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Dec 26, 2003

The Bottom Line Get to know these epinions-ers! What a "very helpful" bunch they are!

I hope I am writing this in the right category.

This has been a great first few months at epinions, and I want to thank the people who have made it that way for me.

I first read a review on epinions that one of my friends brought to my attention. Here is the link. I thought it was hilarious, and the site sounded familiar... I poked around on the site, and decided I really wanted to do this. After all, I'd been trying to "expand" my writing styles, and hey, what a cool, fun, helpful way to start. So... a spent a few days more looking around the site, and trying to decide what I could write a review on. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be...

My very first review was on The Sims Hot Date. I worked awhile on this one, and I am actually very proud of it. I was really grateful for the "helpful" ratings, and started thinking maybe I could do this.

I continued to get helpful ratings, and several comments from people who wanted to help me. What a new concept... people wanting to help others. I am pretty hard on myself, so it was nice to see what other people had to say, and it was really nice to read their comments that were so incredibly kind and helpful.

Anyway, it's been a long trip (but only a few months!) between that first review and my 35th I recently completed, and there have been several people who have helped me along the way. I would like to thank those people.

sleeper54 has been "very helpful" indeed. He was one of the first people to read, rate, and comment on my reviews. He always had something nice and helpful to say, and it was always much appreciated. He also almost always has some quote that fits the situation... what a great guy!

ed_grover is another fantastic member. He read and commented on some of my first book reviews, and wow... what a great person. Everything he has to say is nice and helpful. I enjoy reading his reviews; they're always written interestingly; whether the product is something of interest to me or not, I always enjoy reading his stuff.

hist is very different... he didn't ever comment much on my writings and reviews, but when he did it was always very useful information to me. He's an advisor in books, and a good advisor he is.

AinsleyJo is a fellow Hoosier. I believe she just recently started reading my reviews, but boy am I glad she did. She commented on lots of my things, and gave me a little self-esteem boost with her comments and praise on my short story Into. Thanks so much!

sslabs... what can I say? This guy went out of his way to email me, read one of my first music reviews before I published it, and he always answers my questions and gives me hints. Folks, if you need any help, (hopefully he won't mind me saying this) he's a good guy to go too. And a great music and gadget reviewer, too!

robbudo has to be mentioned. We haven't corresponded much, but I have to give a shout out to a fellow bluegrass lover. He actually went back and read all of my reviews and rated them. How nice! I always love feedback.

Many other people have given me pointers, comments, praise, and friendship. I want to thank everyone for their very helpful"-ness. These people mentioned have especially been great to me, and I have to let people know. Hopefully someday I can get to be better at writing and helping, because these are people I (and probably many others) look up to.

Great job epinions-ers! I hope I meet many more of you. This is a great community, and everyone, especially newbies should get to know the people I mentioned above... though I'm sure there are so many more out there.

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