Fiskars Titanium Bypass Pro Pruners 68406946DS

Fiskars Titanium Bypass Pro Pruners 68406946DS

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Fiskars helped me tame my jungle.

Jun 1, 2007
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Pros:Easy to use, titanium coated for corrosion resistance.

Cons:Price. Will probably go missing too.

The Bottom Line: This outstanding pruner will last a long, long time. Needs to be locked up.

I think I need to hook up some of my household items to a Lo-jack type of tracking device. I checked everywhere and my past few pruners have vanished. It was time to buy another, so I purchased the Fiskars Titanium Bypass Pro Pruners. I purchased it at my local Home Depot for $29.97.


These pruners measure 9½ inches in length by 2¾ inches in width and weighs under one half pound on my bathroom scale. The handle is ergonomically crafted to fit just right in your hand, and has a 4 inch long rubber covering, ensuring your grip and comfort. At the heel of the top handle, it appears that there may be a hole for hanging, but there is not. Perhaps the rubber could be pierced, I have not tried that.


Once I got these out of the plastic sealed package (that was quite a task) I felt the solid construction of this pruner. This pruner was manufactured to be used for a long time. The adjustable tension and release is firm and is made of telescoping steel cylinders, that expand and slide back into themselves. The spring lever lock is on the under side of the lower blade, when squeezing this pruner, just turn the lever into the lock position.

This blade is sharp!!! I dragged it along my finger, and it caught the ridges of my fingerprints. Do not allow children to use this and be sure to lock closed, when not in use.

The blade is half moon shaped, notched at the base, beveled, gold colored, titanium coated steel. The titanium coating prolongs the sharpness of the blade. The notch at the base is for self-cleaning sap.

Titanium is the metal of choice due to the corrosion resistance. Titanium is almost as resistant to corrosion as platinum and can withstand exposure to acids, moist chlorine gas and common salt. The blade is replaceable and the blade tension is adjustable.


It was a jungle out in the wild of my yard. I grabbed these pruners and went to work. This blade can cut branches up to one inch in diameter. It does take some strength to do this, but I managed. Thinner branches cut with ease. Dead and live branches cut equally well.

In one afternoon, I was able to cut up enough overgrowth to fill 11 large garbage bags full of tree clippings by myself. The blade is still sharp enough to neatly cut a slice into paper. I did develop a small blister on the palm of my hand. I did use these excessively, but it was good range of motion exercise for my hand. My yard now looks lovelier.

It is recommended by the manufacturer to clean this tool after every use and to oil the blade for longer life.


These pruners come with a Lifetime Warranty and I can see why, they really are made to last. Unfortunately, they have no tracking device, so I keep them locked up. If these go missing, I think I'll cry.

For more information go to or call 1-800-500-4849.

Thank you for reading my review.

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