrong in every way.

-Hobbies: exercising, reading history/political books, watching movies, writing.

-Word or Phrase you overuse: None. I have a very diverse vocabulary of phrases

-Toothpaste: Colgate.

-Piercing or tattoos: god no.

-Do you get along with your parents: most of the time

-Favorite beer: I rarely drink, but when I do, it is usually a Coors Light.

-Favorite song at the moment: None.

-Most humiliating moment: way too many to pick one

-Favorite Holiday: Christmas!

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