Bond said, 10 times real fast equals this 10 best list.

Feb 23, 2004

The Bottom Line Its an honor to finally weigh in with the rest of my colleges and share my top 10 Bond Spy Movies.

Yes, it is true I've always wanted to be a secret agent like James Bond for her Majesty's Secret Service. Ever time there is a 'Spy Weekend' or 'Mega-James' Bond Saturday cable special, I get a little excited about my personal VHS and DVD collection of some of the worlds greatest spy movies. Bond fans that are lucky enough to own the, James Bond 007 Special Edition DVD Collection, Volume 1 (2002), Volume 2 (2000), and Volume 3 are always revered in the fictional spy world of MI6.

If you've seen any of the James Bond films, then you'll understand how easy it is for any one of the Bond movies to make the coveted 10 Best Spy Movie list. No need to be politically correct, James Bond drinks, fools around with women, fights, brawls and eventually kills the bad guys. The films are full of stereotypes and caricatures that could possibly offend, but they are designed to entertain. The goal of the Bond series was not intended to offend audiences, but made to entertain adrenaline junkies looking for a little on screen action. Each movie reflects what was going on in the world during the era it was film in. Bond gives viewers a hefty dose of immorality, iniquity and of course the four letter word, 'love'. It's been said that his fictional lifestyle would make Hugh Hefner jealous, James Bond is the man! My 10 Best Spy Movies are not for the kiddies, based upon the material and rampant sexual innuendos and escapades with ratings ranging from PG, PG-13 to Rated R. Also parents should be advised that some of the scantly clad women of 007's world have whimsical and sexually suggestive names that are not appropriate if blurted out by little Johnny on the playground. Bottom line this spy series is for adults.

James Bond's super charged spy movies offer international espionage, high-speed chases, karate skirmishes, and unbelievable non-stop action. The only thing that does not come with these spy movies is an official license to kill. My coveted 10 Best Spy Movies, are a must see for any true Bond fan.

1. Although I was not born when Goldfinger (1964) was released, this was the first film that introduced me to the world of Bond. Sean Connery played James Bond with his famous secretary Miss Moneypenny played by Lois Maxwell. Goldfinger features the world-renowned P ussy Galore played by Honor Blackman. Bond is investigating a gold mogul who is planning on blowing up the gold reserve at Fort Knox. This film was my introduction to spy gadgetry and adventure. I like the fight scenes especially the one between Bond and henchmen Oddjob, it was awesome. Goldfinger's pre-credit scene offers an excellent taste of the explosive action you'll enjoy in the film. Director Guy Hamilton does an admirable job with the movies plot and pacing making it an excellent starter film for those unfamiliar with MI6.

2. From Russia with Love (1964) is another action packed spy flick that keeps audiences spellbound throughout the movie, with spectacular gimmicky gadgets and secretive devices that are truly amazing. The action starts with Bond immediately meeting up with Donald 'Red' Grant or a Bond look alike, getting strangled with a retractable corded wristwatch. Although some of the scenes in the movie are a bitted dated by today's standards, overall its one of the best Bond flicks created. Sean Connery plays James Bond with the film being directed by Terence Young. There is great chemistry between Connery and leading lady Tatiana Romanov played by the lovely actress Daniela Bianchi. If you are looking for a hearty cup of action then you've found the perfect spy blend. Major Boothroyd better known as Q delivers and unforgettable performance explaining his spyware especially the black leather case.

3. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) stars the little known actor George Lazenby as Bond. This film offers and shows some of the best exotic locations that you can actually visit on film. The ski chase in Switzerland is fantastic. This action packed spy thriller provides an excellent introduction for the adventurous Tracy Di Vincenzo (Diana Rigg). Lazenby brings the same flair actor Sean Connery brought, as Bond delivering a convincible adventurous role as the world greatest spy. On Her Majesty's Secret Service is considered the most touching spy films made as it shows the vulnerable side of OO7 who actually falls in love. This 142-minute movie offers good action and although the plot meanders, and spy gadgetry is held to a minimum, the film makes up for this with great character development. What ever you do don’t over look this one, it's the first and last time you’ll see Lazenby play OO7.

4. Ian Fleming's Live and Let Die (1973) is directed by Guy Hamilton staring actor Roger Moore as the charming secret agent, James Bond. I enjoyed this spy flick immensely since it mixed the U.S. urban drug market of the early 70’s with international Caribbean espionage. Roger Moore's diverse supporting cast is excellent providing a lot of work for actors that possibly could have gone unnoticed in Hollywood. The stunts in this film where excellent mixed with 70's style dialogue that's been tossed in the stereotypical trashcan. Live and Let Die, represents a snap shot moment in time only now being replicated in Hollywood with the remake of movies in this genre attempting to capture the momentum of this era.

5. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) features Roger Moore as James Bond in Hong Kong. This time it is actress Maud Adams who delivers an excellent role as the used and abused girlfriend of villain Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee). Although this film lacks the spy wizardry of some of the previous Bond's it still delivers a lot of action and a hearty serving of Judo chops. Oddly enough it is the villain Scaramanga with all the secret weapons and gadgets, primarily it is his golden gun that gets a lot of action in this film. The ending of the film is good especially the fight scene between Bond and three-foot, nine-inch Nick Nack, (Herve Villechaize). If you've never seen the man with 3 nipples then you've got to watch this one.

6. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) is recognized as one of the most memorable in the Bond series staring Roger Moore as the tuxedoed secret Agent OO7. Who can forget the world’s most intense villain, Jaws (Richard Keil)? Who would have thought that a factitious character would start a fashion trend? It’s been rumored that Jaws steel-plated teeth launched the current movement of removable gold teeth, diamond-studded caps, and other platinum-tinted teeth currently worn by various hip-hop artist and entertainers. Seriously, The Spy Who Love Me, puts Bond in another, 'You Only Live Twice (1967)' motif where Bond is pitted against the sea and submarines instead of outer space. Bond noted battles with the indestructible Jaws are legendary as villain extraordinaire Stromberg plans to rule the world from the bottom of the sea. Only this time Bond is lucky enough to be teamed up with the lovely Russian agent, 'Anya 'Triple-X' Amasova' (Barbara Bach). What I like about this Bond is that the character and actors were so unbelievable.

7. John Glen directs Octopussy (1983) with actor Roger Moore playing James Bond. Maud Adams returns to the Bond series only this time she plays the role of Octopussy. Put James on and island populated only by women avenging the death of a fellow Agent 009, and you've got one cool movie that goes down as smoothly his vodka martini's he drank in Dr. No, 1962. Reviewers are still applauding Roger Moore's role as Bond as a sophisticated man of taste. Octopussy not only satisfies Bond fans, but the quirky plot works for the spy movie enthusiast.

8. Who could forget, Goldeneye (1995), which has now sold over 3 million dollars in DVD sales alone. Nothing surpasses getting all the extras included in the DVD like the documentaries and movie trailers. Golden Eye is based on the premise of the Russians actually having a high tech satellite weapon that can stop all electronic equipment in the world from functioning. Only this time it is Pierce Brosnan turn to plays Bond and save the world. We are also introduced to Polish born Izabella Scorupco who plays a computer programmer and who can forget the alluring Holland native Famke Janssen. This will always be a stand out spy movie since this is Brosnan takes the helm as Bond. The dialogue and chemistry between Q and Bond, is memorable which aids in making Q a lovable and enjoyable character. The bungee cord jump during the pre-credit scene is memorable plus Shirley Bassey them song was really cool.

9. The World Is Not Enough (1999) is one of the more popular Bond flicks loaded with combat and exploit. The movie opens like many of the Bond film with an action packed pre-credit entrance. This particular plot is fairly simple and has the trademark feel of the previous OO7 movies. Only this time the battle is brought to the doorsteps of MI6 with an explosion at their headquarters. Bond gets personally involved as a bodyguard to the slain British oil tycoons daughter Elecktra King (Sophie Marceau). Not only did I enjoy the opening sequence, but Denise Richards delivered a great performance in her role as the lovely Christmas Jones. Christmas is an intelligent Bond girl with credentials. The stunts are good and it was nice to see a woman play M (Judi Dench), Bond's boss.

10. Die Another Day (2002) does not only land on my top 10 list, but it's a number one Bond flick for several reasons. First, and foremost it has Halle Berry in it, I'm not afraid to admit I'm a Halle fan and think she is an extremely talented actress. Second, since I'm on a role, and I'm coming out of the closet I also think Madonna is fantastic. In our 20th century Bond, actor Pierce Brosnan stays at the helm, serving up a nice slice of adventure. In 'Die Another Day' we find Bond held captive by the North Koreans before a pre-empted strike can take place. In this film Bond is sent to assassinate renegade military leader Colonel Moon. The high-tech spy gadgets are back, with John Cleese playing 'Q'. Die Another Day is not only a top-notch spy flick but it offers some of the most incredible action scenes and ensemble of actors and actresses ever put together in a Bond movie.

Although, Living Daylights did not make this top ten list, that does not mean it’s not a good spy flick, so check it out. This complete my 10 Best Spy Movies, which brings to mind that final looming question, "Which actor played James Bond the best?"

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