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Dec 26, 2003

The Bottom Line Family Feud could take a lesson from this website...

I have writer's block. I didn't make my goal of 100 reviews by Christmas. I'm feeling guilty.

Sarahlovesadam has come up with a nifty survey write-off. I love to talk about myself. This might be the key to breaking my writer's block. And I'll get to drown my guilt in ego.

It's simple. It's easy. It lets me talk about myself and gets me writing for the first time today. And, it alerts people to the profile of sarahlovesadam, who is pretty darn cool. I hear she loves a guy named Adam. Check out her original here.

Here goes nothing.


-Birth date: February 1981

-Height: 5' 5", give or take(mostly take) a few inches.

-Eye color: Very dark brown

-Hair color: Naturally? Dark Brown. Right now? Some funky red-brown-gold thing that makes me look like an ethnic q-tip. I'm changing it this weekend.

-What does your name mean: "Melissa" is Greek for honeybee, I believe.

-High school graduation year: 1999. You'll never guess what my class' senior song was.

-Favorite relatives: My youngest brother and sister. They're four and two years old, respectively.

-Summer memory: Hmmm...I'd say the camping trips my family took when I was very young. Fresh fish, campfires, and the ghost stories my dad and grandmother would tell make for good memories. Someday, I will make my own kids endure a week of sunburn, dirt, and bug stew so they can have the same kinds of memories.

-Favorite TV shows: South Park. Music videos. American Idol.

-What's on your mousepad: A cocoa stain.

-In the car- ac or windows: Windows, if I had a car.

-Do you believe in yourself: Yep. I am pretty nifty.

-Favorite game: Alpha Centauri.

-Favorite drink: Tea. It's what I'm drinking now.

-Favorite food: Ice cream.

-Favorite colors: Purple and green. I'm a regular little Riddler.

-Favorite cigarettes: None! I'm allergic to the smoke. People who know this and still smoke around me are evil.

-Favorite sounds: A perfectly hit chilling high note in a full round voice. Or a wailing, plaintive blues guitar riff. Or even--the sound of someone who can't sing at all trying their heart out.

-Favorite smell: My sense of smell really sucks. I'll go with peppermint.

-Favorite thing to do on a weekend: Sleep. Barring that, I read and listen to music.

-Favorite soundtrack: No laughing allowed--it's Hair.

-Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I don't know where I see myself in ten days--ten years, I'd like to hope I'm doing alright, but beyond that, I don't know.

-First thought in the morning: Hello, God.

-Do you get motion sickness: Nope.

-Rollercoasters- deadly or exciting: Exciting to the point of making me an addict. The closer to death I think I am, the better the ride is.

-How many rings before you answer the phone: One or two--I hate answering the phone, but I do it just because the people who call me know that and yell at me on my answering machine.

-Are you a good friend: I hate to say it, but no. It's not that I'm not trying to be, but the whole "keeping in touch" thing eludes me. So if I see you often and in the natural course of things--yes, I'm a good friend. If not--I'm thinking about you, but not really being friendly.

-Chocolate or Vanilla cake: Vanilla, but cake is all about the frosting. Who cares what's under it?

-What do you drive: Nothing, I can't.

-Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Nope. Never have.

-Thunderstorms cool or scary: Very cool.

-If you could meet one person in the World, who would it be: George Bush. Just so I can form my own, unspun opinion of him.

-What is your zodiac sign: My what? Okay, I looked it up, and apparently I'm an Aquarius, the water-bearer. My Southern Sign is the chitlin.(Yuck!)

-What do you wear to bed: Anything comfortable that I can snuggle up in.

-Do you eat stems of broccoli: Yes.

-Girls- Would you ever ask a guy for his shirt? Uh...why would I do that? Is this some mating ritual thing I'm missing out on here?

-If you could have any occupation when you get older, what
would it be:
Non-profit organization conceptualizer(not organizer...that entails deadlines, which I'm bad at) and Christian minister.

-If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be: Purple. I meant to do it before I entered the land of power lunch and business casual, but never got around to it.

-Favorite brand of gum: Gum comes in brands? *shakes head, crawls back into cave*

-What is your favorite quote: "Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah..." Leonard Cohen.

-Have you ever been in love: No.

-What's on your walls in your room: Nothing. I'm psyching myself up to move.

-Is the glass half-empty or half-full: Half-full. There's something in there.

-Which do you prefer- Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos: I don't like either, but if you held me down and made me, it'd be Nacho Cheese...with lots of real cheese and salsa to cover up the gag-a-rific super-salt flavor.

-Favorite flavor Snapple: I've never had Snapple. *plumps pillows in cave*

-Which one, Coke or Pepsi: They taste the same to me.

-Which kind of milk is your favorite: I HATE milk. It's un-natural...well, it's natural, but I don't see why I should drink baby cow food. But I will tear up a piece of cheese...there is no rhyme or reason to my food habits.

-Are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: I'm a bothie. (Ambidextrous is too hard to type...)

-Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: I think I do...

-When you meet a person of the opposite sex, you notice

-What's under your bed: Probably baby toys left by my brother and sister.

-What's the best number in the World: A google. Just because I like saying it.

-What is your dream car: One that I'm driving.

-Who is your biggest crush right now: The world, baby...yes, that's a cop-out.

-Nickname: I've got about a billion. Most common are Mel, T.J. and this being the family-filled holiday season, "Mitzi" *urk, gag, faint*

-Bacon Bits Or croutons: bacon bits.

-Favorite Salad Dressing: Italian.

-Do you Drink: No way...I can't even hold my liquor in a bucket. Plus, I like my stomach lining and respect my bad genes.

-What type of Shampoo/Conditioner: Don't use shampoo, love Suave Humectant conditioner.

-Have you ever been skinny dipping: Yep. I once spent a day in a naturalist community, too.

-Do you make fun of people: Only the ones I know well.

-Have you ever been convicted of a crime: No...but don't worry, there's still time...

-One pillow or two: One.

-Pets: None.

-Favorite Movies: Hair, Godspell, Do the Right Thing, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Enter the Dragon, Requiem for a Dream.

-Favorite type of music: Gospel.

-Hobbies: Whatever seems cool at the moment. Right now I'm learning to play guitar and I'll be buying a sewing machine for my new place.

-Word or Phrase you overuse: When typing, "nifty". When speaking, "Like whoa!"

-Toothpaste: Tom's of Maine.

-Piercing or tattoos: Piercings. Like I said, I live in the land of corporate dress codes now, but piercings are easy to hide or take out temporarily.

-Do you get along with your parents: Unless they're giving me retreat weekends sponsored by the local church with titles like "Find a Spirit-Filled Mate NOW!" as gifts, I do.

-Favorite beer: All beer is nasty.

-Favorite song at the moment: That changes like every ten seconds. For this moment in time, it's "We Love Your Apathy" by Skunk Anansie.

-Most humiliating moment: My real most humiliating moment is one reserved for only me and the other person involved.(ooh...I make myself mysterious) But, I did once get my backpack caught in the accordion doors of a bus and had to ride a few blocks dangling there until I could get the driver to understand what was the matter(he thought I was a crazy homeless person...oh, it's a really long story.)

-Favorite Holiday: Christmas, hands down.

That's it. That's me. Thanks, Sarah.

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