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Dec 23, 2003

The Bottom Line I have too much spare time :)

I found this on sarahlovesadam's site and figured, hey, why not! So here's far more than you ever needed to know about me...


-Birth date: December 30, 1972
-Height: 5'7”
-Eye color: green
-Hair color: Strawberry Blonde
-What does your name mean: “Soft-haired, youthful”
-High school graduation year: 1990
-Favorite relatives: Uncle Lee, Aunt Leslie, Cousin David
-Summer memory: Playing Hide & Seek
-Favorite TV shows: Survivor, Simpsons, er
-What's on your mousepad: “mediamate”
-In the car- ac or windows: ac – I hate the noise from the windows down.
-Do you believe in yourself: yes
-Favorite game: Aquarius
-Favorite drink: Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea
-Favorite food: Strawberry shortcake (with fresh strawberries)
-Favorite colors: green
-Favorite cigarettes: candy cigarettes
-Favorite sounds: My daughter laughing
-Favorite smell: bread baking
-Favorite thing to do on a weekend: sleep!
-Favorite soundtrack: O Brother Where Art Thou?
-Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Soccermom (sigh!)
-First thought in the morning: already?
-Do you get motion sickness: yes, though rarely
-Rollercoasters- deadly or exciting: exciting! Love them!
-How many rings before you answer the phone: Depends on how many it takes to find the phone…
-Are you a good friend: I try to be
-Chocolate or Vanilla cake: Chocolate!!
-What do you drive: 2000 Saturn SL2 - blackberry
-Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yes
-Thunderstorms cool or scary: way cool.
-If you could meet one person in the World, who would it be: Shel Silverstein
-What is your zodiac sign: Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Sagittarius Rising
-What do you wear to bed: flannel
-Do you eat stems of broccoli: Only if someone prepares it for me
-Guys- If a girl ever asked you for the shirt on your back,
would you give it to her? N/A
-Girls- Would you ever ask a guy for his shirt? probably not!
-If you could have any occupation when you get older, what would it be: A photographer for a company that makes postcards of sites all over the world – or better yet – a reviewer for fine hotels and restaurants all over the world!
-If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be: redder than it is now
-If you could have a tattoo, what and where would it be: Aum symbol on my back
-Favorite brand of gum: I hate gum.
-What is your favorite quote: “I cannot live without books. The greatest of all amusements, reading” - Thomas Jefferson
-Have you ever been in love: yes
-What's on your walls in your room: watercolors from my travels (Sevilla, Paris, Montreal, San Francisco, etc.)
-Is the glass half-empty or half-full: It’s twice as big as it needs to be
Which do you prefer- Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos: Cool Ranch
-Favorite flavor Snapple: Raspberry Iced Tea!
-Which one, Coke or Pepsi: Coke
-Which kind of milk is your favorite: Whole but I usually drink skim
-If you were to kill someone, which method would you use? poison
-Are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: righty
-Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: usually
-When you meet a person of the opposite sex, you notice
their: hands
-What's under your bed: dustbunnies. Big scary dust bunnies. With long pointy teeth!
-What's the best number in the World: 3
-What is your dream car: 1967 cherry red mustang convertible
-Who is your biggest crush right now: ??
-Nickname: Julez
-School: none anymore thank goodness!!
-Bacon Bits Or croutons: croutons
-Favorite Salad Dressing: Thousand Island
-Do you Drink: If I didnt, i'd dehydrate!
-What type of Shampoo/Conditioner: back 2 basics green tea
-Have you ever been skinny dipping: sure
-Do you make fun of people: only if they deserve it!
-Have you ever been convicted of a crime: parking on pavement. 30$ fine.
-One pillow or two: at least four.
-Pets: a gerbil
-Favorite Movies: Out of Africa, O Brother Where Art Thou
-Favorite type of music: everything really
-Hobbies: reading, painting, weaving, & other crafty stuff
-Word or Phrase you overuse: Did I say that out loud?
-Toothpaste: Colgate
-Piercing or tattoos: double pierced ears
-Do you get along with your parents: eh
-Favorite beer: root beer? :)
-Favorite song at the moment: 7 nation army by White Stripes
-Most humiliating moment: My shirt came unbuttoned while teaching a class.
-Favorite Holiday: Hallowe'en

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