Weber grills...great if you don't expose them to too much moisture.

Jun 25, 2007
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Pros:Great taste if you use some hickory. Seems durable if kept away from excessive moisture.

Cons:Keep this thing away from the weather at $100+ a pop in Florida.

The Bottom Line: My final recommendation is that if you purchase this grill plan on keeping it covered, and not out exposed to the elements.

First of all I would really like to thank Weber for building a halfway decent product. Buyer beware on this item as I think that this grill is likely to eventually rust out if exposed to too much moisture like my backyard in Florida.
Fortunately I didn't have to buy this product, but I would purchase it if I weren't going to leave it out in the rain. A $100+ dollar product should not be left out exposed to the elements.
I love the fact that these grills seems to be fairly reliable. We have three of these in our backyard right now despite the fact that one of them has seen better days.
I love my Webers so much that I am reluctant to throw any of them out, even the one that has fallen apart we still use the bottom half of what is left of it. The worst Weber that seen better days is probably about five or more years old. So we still use it as a "fire pit" in the winter. We just use some sort of strange metal ring we had lying around as the base. I guess it isn't particularly sturdy anymore, but I am reluctant to throw stuff out.
The latest Weber, the version on this site, was found as the neighbors were throwing theirs out. Not a bad deal for free, and there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it, other than the wheel fell off. A hose clamp fixed that problem, however I might be a little perturbed if I paid $100+ and had my wheel fall off. Then I might be a little upset. Alas, can't complain if I didn't have to pay for anything except a hose clamp.
Although when we grill on ours we put the charcoal up where the food is supposed to go and use two bricks as spacers and use a separate porcelain grill top for the cooking surface. I think we had to pay $30 for that special grill top.
I highly recommend these relatively inexpensive grills if you like charcoal. I love using mine with hickory. The ash catcher is a nice feature and being made out of aluminum, adds to the overall value. If you're lucky you might just find one being thrown out in your neighborhood right before trash day. Just take a bicycle out and about and look. Just make sure you keep Weber your grill happy by not exposing it to the elements and it will last, and last, and last. Happy grilling. My favorite Weber moment is smoking hot dogs or hamburgers with hickory.

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