Altus Ab Wheel

Altus Ab Wheel

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The Wheels on the Atlus Go Round and Round

Jul 5, 2007
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Pros:small, inexpensive, will work the abs.

Cons:not for the beginner, can get injured using it.

The Bottom Line: I'm mixed because if used 100% correctly and if you aren't bored then for $8.00 why not? Still to be on the safe side I'm not recommending it.

We stayed at an RV resort that had a fitness room. I saw the Altus Ab Wheel and thought it was a clone of the Duo Exercise Wheel by Everlast. They are very similar.

The Altus Ab Wheel is yellow; Everlast's is grey. The handles are different and the design of the insides of the wheels differ but this doesn't affect performance.

This little gizmo with handles on each side of it is very light coming in at under 2 pounds. It is small enough to definitely be portable though measuring about 7 inches in diameter it's not quite suitcase suitable!

This wheel is said to work primarily the abdominal area but due to the nature of its use I did feel my back, arms and shoulders working.

The handles are made of foam. Everlast's have handles with ridges. There are pros and cons. Everlast's are easy to hold but if you are sweaty your hands may not hold the handles well. I didn’t have that problem using the Altus Ab Wheel because my hands virtually stuck to the foam.

Altus makes their Ab Wheels with two wheels. They are like miniature tires. Having an ab wheel with two wheels rather than one I found added some ease in using it i.e. it added balance to the wheel.

You’ll be able to get The Altus Ab Wheel for about $8.00.

How to use the Ab Wheel by Altus:

This gizmo is about as simple as they get though you will have to get on the floor. Many people aren’t comfortable on the floor due to size or illnesses such as arthritis. If this is true of you stay away from the Ab Wheel.

Getting down on my hands and knees I gripped each handle. What you can do which I did because there was a mat in this fitness room is start off with your knees on a mat. You may find that more comfortable.

After I held onto the handles I just rolled the wheel out until I was stretching away and then rolled the wheel back in toward me. This movement is like a crunch movement. Contract the abdominal area the entire time. Just about any really effective abdominal exercise will have you in a crunch position in one way or another.

I mentioned that if you are large or have joint problems this may not be for you. I also will extend that to say that if you have any back or neck problems stay away from it.

This little gizmo isn’t really for the beginner. In order to use it correctly your abdominal area should be strong (Thus your back since a strong core involves both your abs and back.) so if you are just starting out you’ll be better off doing traditional crunches lying on the floor or on a bench until you gain some strength. You will also have to have some strength in your upper body since you are essentially holding yourself up using your arms. This wheel is too small to be relied on to hold you up on its own

This comes with a guide. Make sure your form is correct or you will hurt yourself

This is an inexpensive, portable little exercise device. For $8.00 if you are bored with crunches and want something to play around with then I say go ahead. However you, like I, may get bored with it and actually find it pretty awkward to use. Since there can be injury if not used correctly and it's so tempting to buy because of the price I am not recommending it. However use your own judgment and if you do buy it and feel pain that is anything but normal soreness in your core stop using it!

Please check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

All my fitness equipment reviews can be found on my profile page.

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