Rad Lures Chatterbait

Rad Lures Chatterbait

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Hottest New Tournament Lure

May 30, 2007 (Updated May 30, 2007)
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Pros:Incredible action and vibration.

Cons:Over $6 and hard to get

The Bottom Line: This lure really does catch fish. It is different than anything in Gramps or Dads box and the fish haven't seen them too much yet.

Bass fishermen are a crazy bunch! It seems that every year a new lure comes out that becomes hotter than a two-dollar pistol. A couple of years back it was the Senko, then the Scum Frog and various others. They were the "must have" lures. All it takes is one fisherman to win a big event or tournament with the lure and every angler Nationwide has to have it. They forget about all of the other lures that have caught fish for decades and snatch up the new lures like a bedding bass snatches up a salamander raiding the nest. This isn't a bad thing. Some lakes get so much pressure from fishermen with standard lures and the same old tricks that when a fisherman introduces a new lure with a totally different action it really is a fish magnet. The Chatterbait by Rad Lures is that Hot New Thing. It isn't a gimmick either, this lure is the real deal.

What is it?:
At first glance it looks like a jig with a funky spinner on the front but it is not. The funky looking spinner thing on the front doesn’t spin and it is a small thin piece of metal that gives the lure incredible flash and vibration. It gives a unique vibration that can only be compared to the vibration of a jitterbug on speed and steroids. It also gives the lure an attractive flash much like a spinnerbait. The thin piece of metal is connected to the jig body loosely like a chain link which gives the lure even more side to side action. The jig skirt has phenomenal lateral movement when being retrieved.
I was very skeptical when I first was offered them to try and put through the test. It looked funny and too much like a common jig with a spinner to catch my eye. Then I tried it out and was amazed at just how much vibration it produces. My rod tip was dancing side to side and it didn't take long to start catching fish with size and numbers. Other than feeling for a tug or tap, it was incredibly simple to tell when a fish was on because the vibration immediately stopped. The best way to describe it is to call it the Ultimate Swim Jig.

How to Use it:
One of the best features of this lure is its versatility. It can be used like a jig, bounced off of the bottom or slowly fished along the depths. It can be used like a spinnerbait or swim bait, being slowly reeled in from 6 foot deep right up to the surface like a buzzbait. It also offers a different look if you combine the jigging and spinning action and change up the tempo of your retrieve it will come in very erratically swimming much the same way that a wounded baitfish will swim. My favorite way to use it is to reel it in at a slow speed feeling for the maximum amount of vibration. I usually let it sink to the bottom initially after casting it before beginning my retrieve. I have found that fish will follow it or come from a long distance to strike it. Fish can sense any vibration below the lakes surface and use that sense to feed, relying on it almost as much and quite possibly more than visualization.
You can use this lure in deep water, very shallow water and in between. It is that versatile. I have found it to be very good at not collecting too many weeds when used in the shallows and have found it to be decent at not getting hung up on structure and rocks. Rad Company claims it to be 90 percent effective at not getting hung up but I beg to differ. It does have an open hook and casting anything with an open hook into the slop or structure is assured to get hung up or snagged.

Black/Gold Shad
Bleeding Firetiger
Smokey Shad
Blue Shad
Bleeding Chartreuse
Texas Red
White Shad
Bleeding White
Gold Shad

Price and Availability:
For awhile these things were almost impossible to find. They were selling for around $20 each on ebay or at local tackle stores but the manufacturer has caught up with demand and they have come down to the MSRP of $6-$7. They can be ordered directly from Rad Lures website at www.Chatterbait.com, from Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas, and from just about every tackle company. I have found them at retailers such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart, and a few others.

Mustad Ultra Point Hook
Z-Man EZSkirt
ElaZTech Split Tail Trailers
Jig Like Appearance
CrankBait action

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