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Jun 21, 2007
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Pros:Heating ability, construction quality, looks, customer support.

Cons:To echo: side-mounted controls leave less counter space.

The Bottom Line: After much looking, this seemed the obvious choice for this price range. Thanks to the astute HD salesman (yes, they do exist!) who steered me away from the Blue Ember.

This review will be more reinforcement of existing reviews than anything really new. In grills, one thing matters most, and that is heating ability, and the WG E320 can get up to 650 degrees, pretty close to what infrared elements claim. I almost went for an infrared-equipped grill but thought about how often I would need to sear, plus the sometimes spotty reviews.

I have reached a stage in my life when I can pay a little more as long as the quality is excellent, and here it is impeccable. Besides being very attractive in a subdued way (as it stays away from the outrageous bling style adopted by nearly every other grill with high-end aspirations), it is sturdy, elegantly designed, and has a high-quality feel to it.

Purchased mine at HD as I did not want to assemble although it sounds like it's not too much trouble. Just don't have the time or patience anymore, really. I did go run the leak tets as the manual strongly recommends and found no problems. This is important IMO and should be done by every new grill owner, and probably annually as well.

Will echo many of the prior reviewer's points: tray placement, build of grates (I don't like SS), control of burners. It even seems fuel-efficient although it's too early to tell for sure.

I feel knob handle grip could be a bit smaller, although I am male with average-sized hands. Wonder what those with smaller hands think of this, as the grip isn't as positive as I would like... but now we picking nits.

Very happy and highly recommended.

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