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May 24, 2007
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Pros:Sturdy feel, solid performer, surprisingly comfortable, superb battery life

Cons:Receiver does not sit flush in mouse when powered off

The Bottom Line: The Logitech V200 is a great portable mouse for any notebook owner. You won't be disappointed with its great battery life and solid feel.

Let me begin by saying that the V200 is not really a "full-size" mouse that you'd want to use on a regular basis. It is definitely smaller than most standard mice, so I recommend it for laptops and travelers. I've opted to keep this in my laptop case, and use a full-size Logitech G7 when the laptop is on my desk at home. I suppose people with small hands could get away with using this full-time though.

The Logitech V200 is a solid performer. It's definitely a no-frills mouse, but that doesn't stop it from doing its job very well. There are just two buttons and a scroll wheel. No fancy back/forward buttons, buttons for macros, etc. Rather than wasting time on engineering tons of extra features most people won't need, Logitech opted to make the basic functions work well.

Tactile feedback from the buttons is outstanding. Left and right buttons both have a good solid "click" feel to them, with just the right tension. The button mechanism feels really good, and there are no accidental mouse clicks from the V200. The scroll wheel is equally as sturdy, with smooth movement and definite "notches". The wheel can be used as a middle mouse button, and can be scrolled left to right as well (I never use that function).

Despite looking rather chubby and thick, the V200 fits in your hand quite nicely. It doesn't feel like most laptop mice, but is still no substitute for a full-size mouse. The mouse moves across most surfaces without problems; I do not use a mousepad and found it works just fine on almost any surface.

Battery life is nothing short of amazing! My mouse is 4 months old and is still on the original pair of AA batteries (that's with daily use of several hours)! Batteries are just standard AA, nothing proprietary, fortunately. They're easily installed by just pressing down on the top of the mouse and sliding the cover off.

The USB receiver is small and clips into the bottom of the mouse, though it does not sit flush like most others. This is really my only complaint. I am not an engineer, but I still don't know how every other input device company can get their receivers to sit flush in the bottom but Logitech can't on this thing. Oh well, a minor nuisance.

Installation is easy: plug it in and go. No special software is needed. I rarely need to press the sync button on the bottom, as the mouse automatically powers up when you remove the receiver from the bottom.

The V200 is available in 3 colors: red, black, and silver. Silver and black are fairly standard and can be found in just about any electronics store. I suggest going for the red, as it has a nice painted finish (not cheap molded red plastic). Everyone always compliments me on the mouse and it looks great next to any laptop. Be warned though: the red is difficult to find. I was able to snag it at Circuit City, though some online retailers seem to stock it from time to time.

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