JET 708521 JWP-12DX 12-1/2 Portable Planer

JET 708521 JWP-12DX 12-1/2 Portable Planer

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Jun 28, 2007
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Pros:Cheap closeout price

Cons:Cheap, poor quality tool. Poor customer service after the sale.

The Bottom Line: Jet had a reputation for quality. Not so sure anymore... This tool was obviously built to the lowest specs. possible and failed due to poor quality. Avoid it.

I’m a general contractor who tired of waiting for subs that don’t show and people whose standards of excellence are not up to mine. Frustration is often the mother of invention and roughly four years ago we built and equipped a cabinet shop in order to produce small jobs on a timely basis.

The entire operation was fitted with Jet machinery at the recommendation of our supplier. With the exception of the JWP-12DX planer, everything was fixed 120 / 240 single phase commercial grade equipment. Space limitations prevented the installation of a full sized 20” fixed planer and since the bulk of our cabinet door face frames are softwood and come in pre-milled to specs, we felt that the occasional need for planning would be adequately met with the above tool.

This particular JWP-12DX planer had less than forty hours of cumulative use when the self feed began to slip. The machine was de-energized and the rollers cleaned, but to no avail. The sound level emitted from the head assembly, already extremely loud, began approaching intolerable and the machine was pulled from service and taken to the repair facility for inspection.

Diagnosis; the gears and the armature assembly in the head, which power both the planer knives and the self feed function had stripped and the entire head assembly needed replacing at a cost approaching the original amount paid for the tool. We contacted Jet and were told that despite the lack of use, nothing could be done and that we would be responsible for the entire cost of parts and labor.

Based on a physical inspection of the parts used in the failed assembly, coupled with the fact that Jet replaced the JWP-12DX shortly after we purchased it with a new model, it is quite obvious that they had a significant design flaw present. Jet furthermore went on to say that regardless of the low hours of use on this machine, warranty coverage would have been invalidated because it was purchased for “commercial / industrial” application. Makes us wonder just how poorly built the rest of the $5,000~ worth of Jet equipment in place in our shop was built. Take it from experience, buy something other than Jet if you want quality, durability and a company that is willing to stand behind their products…

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