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Crocs RX Cloud

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CROCS RX CLOUD~~The ONLY Shoe I Will Ever Wear Again!

Jun 4, 2007
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Pros:The most perfect shoe!


The Bottom Line: These Crocs RX Clouds have helped my Diabetic Neuropathy. I LOVE these shoes.

I have Diabetes with Neuropathy in both feet. The Neuropathy is extremely painful and finding shoes that will not aggravate this condition was impossible...until I discovered Crocs RX Cloud. I honestly will never do this review justice. I can't form into words how much I love my Crocs...but I will give it a shot.

As a nurse, many of my friends had been wearing Crocs for quite some time. But honestly, looking at the shoes, I felt they were extremely ugly and couldn't imagine that they would be comfortable. Oh, how wrong was I? Let's just say that I eventually saw the error in my ways.

I decided to try out the Crocs website. Wow, I couldn't believe how many styles there were of these odd looking shoes.

Then, I stumbled onto the Crocs RX Cloud. Seeing the "Rx" symbol, I was intrigued and had to check them out.

Women or Men sizes
4 color choices: black, chocolate, Pink, Sea Blue
Soft foot bed
Roomy toe box
Elevated toe cap
Sturdy heel strap - can be used or not
Extremely lightweight - weighing 6 ounces

First of all, Crocs are so light. You barely realize that you are wearing shoes. 6 ounces! Can you imagine? Amazing!

They are ventilated with several holes around the toe area for cooling and comfort.

The soles are slip-resistant and non-marking. They are bacteria and odor resistant and can be sterilized with bleach and water (great for the medical profession). They are super easy to clean.

Ok, these characteristics are the same with most of the Crocs line of footwear.

What makes the Crocs RX Cloud different?
Several things!
The foot bed is extra soft for sensitive feet. On the surface of the shoe, is small "bumps" that massage your feet as you walk. They help keep circulation moving and really enhance the shoes performance.
The roomy toe bed is my favorite part. Most shoes, in the toe area, are so confining that my toes have no room to breathe or move. They get squeezed, causing extreme pain. The Crocs RX Cloud has a really large toe bed. My toes now have room to breathe. They are no longer even touching the sides of the shoe at all, either sideways or from the top!

The entire shoe is made a bit larger to accommodate feet tha swell or thick socks.

The toe cap is elevated and reinforced as well as the heel rim. I tend to stumble often and/or stump my toe on furniture, etc. With this shoe, the toe is made to withstand this punishment.

This style with also accommodate an orthotic.

Sizing -
For so many years, I have stuffed my feet into uncomfortable shoes, several sizes too big, just to be able to wear them. The Crocs sizes tend to run a bit larger, so be sure to keep to your true size.
Mens s(4-5),m(6-7),l(8-9),xl(10-11),xxl(12-13)
Womens xs(4-5),s(6-7),m8-9),l(10-11)xl(12-13)

Price -
I purchased my Crocx RX Cloud on the website for $39.99. About 3 months later, I purchased another pair, in a different color. I have a black and chocolate color.

As I said before, I truly LOVE this shoe! The only thing that I'm not super fond of is the color choices. The regular Crocs come in a huge variety of colors. I am hoping that the makers will provide us with more color choices in this style too.

Now, if you don't have problem feet, this doesn't mean that you wouldn't benefit from this particular style. It is very comfortable and anyone would enjoy it.

I have been wearing my Crocs RX Cloud for a year and a half and have loved every minute of it. I can absolutely not ever see myself wearing another shoe. Yes, I even wore them throughout the winter...with my socks. Thankfully, my particular state doesn't get a lot of bad weather.

Thanks for reading!

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