How Will You Be Remembered?

Mar 25, 2004 (Updated Jan 1, 2008)

The Bottom Line Philosophy and Fiction...hmmm

All memories are generated by lifes past events. The past shapes lives, not always for the worse and often for the better. Some experiences are freely shared with others, and some would not dare be exchanged. The events of a persons life are their memories, so it is important to create the most out of life. The saddest thing anyone can do is to just sit back and never partake in life.

For people to have worthwhile memories, a bad event, or a disappointment, must have been experienced at some point, as well as good experiences. Regardless of the lifestyle one chooses, a plethora of memories will be remembered. The most valuable lessons in life materialize from people who have made bad choices. The dire events in one’s life are more easily remembered, partly due to social Darwinist Herbert Spencer’s (1820-1903), Survival of the Fittest theory that defines survival as a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment.

In order for people to better themselves and to justify their meaning in life, improvements must be completed throughout time. Only when bad events happen people realize a better alternative may have been warranted. People were meant to live their lives to not be continually fractured by anguish or despair. Sorrow encumbers all, but like rain, it nourishes and brings new growth. People need to give themselves ample room for joy in their lives. One day people may be able to look at all they have been through and glimpse with panoramic vision into their entire experience, past and present, in terms of incentive as well as in deeds. They will then know that all hindrances and suffering are part of the natural pattern of growth, etching into the soul, the larger perception, the deeper caring for all humanity, unless, of course, they do not possess the capability to learn.

Individuals must never underestimate the power of memories. Memories link people to the past. The simple act of smelling a familiar aroma can remind someone of a person from his past and bring goose bumps to their skin while reflecting on that memory. Remembering little annoyances about someone can become a happy reflection after a loved one has died because the person can only wish they had him or her there again to annoy them. A man can live his whole life as a troubled alcoholic, yet play cops and robbers with his grandchild on his few sober days and that grandchild will probably remember that man as a caring, fun person. A person can be a cold malicious serial killer and then buy a homeless guy a combo meal at Burger King, and that homeless guy will remember the serial killer as a savior who nourished him from starvation. The serial killer may have seen something in the homeless man that reminded him of someone from his past, cueing him to buy that combo meal.

Life really is short in retrospect, so people should always remember when they walk out the door on the way to work that they may never have another chance to become that admirable person they want to be remembered as if they should perish on that day. People need to stop themselves from unnecessary repetitions of terrible choices. Memories of seeing a child nurtured or early memories of one being nurtured by parents during childhood allow future generations to nurture their own children. Nurture allows nature to continue. Without memories, traditions or cultural differences would not exist. Creating memories is useless without having important events to remember them by. The best anyone can hope for would be for one and all to appreciate each other and learn from past experiences. Humanity would better itself if we would just respite for a moment and consider that what they do at the moment may well be remembered for all of eternity.

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