Lakeshore Learning Sensory Snap Beads

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~~ Sensory Snap Beads: Fun For the Little Ones! ~~

Jun 27, 2007 (Updated Jun 27, 2007)
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Pros:Fun for little ones, variety of play, durable, easy to clean

Cons:Strange plastic/chemical scent

The Bottom Line: The Sensory Snap Beads are a lot of fun for the little ones, offering a variety of play.

We love the Sensory Snap Beads in therapy!

The Product
Lakeshore Learning Sensory Snap Beads are colorful snap beads that can be linked together to form a chain or a ring. The beads are available at Lakeshore Learning stores and retail for approximately $15.

Lakeshore Learning States:
- Create chains using uniquely designed links
- Durable & washable pop links
- Stimulates and develops fine motor skills
- Eye-catching, decorative patterns
- 16 pieces

Contact and Miscellaneous Information
- Website =
- Made in China
- Ages: 12 months+
- Creative Toy Awards 2004: Preferred Choice Award
- Parents' Choice Recommended
- The National Parenting Seal of Approval 2004

Product information taken from product packaging.

My Experience
The Sensory Snap Beads are colorful, have unique textures, and hold well when snapped together! They're a lot of fun and there are many possibilities of play with these beads.

Each bead measures about 3.25 inches in length and 1.5 inches at its widest part. The beads fit well into little toddler hands. There is a hole on one end of each bead. The hole measures about 0.5 inches in diameter. On the other end of each bead is a peg-like knob that measures slightly over 0.5 inches in length. Connecting the beads together doesn't require too much force to plug the peg into the hole. Once connected, the beads hold fairly securely unless the connected beads are picked up and there is a lengthy string of them.

There are two different designs on the beads: diamonds and waves.

I like the clear tub container that comes with all the Sensory Snap Beads. There is a red, screw off lid for the clear container. On top of the lid is a handle, which makes it easy to tote around the container. The container is also nice for little ones to help clean up.

The beads are a lot of fun to play with in the clinic with the little kiddos. I have played the Sensory Snap Beads with a wide age range, from a little less than 12 months old to almost 4 years old! The beads offer a variety of play.

The standard play is linking the beads together. The kids enjoy this activity; sometimes they will link the beads up and then connect each end to create a circle. Picking up the circle is usually a bit difficult as some of the links will break. I like that there are different colors to the beads and different designs. This gives the kids an opportunity to identify different colors, sort the different colors, and also mimic designs/color patterns. I have seen the younger ones (less than 12 months) manipulate the beads in their little hands; I think the bumpy texture on the beads from the design makes it interesting to feel. The older kids will pretend the beads are something else, like food for their favorite stuffed animal. I have had one toddler tell me that the green beads were kiwis for her stuffed animal and she would plate the "kiwis" for her stuffed animal.

The beads are very durable as they have gone through many plays without any indication of wear and tear. Washing the beads is simple as I just wash and scrub with a sponge and detergent. I usually try to shake out the excess water that can collect inside the beads (from the small opening on one of the ends of the beads); this allows the beads to dry quicker.

My only complaint about the Sensory Snap Beads is the scent. They have a strange, plastic and chemical scent mixed together, which I could do without. If only the beads had no scent or a more pleasant scent ... then it would earn five stars!

Overall Thoughts
The Sensory Snap Beads are a lot of fun for the little ones, offering a variety of play.

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