Anti-Moi W/O: What a way to boost your self-esteem...

Jan 15, 2004

The Bottom Line I feel a little better, but I know I look like a mean person *sigh.

HERE IT IS! You should give it a try.

Well, I saw germericanqt's Anti-Moi W/o entry, and fell in a kind of sadistic love. It will either make you laugh or cry... I hope I don't cry.

Everyone is prettier than you. Discuss.

Okay, well, yeah this is a thought I often have. I have a huge butt and big hips, and what's funny is the fact that my upper body is actually quite nice. What a funny sight I sometimes am. Luckily for me, big butts are getting to be kind of cool again, so yay. But anyway, yeah most people are prettier than me. But at least my personality rocks.

What is the worst, most unforgivable thing you have done to another human being?:

It is such a long story. To keep it short and to the point, I asked out my now-ex boyfriend, and then when my ex that I desired more came back to me, I dumped him. Not even in person. We hadn't even been going out for like 24 hours. Yeah, that was trashy.

What kind of sexual inadequacies do you suffer? We're all friends here and promise not to tell.

Wow, I don't know if I feel too comfy answering this... But here goes: I'm on Prozac, so I'm very boring. I don't really crave "action" of any kind. Like, sometimes a small kiss annoys me. Unfortunate for my boyfriend, but lucky for me he is very loving and understanding. So he only cries about it about half the time. Just kidding.

How were you bullied at school? Why did you deserve it?

Well, the ex-boyfriend that I so lovingly dumped began calling me tank-a$$. Funny, huh? Also, people made fun of me a lot because I am so short (please, tell me 5' isn't that short??) and most of my friends teased me because of my big butt. That's about it, I guess.

Who did you bully at school? If you did not bully anyone was it because you were too much of a wimp yourself?

I have this thing about hurting people. I can't do it. Every time I do, I don't forget it. I think I mostly bullied preppy girls who made me mad, and girls who were so skinny it looked gross.

What is your most disgusting bodily feature? Be graphic and as lurid and perverse as you can without being physically ill. Though vomit may be a good sign that you're on the right track.

Ok, probably my thighs. Yeah, its cellulite city, in case you wanted to know, which you did since you're still reading. I can't be graphic, because you know what it looks like. It's not so bad, I guess. I have a really nasty scar on the back of my leg. Its about 10 years old and it looks like a very short earth worm.

Present three examples where your self esteem has hit an all time rock bottom and the alcoholic beverages you drank to cope.

Currently, because my weight is heavier than it has ever been. But I'm drinking more water to cure that. And trying to eat less. Alcohol would make that worse, wouldn't it? Another time would be... when Jason (my current boyfriend) broke up with me. The cure for that was Prozac. That was like, almost 5 years ago. The other time was this past August... I just got low for some reason. And it was back to the Prozac for me. I'm lucky my dad works at Lilly.

Give an example where your heart was so broken you did nothing but eat icecream, cuddle your old soft toys and watching Jerry Springer crying out at the trailer trash "They may have their problems but AT LEAST THEY'RE LOVED WWWWWAAAAAAAAAA".

When Jason broke up with me.

How many times, on average, since were you born have your parents had wild, animalistic sex involving common kitchen utensils? Bonus Points awarded if you caught them in the act.

I have absolutely no idea.

How many times have you been caught by a spouse/child/boss looking up internet porn?


Give some examples of random malice you performed, preferably at strangers

I wish I could say. But I'm so mean sometimes... I just don't know.

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