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May 26, 2007
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Pros:Weber Dependability, Durability, Long Term Value


The Bottom Line: Weber grills are dependable, durable and deliver great results every time. You got to love this grill!

Grilling is perhaps one of my favorite summer pastimes. Nothing beats babysitting a Delmonico or Porterhouse steaks with some friends listening to music and having a cool summer drink. For special moments like those, it pays to have a great grill that will add to the moment; that’s why I chose Weber.

The Weber 22.5 Inch Grill kettle grill has the charm of the grills that I remember at family picnics as a child back “when Moses was in short pants”, to quote one of my favorite Sopranos characters.

Under the Hood

The Weber 22.5 Inch Grill is an appliance to behold. Decked in shiny black (it also comes in blue and green) porcelain it withstands the tired look most kettle grills soon attain after just a year. The Weber is five years young and looks like it came out of the box. Of course I take great care to keep it clean with occasional tidying but porcelain is a great material choice for the kettle. Its 4 hole aluminum top vent is essential for controlling heat and smoke; this is old school grilling at its best! Twin fiberglass reinforced plastic handles facilitate carrying the kettle about along with a single handle atop the kettle hood.

One of my favorite features are the 6“all weather wheels which are a Weber staple and essential for positioning your grill around a breeze keeping smoke out of your face. Strategically placed 21“apart on a tripod it provides a solid foundation to the Weber assuring no tip over will ever spoil your Weber grilling experience. I like keeping the bag of briquettes on the bottom wheel tray for extra measure.

Cooking height at 38.5” is comfortable for the most users and is a full 6” away from the plated steel charcoal grate in the bottom of the 18.5 deep business end of the Weber 22.5 Inch Grill . Yes, after kicking the tires on this beauty you soon realize how easily it fits in the trunk and can just imagine on your patio!

Trial Under Fire

Last weekend I we had an impromptu launch of the summer grilling season at my place. A few friends, a few laughs and a bag of briquettes, it’s so easy. I went to the garage and looked at my Genesis and then over at One Touch and pulled the kettle out because I felt like the smoky flavor it offers. Yes, I have two; and I will say they work great for large get-togethers and offer a few options for the griller in residence. There’s something to be said about the taste of briquette cooked meats!

Firing up the One Touch Gold is made easier with the aid of a Weber Chimney which my son introduced me to a few years ago; it allows you to effectively light the briquettes without the use of starters, fluids or other chemicals which I was always uncomfortable with around food. Besides with the Weber Chimney you always load up exactly the correct amount of briquettes every time.

Once lit the kettle heats up quickly. This now becomes a game for the seasoned griller. My motto is the most important ingredient for successful grilling is “attendance” plain and simple. You have to watch over your grill, manipulate your wares as the briquettes heat up or burn down. For day long events, you can easily lift up the hinged section of the cooking grill to add briquettes when needed, nice! Folks we are talking serious fun here! I like to control heat a little more by strategically placing my briquettes heavier on ¾ of the grill leaving a sparse area in the back for warming or placing them heavily on ½ of the grill to cook both well and rare together. Experimenting is part of the equation as the Weber 22.5 Inch Grill works with you. Once you find your comfort zone you are off to the races. And if you are new to grilling the included grilling cookbook will get you off to a great start.

When the friends leave and you are cleaning up, the Weber 22.5 Inch Grill won’t be a chore to clean up. A 4 bladed ash scraper scoots the ashes into a removable ash catcher making it a breeze to clean up after a hearty grilling session.


I love this grill! Frankly after seeing my sons Weber 22.5 Inch Grill I had to have one. I use it alongside my Genesis or instead of and love the fact that it is so easy to clean; in fact it practically cleans itself! Weber quality abounds here. The grill is constructed with the best materials, easy to build out of the box and delivers every time you use it. How many products today can make those claims? Yes, the Weber 22.5 Inch One Touch Gold Grill is certainly one I would not hesitate a moment recommending! Good Grilling!

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