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Thank you Reviewers
by jetsjam22
Just want to thank all of you who told your story about Vitacost and Shopping Essentials. My Dr. (of all people) recommended this website and I was literally googling the company when the option for Vitacost Scam popped up. I won't traverse that slippery slope. I'll purchase thru a reputable vendor. Thanks to all for saving me headache and time!
Nov 10, 2010
4:00 am PST

NSI is Vitacost - Poor communication
by originalbombay
I thought I was happy with Vitacost, but I purchased a SPOILED bottle of 240 NSI, MEGA EFA fish oil capsules and questioned NSI about the quality of their product. Now I understand why they never responded - NSI IS VITACOST. Vitacost did bend their rule a little and replaced the bottle, after I explained that I always keep at least 2 on hand, and certainly keep them sealed until I'm about to use them. How could they expect me to know the bottle was spoiled within their 30 DAY time limit for returns? (Of course, in the future, I'm going to have a worse problem, because I'll WANT to open every bottle before I store them, but if one IS bad, and I want to send them ALL back, I STILL CAN'T; their policy reads '... ONLY ONE OPENED BOTTLE MAY BE RETURNED.' (Can't win.) But... I never got an answer from anybody regarding:
PURITY - why isn't your fish oil reviewed by IFOS? (Or, is that organization a sham?) They never responded, but in a phone conversation with them a year ago or so I asked why their fish oil is NEVER among the ones tested. They said they buy their fish oil from a 'variety of sources'. Now I wonder if IFOS is nothing more than a sham too. I emailed them (IFOS) and asked how I would go about recommending or submitting a product to be tested. THEY never answered.
STRAWBERRY Flavoring??? Are you kidding? What about people who want to take fish oil but are allergic to strawberry? I asked also what happened to the former lemon flavor?
MOLECULARLY DISTILLED - And finally - Is your product molecularly distilled, or not?
Apparently nobody cares about anything but the sale. Quality and purity appear to be irrelevant.
Perhaps a LITTLE bit more FDA oversight would be beneficial. But that creates a problem as I don't want legitimately good supplements pulled from the market. Just some ANSWERS about what I'm putting into my body.
Probably changing back to my original vendor ( for comparable products. They've ALWAYS answered my questions and seem genuinely concerned about my supplements.
The Original Bombay
Aug 3, 2010
5:33 pm PDT

Vitacost SavingsAce are very big criminals
by silicacat6
I was phoned repeatedly by a very rude fellow representing Vitacost, who obviously operates out of India, for 2 weeks. Then discovered that he Vitacost would assault me even more by distributing my credit card information to a closely associated scam company called SavingsAce, alias MVQ* SavingAce. I have had numerous completely unauthorized monthly deductions of $19.95 from my credit card. Contacting SavingsAce has had no effect on them at all. They have ignored all my emails and phone calls.
Jul 17, 2010
7:30 pm PDT scam
by jeannejam
The word "scam" caught my attention when I was logging onto since I have been using that company for over two years and so far have been completely satisfied. I was not aware, though, that the NSI products were possibly from China and/or not completely lab tested as are the name brands. This month I have placed two orders for a total of over $500, and debated between brands, but ended getting the NSI products because of the total savings. In the future, I will not do that and appreciate your service so I will be more enlightened from now on. As far as Shopping Essentials, the first year, I got caught up in that scam and was traveling so did not check my Discover card for quite awhile, only to eventually learn that I was been being charged monthly for a service I was not using. When I called to complain, Shopping Essentials only refunded my current charge, but I was still out $60. It is very confusing the way it is worded at the end of your order ... makes it sound like you will get your postage free, but that is not really the case and more involved than that. Vitacost should disassociate themselves from this group, or at least make it more clear as to the consequences of signing up.
Jun 9, 2010
11:46 am PDT

As a buyer always beware
by pyrocarver
Been using Vitacost about 2 years and have been very satisfied. As with any online company one has to be aware of what you're signing off on. Pay attention and if you're not sure cancel the order. As for NSI I've been using the NSI liquid Glucosamine Chondroitin for over a year and it's the only one that works for me and I've tried several. On reviews make sure you sample more than afew,rarely will you find all that are in favor or opposed.
May 3, 2010
7:55 pm PDT

Don't buy NSI products
by vuillard
I use Vitacost all the time. They have great products and prices, but I ordered the NSI vitamins because I thought they were a well known brand. The multi-vitamin I ordered was lousy and missing some nutrients. I noticed that the NSI brand always receives awesome reviews. I suspected that NSI is made by Vitacost and it seems to be true. Do your research about a brand elsewhere and then order from Vitacost for the savings. Don't ever fill out any of their pop up forms after the order is complete. Just click off the page and the pop up will go away. You definitely have to outsmart their tricks. To sum up though- get your savings on vitamins by ordering from Vitacost, but don't get NSI products unless you think they are good.
Mar 3, 2010
4:44 pm PST

by myspo
I have been recommended this source for my requirement of reasonably priced supplements. I found the range to be extensive and the prices extremely alluring. I thus placed my order on 27th Dec and am still waiting for the consignment to arrive. 4 e mails enquiring about the status have gone unanswered as has the feedback form which I filled up....extremely poor service as they were very prompt in debiting my credit card.I had rung them up out of sheer desperation and was informed that the package would arrive by 27th Jan ....I am still waiting....wish me luck, please
Jan 19, 2010
8:27 am PST

Vitacost/Shopping Essentials Scam allert
by annazed
I was ordering some vitamins from Vitacost when a screen popped up asking me to fill out a survey about the purchase to get a discount on my next order. Three questions, I answered them then I noticed a screen that said that I should read the "rules" and I saw the words "Shopping Essential" and I knew that I was about to be scammed.

I know all about Shopping Essentials and the monthly fees and rip-off scams. Before I could do anything the screen just "poof" closed. I never checked anything.

I called Vitacost and the person on the phone said that because it was a separate company (what!) that would in her words "bill me later" it was "not her problem" and asked in a sarcastic voice what I thought she should do about it.

I called the bank and sure enough they were trying to hit my card with $14.99 not 3 minutes after the disappearing screen (in addition to the Vitacost charge). I was able to stop that and I canceled the Vitacost charge at the same time (I'm not doing business with scammers like that).

I had to get a new debit card issued because the bank said my account had been "compromised" by this transaction because additionally these companies will sell your credit card info to others (!) The bank said that this was a typical internet scam and recommended that I set up a separate account just for online purchases because thee scams are so prevelent. Yikes!!
Jan 4, 2010
9:55 pm PST

Vitacost works hard to steal your credit info - even Paypal
by decalgal
During the past week I placed three orders with Vitacost for some wonderful Avalon organic bath products. One set for myself, one for my sister, one for my niece. I used Paypal to pay each order. I recieved order confirmations and paypal payment confirmations from Paypal.After placing the orders, I also then received emails from Vitacost saying that the orders would be cancelled in 5 days if I did not call to verify the orders. I called. Spent over 30 minutes getting the order verified. They insisted that they needed my Paypal LOG-IN INFORMATION!!!!!! I told them that I would not give them that. Finally, I gave them the email address that I use with Paypal, which is the same email address I used with them. Their shopping cart does not ask for a billing address from the buyer, only a SHIPPING ADDRESS. So it took half an hour to get them to understand that I was the buyer, and I was shipping to a different person, indicated in the shipping address. The next day, I got the same email for the second order. Went thru the whole thing with them again. They again wanted all my PAYPAL login info, which I refused to give them. They said that Paypal was problematic (I have my own online retail store, and trust me, have never had a single issue with Paypal) so they needed my info. I explained that I had already given them all my info the day before...but apparently their computer just shows every shipping address as the CUSTOMER. So they are trying to tell me that they need my Paypal info in order to protect me. I contacted Paypal afterwards, and I will never ever use Vitacost again. These people are SNAKES.
Oct 27, 2009
9:46 am PDT

Re: Interesting that you've only reviewed this one store.
by antipkin
Vitacost is a very good online store, best prices around and good selection, shipping is only $4.99 for any size order. I've been buying from them for about five years! I highly recommend Vitacost. I never had problems with them.

Now, having said that...
- I myself dislike that somewhat misleading "offer" pop-up page at the end of the order process (but people should still PAY ATTENTION to what they're clicking on while shopping on the web).
- NSI 'brand' vitamins - I've tried some NSI items, no complaints, but I'm also concerned about the quality of the content, since there is no independent research on NSI, and Vitacost must be making huge margins on their "store brand", so they are "pushing" it very hard.
Sep 15, 2009
6:50 pm PDT

Interesting that you've only reviewed this one store.
by rumplstiltskin
Your single glowing review that doesn't begin to jibe w/ anyone else's is the hallmark of a company shill. I don't believe you're for real for one second.
Jul 15, 2009
1:53 pm PDT

Vitacost/NSI is bad
by drdna
Vitacost is a questionable business. They clearly sell other legitimate vitamins at a discount rate. That is fine.

The problem is when you add to that business model the NSI supplements. These are made for Vitacost in China by factories that are not held accountable to the FDA or GBP (Good Business Practice regulations). Then add the recurrent charge scam. All to make a little extra money on top of a legitimate business that sells discount name-brand vitamins.

When I found this out I dumped all my NSI vitamins in the trash. I didn't want to risk being poisoned by some contaminant due to a sloppy industrial process.
Apr 5, 2009
3:58 pm PDT

Vitacost is wonderful
by suzham
Vitacost is a wonderful company. They offer name brands at discount prices. The products are always fresh. They are delivered on time. I have been using them for about a year, and have no complaints.

Vitacost does offer a deal where you can get free shipping if you sign up for automatic refills. All of the terms are clearly spelled out. I don't want the service, and always decline it. There is no pressure, I still get my discount supplements on time.

If someone clicks yes to an offer without reading the terms, they shouldn't blame the company.
Dec 11, 2008
9:58 pm PST

I was ripped off by Vitacost!
by itsab
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! They are a rip-off!! and are in co-hoots with a company called Shopping Essentials. I bought one item from them for about $20.00 and it ended up costing me over 200.00 before I realized what was going on.

If you are not VERY careful and watch your bank statements each month, Vitacost will let Shopping Essentials sign you up on their invoice and after 30 days they start charging you 17.95 a month for their worthless membership. When I finally realized I was paying for this, I called to asked what the heck I was being charged for they said, "Oh you signed up through Vitacost and we sent you a email. It's some discount membership at stores I never heard of. Everything they sent was by email only, because they know most junk mail goes to a junk mail filter and nobody bothers to look at it so they slip right past you. Vitacost gives them you credit card number and bing bang boom you're signed up! I know for a fact that I'm not the only person to complain about this. I have read other complaints on different internet sites.

Apr 5, 2008
1:35 pm PDT

by Freak369, Freak369 is an Advisor on Epinions in Online Stores & Services
I was going between an NH and an SH and went with the SH because it does serve as a warning to others that there could be additional charges to credit cards.
Jun 1, 2007
8:35 pm PDT