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Don't Buy Glacier Bay
by riverajn
Spend the extra money. Get Price Pfister, Moen, Delta -- any major brand. All the majors have websites, easy to find parts (OEM and after mkt), 800 #s, customer help desks, etc. Glacier Bay has nothing -- no website, no customer service number, not even an email address. Parts are hard or impossible to find. Quality is poor. See for yourself "Google" or "bing" Glacier Bay on the web. Good luck finding any direct contact info or reliable subcontractor.
It's Home Depot's cheap house brand but Home Depot offers no help with problems. Home Depot does not stock parts for their own brand and they have no idea how to help you find parts. Home Depot's customers only give GB 2 stars and even HD's staff chuckle when they hear about problems. The manufacturer, Global Union, is in China, but it's not clear if they manufacture themselves or subcontract to who knows whom.
Jan 5, 2014
11:33 pm PST

Dont Bother
by lisiliz
The toilet was easy to install but its not meant to be the primary toilet in a household. It was fine for a few months. Recently its not flushing. At first we blamed the kids and thought they were throwing too much toilet paper or toys down the hole. We plunged it, snaked it, pulled it off the hole to see if something was in its way. It does not work. Dont waste your money; your waste doesn't flush. We
Just purchased an American Standard toilet, so far its good, but I'll wait and see if it lasts a few months.
Feb 20, 2012
3:58 pm PST

Pretty Toilet
by takeitfromme
I'm suprised that I'm making the following comments but... (1) this is a pretty, elegant, comfortable toilet. I didn't know what was in the box but now that it's installed I can't stop marvelling at it. I will purchase another for the apartment I just renovated and return the Kohler Gabrielle "designer-look" "Comfort Height" which is just what you're getting in the cheaper Glacier Bay product. Don't get me wrong: I hate cheap quality products and never buy store-brands. But somehow Glacier Bay snuck something tangible and impressive into this model (don't know about their others). Despite the box specs, it sits 18" which is high. Second, it's contoured into an elegant, feminine, designer-like shape. Women: this is a like a jewel in your powder room. The white finish sparkles and the seat and cover are a quality hardened plastic (resin? whatever) that clinks with quality when dropped closed. When closed, it's like a sparkling, oval chair to perch on. When open, it's elongated contour hugs your bottom perfectly and make you feel like a princess (no kidding!). The Kohler is being returned at $418 in favor of this second Glacier Bay, currently $98.00 at Home Depot. This is what the Kohler should have been. And, the flush is the same. No better, no worse and no problems. My contractor says that if I want an even better flush I should just buy a more sophisticated tank kit, sold at HD and he'll install it. People who've listed problems with this toilet need to have a professional level, install, and tighten the product properly and swap out any cheaper accessories. This is a nice toilet.
Jan 8, 2012
10:32 am PST

Glacier Bay Toilet Bowl clogging problems
by yvanne66
Hi guys,
I have a serious problem with a glacier bay toilet bowl. I have also googled for images for the kind we have, but could not find it. Ours has an "S"-shape pipe going up first, curving around frontward and then back into an "S". I don't know the model type. My boyfriend bought the toilet. The toilet has serious problems with clogging after taking a dump. I have read all your reviews and I come to understand that there are different types of Glacier Bay Toilets. We don't have the problem with the flush (yet). I agree with the cheaply made toilet seats of too thin plastic though. Heavier seats are of course more durable. I also read about the very small inch size of the pipe and I was compelled to think that it may have something to do with our toilet clogging so easily, then I noticed the weird shape of the pipe going up first and then winding down in an "S" shape thinking to myself how can a dump find it's way freely all they way through this winding pipe without clogging? My boyfriend and I have the biggest arguments because he thinks my daughter is placing things into the toilet that don't belong there. She is eight years old. She swears that she doesn't do anything wrong. In our old apartment we never had clogging problems. I sat with her first, told her to flush often. The toilet paper dissipates quickly, so it can't be that. I don't know what to say anymore. Is it the toilet, or is it my daughter. Please for some help. Thank you.
Oct 17, 2011
7:51 pm PDT

Glacier Bay Toilet 1.28gal. Model N2428R
by chippys
Purchased this toilet and installed it in one hour. Easy instructions, and easy installation. Adjusted for maxium flush, and it works perfectly. Absolutely no problems. Would buy another one in a minute. This toilet is rated a #10 flush which is the best that you can get. It performs as well as any of the more expensive models whatever the brand name. Thumbs up on this one, it has my vote, and seal of approval.
Sep 10, 2011
7:14 pm PDT

by maxi0124
We bought a Glacier Bay toilet . The seat could not be installed properly because the fittings did not match ... pretty soon the attachment broke and made the seat useless !

HOME DEPOT DID NOT GIVE ANY SUPPORT and referred to the producer even so it was reported to be a HOME DEPOT owned company !

You would have to buy another seat which is as flimsy as the first one which broke !

Other seats don't fit !!!


Sep 3, 2011
8:48 am PDT

Update on Glacier Bay 1.6 gal toilet
by lionshooter
After reading all the complaints, I decided to check some things out.
1) A couple people complained about the exit hole being 1.5". Wrong. It is 2" on both the 1.6 and the 1.28.
2) Complaints about clogging. Mine has never once clogged but my 20 yr old American Standards clog quite regularly. So I did a test.
2 people took a dump, 1/2 roll of Charmin, 2 baby butt wipes. Bowl was 1/2 full of waste. Flushed ONCE and every bit of the refuse exited completely.
There you have it. No, I do not work for the mfg or for HD. I am a remodel contractor and am going to buy another one this week for $68 because the county is giving a $100 rebate. That's a no-brainer.
Jan 3, 2011
10:58 am PST

Gracier Bay AIO 1.6 gal.
by lionshooter
I guess even some Mercedes Benz have problems. From my own experience with the 1.6 gallon as described in the article, I have had absolutely no problems at all. It has performed exactly as it is supposed to and never needs a double flush. I did buy a better seat for $15 because the included seat looked cheap and flimsy.
I have no experience with the 1.2 gal that people are complaining about. One person said it only has a 1.5" exit hole. Mine has a 2". That may be the difference because mine has NEVER clogged in a year, yet I have to plunge the older American Standards periodically.
Jan 1, 2011
9:26 am PST

Re: Glacier Bay # TL-7600HC-HET 1.28gallon
by mableywho
I agree with you 100%!. Since installing this glacier bay toilet, I have had nothing but problems. Two plumbers in two months at 140 dollars a visit and constant stop-ups. Cant deal with it anymore. My 30 year old toilet worked MUCH better. If i could, I would re=install my old no-name toilet! I would advise anyone: DO NOT BUY THESE GLACIER BAY PRODUCTS FROM HOME DEPOT. YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY REGRET IT.
Dec 23, 2010
6:16 am PST

Glacier Bay # TL-7600HC-HET 1.28gallon
by ipurchased1
The Bowl Hole is only an inch and a half wide and it clogs easily. You have to flush it 3 times.
One flush before you wipe.
Then wipe and flush again.
Then clean the marks off around the bowl hole because of the small hole stuff smears the sides.
You have no idea that this toilet is so bad until you install it and use it. Once it has been installed Home Depot will not let you return it. Then you are stuck with a terrible product. The 1.28 gallon flush that is supposed to save you money ends up costing you more money in water & sewer than the old fashion non water saving toilets. This product should be recalled because it misleads the consumer into thinking money and water will be saved by using it and that is just not true. If you purchase one of these toilets do yourself a favor, buy a plunger and a toilet brush you will need them.
Mar 30, 2010
4:20 pm PDT

Re: Glacier Bay toilet seat
by pickleheads
If you are happy with your replacement seats/lids, what model did you buy? I'd like to order replacements online but I'm not sure if they are standard sizes and want to make sure that whatever I buy will fit. Thanks so much!
Oct 28, 2009
11:18 am PDT

Glacier Bay toilet seat
by lcf47
We bought three Glacier Bay toilets recently to replace 30-year-old ones. So far, so good on the toilet itself. The seats, however are terrible! They were loose after first installed. I tightened them, thinking the installer had done a poor job. They loosened, turned and twisted again. I re-tightened. While she was seated on the toilet seat cover washing children in the adjacent bathtub the whole seat twisted, came off and dumped my wife on the floor!

We have replaced the seat on that toilet (an additional $30) and will have to replace the others as well. Makes you wonder why Glacier Bay bothers selling the toilet seat at all. They are more of a liability than anything else.
Jul 5, 2009
5:15 pm PDT

Re: My Glacier Bay flapperless toilet experience
by sbrown342
My wife and I built a house. We moved in on 7/1/08 I installed two Glacier Bay flapperless commodes. since then (7 mos) they havn't performed very well they don't have enough water to flush. you must double flush them, and they clog all the time they aren't worth what you are trying to flush down the commode. I have since replaced them with a conventional style and have had no problems. the flapperless design was throughn in the river perhaps the fish could make a good home out of them.
Feb 5, 2009
9:03 pm PST

My Glacier Bay flapperless toilet experience
by philfactor
It seems there is a variety of good & bad experiences with this toilet so I will add my experience. I purchased & installed 2 of the flapperless AIO round-bowl toilets, 1.28 GPF, SKU 779-923, for $88 each at HD.

Since this is an unconventional design, with the dumping water-trough as opposed to the ordinary flapper/float design, I was a bit skeptical at first. I read several reviews & decided to take the gamble, despite some bad experiences reported by a few. I had no issues with installation, possibly because I followed this advice from others online:

1) Discard the included wax ring and purchase a better quality wax ring with rubber flange (mine included new T-bolts & jam nut hardware).

2) Ensure that the bowl is level (front-to-back & side-to-side) and not "rocking" by properly shimming the base of the bowl, if neccessary.

One toilet I had to shim the front of the bowl base to make it level and the other toilet was perfectly level after installation, without shimming.

I am not a plumber or handyman and my household skills are just average but installation seemed to go fairly smooth since I took my time, was careful, followed directions, etc.

Some reviewers talk about seal between tank & bowl being better with 3 bolt vs 2 bolt design, however, I had no problem getting a good seal with the 2 bolt tank-to-bowl fastening design of this toilet. My old Gerber toilets that these replaced, had a 2 bolt tank-to-bowl fastening design and they had no sealing or leaking issues for 20 years!

After one week of use, we have experienced no issues with leakage, running, splashing, sweating and most importantly, flushing! We have 2 adults & 2 teenage boys in our family, so the toilets get tested pretty well!

Occasionally, after flushing, the water may be a bit brown or some residue left on the bowl from solid waste not getting completely washed off. This does not bother me because my old toilet did the same thing. I know for some, it is very important to get a complete "bowl wash" with every single flush.

The trough seems to fill pretty quickly after each flush and doesn't sound any louder than our old toilets. We've had no problem with the handle or trough "sticking" or not returning to full upright position. This may be aided by the fact that we have very good water pressure in our water supply line.

I agree with some of the other reviewers about the seat/lid being very flimsy. For the time being the seat works fine, but we will probably purchase a sturdier seat later on.

So far, I am very pleased with the value, operation and appearance of this toilet. I am thrilled that we are saving so much water since we replaced 20 year old, 4 GPF toilets. We have yet to encounter a clog or "double flush" situation, so I think we are on track to save a significant amount of water and money.

I guess time will tell whether the "tipping bucket" flusher design will prove to be successful. Personally, I think the design is ingenious and I don't see how it could be much worse than the old flapper/float design that's been around for nearly 100 years and certainly had it's share of issues.

Perhaps the initial implementations of the "tipping bucket" design had issues, but I think the basic concept has great potential and further design refinements will improve upon it, just as the flapper/float design has evolved over time.

Probably my only concern at this point is replacement parts. They are supposedly available from Glacier Bay by calling their 800 number, but the prospect of not having parts readily available at the local hardware store on Sunday afternoon when the toilet goes on the fritz, worries me a bit. Hopefully, as the flusher design becomes more common, replacement parts will start showing up in local stores in the future.

Good luck, if you purchase this toilet. I think you will be very happy with it, especially if you are replacing old water hogs.
Jan 28, 2009
7:58 am PST

Re: Avoid These Products
by wdtiii
Installed a Glacier toilet from Home Depot several months ago. It developed a major crack in the bowl. Called Home Depot and was told to contact the manufacturer, but they didn't have the number. Checked on-line and found that Glacier is a Home Depot brand name! Called them back and since it is under a year, they said they will give me credit. I'll see tomorrow. However, this process doesn't give me much confidence.
Jan 21, 2009
6:16 pm PST

Avoid These Products
by laugs1
OK, it was time to finish the basement bathroom, which the builder was kind enough to rough in for me. The guy at Home Depot was very excited about a particular Glacier Bay all-in-one toilet (bowl, tank, wax ring, seat, hardware) that would not sweat (flushing mechanism was a tray of water within the tank that got dumped into the main tank to go to the bowl). I got the round model for $114 ($99 the week before - damn!).

Installation was straightforward, but the first thing I noticed was I could not level the bowl. I know my floor is slightly off, but the level was showing much worse conditions on the top of the bowl. To get it level, I had to raise the front about 1". So, the first issue was that the top of the bowl was not parallel (or close to parallel) to the base.

The second issue was the extreme flimsiness of the included seat. You will be replacing this.

The third, and most critical issue was that the bowl would not hold water for more than about 8 hours. After the first 24-hours my basement was filled with sewer gas. I read on the web that this could be caused by:
1) Having a dog.
2) A bad casting that allows water to leak from the S-curve into the drain.
3) Poor venting

Since I don't have a dog, I did an experiment where no other waste-water activity took place in the whole house for 8 hours, and still the water disappeared, so it was not venting.

Finally, I uninstalled the toilet and returned it. I had used it four times before discovering the water problem, so I wasn't sure they would take it back.

If you don't want to do the job twice, and you don't want to have to convince someone to take a used toilet back, and you want a level bowl, buy something else. I ended up with an elongated American Standard that I am very happy with, but Kholer is also nice, and available at Home Depot.
Jan 15, 2009
3:10 pm PST

Re: Re: Re: Home Depot now offers Niagara flapperless toilet
by itisarap
Bought two of these, installed one. Was terribly disappointed. Poor flush (must flush repeatedly - defeating the conservation idea entirely), cheap flush lever that won't stay on, and doesn't work 50% of the time - have to have the tank lid off and flush manually. Flapperless idea is good, execution is bad. Avoid and get a better product - returned one and will probably have to replace the one I installed unless I finally hear back from Niagara Flapperless - but I've heard their customer service matches their product in quality.
May 1, 2008
10:47 am PDT

Re: Re: Home Depot now offers Niagara flapperless toilet
by burgy
Glacier Bay's customer support seems to be in dire need of supervision. I've called them six times, beginning in December of 2007. On each occasion I received a different reply. Anything from the part is not in stock or it's on back-order. Sometimes they said it was in stock with a promise to ship the item (on one occasion going so far as to say 1 day shipping). They have never followed through and I have never gotten a replacement.
In asking to speak to a manager, or person in charge, I also received the runaround, and was never given an opportunity to speak to them. This company evidently does not care about their customers. I never did receive my replacement spout for our kitchen faucet. The spout is full of pits and appears ready to weep water from them. It will soon be corrected, not by help from Glacier Bay, but by my replacing it with a reputable manufacturer.
Don Byland
St Paul MN
Feb 10, 2008
6:11 am PST

Re: Home Depot now offers Niagara flapperless toilet
by alex23
At Home Depot today I saw the Glacier Bay Aragon 4 one-piece toilet and matching Petite Aragon pedestal sink. Does anyone know anything about the quality of these products? Does this toilet include the Niagara flapperless feature? The Home Depot staff could not offer much Information.
Alex 23
Aug 22, 2007
3:41 pm PDT

Home Depot now offers Niagara flapperless toilet
by steveylin
Home Depot now offers the Glacier Bay toilets using Niagara's patented flapperless design that got great reviews by independent testers for having the strongest flush of unassisted gravity toilets. It also has a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately it doesn't show up on their website so you have to check your local store to see if they're available.

For the previous post complaining about chipping Porcelain, it should be covered by warranty so you can take it back and ask for a replacement.
Aug 17, 2007
7:26 pm PDT

Glacier Bay toilet
by solibay
We built a house and have three Glacier Bay Toilets. We liked the price and like the toilets. However, on one of the three, the flush handle sticks down and keeps filling the tank with water. We will contact Home Depot for a solution, as we have not been able to solve the problem on our own.
Jan 31, 2007
6:25 am PST

Re: Porcelain problems
by sam-pro
Sorry you are experiencing problems but the thing about that is that in the years we've owned these fixtures we just have not experienced this cracking at all.

In fact...these Glacier Bay fixtures have taken much abuse from our humid tough environment along with our rather large family not being the easiest on this stuff...all with not the slightest sign of chipping and when we clean...the fixtures always return to their full sheen and beauty...Peter
Mar 31, 2006
7:44 pm PST

Porcelain problems
by sarahjp
Sorry to say, it appears that this is one case where you get what you pay for. My beautiful, 2-year-old Glacier Bay pedestal basin is spontaneously losing small surface chips from the porcelain - five, so far - and its pristine perfection is marred. A half century of using basins with no incident, and now this. No, I seldom use scouring powder to clean, and no, I do not drop heavy objects into or on to the basin. Glacier Bay may be using an inferior porcelain, or perhaps they aren’t baking hot enough, long enough. Whatever it is, there is something wrong with this porcelain (china). The next time I buy a bathroom fixture, it will be from a different manufacturer.
Mar 22, 2006
9:13 am PST