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OdoBan RTU

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It KILLED nasty, putrid dog urine in my carpets

Jun 29, 2007
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Pros:it works! nice scent which isn't overwhelming for me.

Cons:only available at wal*mart and sam's club

The Bottom Line: It wasn't harsh to my hands and the scent I didn't find irritating to me or the people who came in my house.

I had horrible doggie odors. One of my dogs would constantly mark two of my rooms that left really bad odors in my house regardless if the windows were open or not. I became desperate to get the odors out of the house. One of the room he went in prior to ever using odoban I was able to get the odor out by pouring a mixture of ammonia and water and putting many paper towels to soak it up. He came back and did the same thing again. I didn't want to use ammonia this time so I used resolve to remove all of the urine stains and went over the entire carpets with my hoover carpet steamer, but now the room smelled horrible of dog pee and it was extremely overwhelming and I was upset. After reading reviews on Odoban I decided to search for it and found a ready to use spray at Wal*mart. I heavily misted the carpet down in a small room and shut the door. I came back in after it dried and still could smell urine. I sprayed more odoban down two more times (letting it dry between sprays) and the odor was completely gone. I was extremely relieved. I didn't have to scrub, soak or do anything back breaking, just spray and go. I didn't even have to pour the mixture down to the padding or wooden floors which will cause damage. I like the smell of odoban and some people don't. It's a eucalyptus smell and it does not mask the odors. It does linger for a day or two at the most and then disappears. It's not irritating nor does it have harsh fumes. Once the odors are killed your rooms will smell so fresh.
There was another problem area and I had to get the Odoban concentrate from Sam's club. I had to make the mixture a little bit stronger and went over the carpet with a bucket and rag. I came back in and the room was not at all smelly.I'm extremely please with the product. I am able to get my security deposit back

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