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Mark Hyman - Ultrasimple Diet: Kick Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days

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Jun 19, 2007
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Pros:The book contains some good recipes that are healthy and would add to overall health

Cons:Cautions should be inserted in those steps that can cause adverse reactions.

The Bottom Line: It is not the worse diet book and I would recommend it based on some healthy suggestions, but always use caution when adopting these restrictive diet plans.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s book THE ULTRASIMPLE DIET looked like just the book for me. Over the winter through SOME inactivity I gained twenty pounds. And before it rises to more than that I know I need to lose this weight.

I spotted this book at Borders.

The UltraSimple Diet is by the same author who wrote UltraMetabolism .

The UltraSimple Diet targets belly fat, revitalizes health and boosts energy.

Well yes, I guess it does all of that .

The back blurb reads “This is a simple 7-day weight loss plan to revitalize your health, boost energy and lose weight. Detailed instructions for exactly what to do each day—no thinking, guessing, testing, or wondering—all straight forward and something anyone can do.

Well yes, it is easy enough to follow.

Precise instructions for what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, recipes, supplements, and stress reduction –exercise is optional.

The solution to the #1 problem most dieters have: how to keep the weight off for good.

Exercise routines to suit even the busiest schedule.

Pages for journal entries and checklists.

They also give a website, but you go to that site and for some strange reason the charts that are promised are not there to download. And then the site says something about being available in April 2007. Well it’s June 2007 so this has you wondering if someone has abandoned this site….and for what reason.

I think I know.

One of the things one has to do when starting this diet is upon waking drink 2 tablespoons of organic extra-virgin olive oil mixed with the juice of ½ of an organic lemon. Drink down to help flush the toxins from your bile and liver into your gut to be excreted.

Well yes, this sounds like a good thing to do except this step is a powerful one as it will also flush out gallstones if they are present.

And all I know is that afternoon after having done this step that morning I ended up suffering excruciating pains in the area of my gallbladder.

I ended up at a walk-in med clinic. They agreed that is was probably a gallbladder attack. If anyone has “silent” gallstones that haven’t been giving them problems, and they do this step, this can trigger an attack. I may have had a silent gallstone.

Luckily, a week later I just got my ultrasound test and the gallbladder is normal.

And why I think a warning should be stated for those who may have problems with their gallbladder, or who may feel reluctant to try this step because of possible problems with gallstones.

This book does give recipes that are in fact healthy. One is the Ultrabroth, which is basically a broth made by cooking a slew of vegetables. Now again, this may not be the best thing to do because drinking too much of this broth because of the potassium content can throw the body’s chemical balance out of kilter.

The book recommends taking a sauna or steam at least 3 times a week. Again, here caution should be given to those with heart problems. No caution is given in the book.

Yoga, journaling, herbal teas that are recommended pose no real problem.

It does give a great recipe for a smoothie: 2 scoops of rice protein powder, organic combination of flax and borage oil, ground flaxseed, filtered water, frozen or fresh noncitrus organic fruit.

I think the rest of the book is good to follow in that it does gives a structured 7-day diet to follow, most of which I can’t see being harmful to the body.

But the “liver flush” is the only step that should be done with extra caution.

Would I recommend this book?

This is hard to say. I do know that weight gain is not good, and that it is better to lose the weight on some program than not to lose it.

I myself may modify this diet and simply leave out the “liver flush.” Then again knowing that I experience that reaction, I am really hesitant to try anything to the extreme and may simply cut down, adopt a lower-fat diet, and make sure I get enough exercise.

Recommend this product? No

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