Devcon Duco Cement, 1 Oz.

Devcon Duco Cement, 1 Oz.

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A Cement Glue that Works!

Jun 10, 2007
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Pros:easy to use, dries clear, quickly sets, can use on a variety of materials

Cons:contains acetone, flammable, fumes are unhealthy

The Bottom Line: An excellent glue that this family has used for a long time.

Duco Cement has been in our “repair arsenal” since before I was born. My father remembers using it to build model balsa wood airplane models. I remember when my brother and I assembled plastic models, and used this glue. Today, I repair broken objects with the glue, which is why I decided to write about this product.


Duco Cement comes in two forms. The one our family has used most often comes in a 1 ounce tube with a screw-on cap. When the tube is first opened, it is necessary to puncture a small hole in the tip. Squeezing the tube pushes the glue through the hole.

The second type of Duco Cement is a more recent purchase. The 1 ounce of clear glue comes in a see-through plastic bottle. The bottle nozzle has a twist-top that opens and closes. Twist the top open as little or as much as you wish. Turn the bottle upside down and gently squeeze the sides to push the glue through the opening in the cap.

This cement is designed to work on surfaces such as ceramic, glass, metal, plastic and wood.

Both tube and bottle are designed not to clog. I have never had the glue dry out once opened.

Our Experiences

This is a terrific cement. In all the uses this family has put it through, I can only remember one failure. A relative had sent me a ceramic trinket box through the mail. It featured a unicorn on the lid. During transit, the tip of the unicorn horn had broken. I tried every product I could think of to affix the two pieces of ceramic unicorn horn together. Nothing worked. The pieces were just too small.

However, Duco Cement has worked on every other project. We have used it on craft projects and for small repairs. Yesterday’s repair involved the plastic cap of my Sony Flash Drive. The cap had split down the seam on one side, and had cracked on the other side ... only not on the seam. The cap would no longer slide and lock over the USB stick portion of the drive to protect it. Since I carry this drive with me, I needed the cap fixed.

One thing I really like about the Duco Cement that is in the bottle, is that the glue is easy to specifically apply to a targeted area. I did not open the bottle nozzle all the way; just half way. This allowed a thin stream of glue to emerge. I applied the glue along both sides of the cap where the halves had separated. Using a napkin, I wiped away the excess glue. The instructions state to hold or clamp the area being repaired until the glue sets. The instructions further say that the glue will set in five minutes, the item can be handled in one hour, and that full bond strength is achieved within 16 hours. The cap is small, so I held it clamped between my fingers for an hour while I used the computer (playing games using the mouse with the other hand).

After an hour, I released the lid. The bond held, so I placed the cap on a flat surface. Hours later, I slid the cap onto the USB end of the flash drive. It fit as if never broken. The glue dried clear, too. Touching the glue I can feel a slight roughness compared to the smooth plastic of the rest of the cap. Unless one looked closely, they would never notice the repair.

I have used a variety of ways to “clamp” objects while they are drying. There are a lot of different size clamps manufactured ... everything from bitty thumbnail sized clamps to heavy-duty machine shop clamps. We have different size clamps in the house that work well. In a pinch, I have also used string to tie pieces together while they dry and have also used rubberbands.


The package says in bold print to keep this glue away from children. The manufacturer does not list ages. I can remember using this glue when assembling crafts, such as models, when I was around twelve years old. However, the children in our family always had adult supervision when using this product. Windows were left open for ventilation, too.

This cement is extremely flammable. Keep it away from heat, sparks and open flames.

It is also an eye irritant, and the vapors are harmful (do not inhale the fumes). In case of eye contact, it is recommended to flush the eyes with water and to immediately contact a doctor. The manufacturer states that the glue should not be swallowed as it contains acetone and isopropanol. If swallowed, immediately seek medical help.

Note: This glue is not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.


* Easy to apply
* Dries quickly
* Clear glue
* Strong bond
* Dishwasher safe


* Definite odor, though not nauseating; use in ventilated area
* Object needs clamping while pieces bond
* Extremely flammable
* Eye irritant


A one ounce tube or bottle of this glue sells at my local hardware store for $2.99 each.


Our family has used Duco Cement for a lot of years. We are very happy with the results and will continue to buy it. I have used this cement when Elmer’s glue failed. Duco cement is a winner in this household.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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